The whole world rejoiced when news was told that the brave had defeated the demon king.

A thank-you ceremony was held for the brave in every town and country.

Naturally, there was also a grand parade in Minerva, the capital of King Clarines, the country that elected the brave.

I was coming to the guild while something was happening.

It seems to be a sturdy building on two floors.

That's when Cecilia convinced me to leave the castle alone.

He told the braves I'd talk well, so I should be dead.

Earlier, relying on the map that was brought to her, she finally arrived at Minerva, the Wang capital.

"Why is the brave party on King's Capital faster than mine?"

I was surprised to see that the protagonist, the Brave Party, was being welcomed.

Of course, there's Cecilia, who's part of the party.

"Could I have been lost?... because I stopped by quite a bit. Hey, it's very likely."

In fact, I was impressed to see a beautifully shaped elf with cat ears, dog-eared beasts and ears all along the journey to get here.

I'm doing that, and maybe I went all the way around the wrong way.

Well, this is how I came to Minerva as a result, and let's not worry about it.

With that in mind, enter the guild, a classic of the other worlds.

It also seems to be a tavern inside.

The time now is daylight, so I can't see anyone who is just sober, but there were people eating.

I don't want to eat, so I'm going to the receptionist.

"I'm sorry. I'd like to sign up for the guild."

There are no people at the reception, so I'll just call them.

Then a man, who would be an official from the back of the reception, walked in.

"Ahhh? I thought no one was coming because I was in a parade today and it's a festival..."

He walks like a jerk, wearing a bossy head.

I have eyes like a dead fish... is this guy okay?

By and large, reception is usually done by a beautiful sister or something. Isn't that Temple?

... Well, I didn't come to the guild for a beautiful sister, and I don't care.

"I'd like to sign up for a new guild..."

I may not have heard it earlier, so I say it again.

The official man replied lazily, with his head bolted.

"Want to sign up? Most of the staff are closed today, right? … what should I do?"

Sure, here's the paperwork, and the guy who fishes the paperwork for the reception properly.

Hey... is this guy okay?

"Damn, the brave guy said he wanted to see it and took the rest of the day off on his own... uh, make it hard"

Don't be offensive in front of the guests. Well, that's bad for the rest of the staff.

Or it's a mystery why this guy is the only one left.

I don't care what you think, the other one.

I guess I'll have to stay about.

He was a fellow fool while searching for paperwork for a while, but it seems he finally found the paperwork.

"Uh, there it is. Write down what you need for this. Well, even when I write, I just agree that it's my name, my age, and if I die, it's my fault."

Write the required information on the paper that was told and given to you.

"His name is Yoki, and he's twenty-one years old. Wow. Then this is the guild card."

Reply appropriately and give me a square enough card to go into a pocket that would be an Alliance card.

"Be careful, it will cost you money if you lose it. If you do, don't do it for three days. I don't know if I have to go through any of this."

Apparently, the other officials won't be back until three days.

Don't you like working so much?

There will be enough laziness.

"Ha... ok"

I'll just get back to you.

... or I won't lose it... I guess.

"Then it's over. It starts with the lowest F-rank. Well, good luck with the temper.... No, first of all, it's only been three days. Do that, or I'll have to handle a lot of requests."

How far do you not want to go to work, this guy!?

Well, there's no way I could hear that, and I did as many requests that day as I could.

He said it was difficult to process the request, but I don't know about it.

Now I fall asleep on the bed of the inn I took with the money I earned from the request and think about the future.

The inn was close to the guild and chose a place not too expensive. I chose a good place to stay, a good meal to come out on the cheap side.

(Keep up the good work and increase your rank to earn money. And when you can have some decent life...... let's confess again to Cecilia)

I haven't given her up yet.

Because of this, I was reincarnated into a fantastic world with cheats, but I became a demon clan, and therefore, I was drawn to the castle of the demon king.

You can't give up on Cecilia, the goddess who showed me the way like that.

(Cook......, I will definitely make this love come true!

Thinking about Cecilia, the tension went up, and I became Chef II, and I couldn't sleep for a while.