"Could you stop guild?"


Weird. What is this situation?

I was invited to the mansion where Cecilia lives, and now it's her room.

Sitting on each other's beds in a feminine, clean room.

"... excuse me. You don't have enough explanations."

I think there are too many shortages. What reason do you want me to stop guild?

"Now the Demon King has been defeated by the Brave One. But not all demonic threats have left."

Well, I guess so.

That's why I work in guilds to reduce demon damage.

But she goes on to say,

"... but the threat is not just demons. Now we might start fighting each other."

It seems to be the one called War. He said the Demon King had been defeated and made a little more peaceful.

There still seems to be a fight between people in the fantastic other world.

"In particular, there are rumours that we are already starting to arm ourselves in the Gallis Empire, a military state"

"But what does that have to do with my story?"

"There is a movement to attract talented people in every country, including the Kingdom of Clariness. For example, the brave men are talking about engagements from princesses and noble ladies from all over the country."

That's right, you're a brave man.

Though some of them would include bees, not political tactics.

"We're not only here for the brave, we're here for the brave party,"

I heard something I shouldn't hear right now.

"He's here for you too!?

Stuff it on her.

"Of course, I'm here... but I'm saying no.... don't break your hips talking about it.

I'm relieved. I'm back in position.

"I mean, right? When tables become famous at this time of year, it is possible that you will also be targeted by countries.

"So what do you want me to do?"

Suppose I quit my guild and what am I supposed to do?

"So I will hire you personally and pay you back.

Sure, that would lessen my knowledge of my name rather than working for the guild.

"... can I pay you that much?"

But no matter how much she is an aristocratic lady, there will be limits to the money she can move.

"Your strength will undoubtedly be more than S-ranked in your guild. Honestly, I can't personally move enough money to hire such a non-standard human being."

Well, I could work cheap with a fallen weakness.

She won't like that.

"You have romantic feelings for me, don't you? So... the..."

She hugs her body and looks sad.... I see.

"Don't say anything beyond that!

I stop by guessing what she's trying to say. My emotions are high and I say it in a strong tone.

"I want to accomplish my love with you, but not in this way!... Cook, yeah, I have cheats. An assassin from another country, but an agent is not my enemy! Colour tricks are out of the question. You're the only one I see right now. [M]

Excited, Kitchen II disease originated along the way, and at the end of the day, I even decided to kime pose. When my mind was going through an ice age, what was her reaction at the heart of it?

"... Xuxx"

He was pushing his voice to death and laughing.

But you couldn't stand it anymore, I laughed all over my stomach.

"... ahahahahahaha, sorry... I can't stand it. Pukkuk......"

She keeps laughing. I'm taking a deep breath and breathing back.

"... ugh. I'm sorry, I didn't think you'd answer that and I laughed."

"No, I think I said a lot of things with a lot of emotions, too."

I excuse myself desperately. Is that funny, too? She laughs a little again.

When the laughter subsided, I whispered in my ear for some reason.

"You increasingly trust me when I talk about you not being a demon. There's no such thing as an interesting demon clan.

"Huh!? You still didn't believe me. … why are you whispering?"

I'm a little shocked.

I thought you'd decided to die about me because you believed me.

"No. I checked again, that is. One more whisper, I think you'll find out later. Speaking of which............... the story I tried to. It was just a little bit of my own wish."

... maybe I missed my lucky chance?

Keep it up, I had a girlfriend laughing couscous when she saw me solidified.

The resurrected me and she had a chat.

Time went by and I decided to go home because I have her next appointment.

"It was fun today. I'll see you next time, right? I'll be in touch."

"I had fun, too.... and one last favor before I go home."

My face is hot. Will it be okay? Wouldn't they say no?

"What is it?"

I never said I would.

"Can I call you Cecilia now?"

I said, I said it. Me.

The end of the sentence makes my face even hotter.

Maybe my face is turning bright red right now. She smiled lightly.

"Fine. I call you Mr. Yowki, too."

All right!

I made a gutsy pose in my heart.

"Okay, again. I'll see you again, won't I, Mr. Yowki?"

See you, Cecilia.

I arrived home from her mansion.

I'm falling asleep on the bed in the inn right now, but I can't stop nibbling.

I felt my relationship with Cecilia had gone a step further. It was such a day. By the way, it wouldn't matter if I went to the guild the next day and they made me question attack and rub me.