The sky is very blue and the wind is blowing just fine.

The temperature isn't too hot, it's not too cold.

It's such a great day out that I'm on my way to her mansion because I promised to meet Cecilia.

"No, it's a beautiful day and I feel good. I can see Cecilia, and it's going to be a good day off."

I was on my way, skipping in the mood for lunch.

Until then, I'm glad.

The problem is not until we get to her mansion.

"... what? Can't get in!? Why not? You must have made a good promise."

When we got to the mansion, two soldiers stopped us the last time we were here. Besides, he's staring at me with a sharp eye.

"Now the lady has a brave man coming and responding to that. Besides, we don't trust you. Get the hell out of here!

What are you talking about, these guys?

The brave men are here. We're all very well appointed.

"Then let me wait until the brave man's errands are over.

This way, I've been walking a few dozen minutes in the carriage.

I can't go home until I see Cecilia.

"Shit! I need to leave..."

That's what I said, soldiers coming at me with spears.

Come on, aren't these guys crazy?

Blah, blah. These guys, they can stun you in three seconds, but they'll definitely be a hassle.

Cecilia could be a nuisance, too.

"Eh, okay. You should go home!

Tongue-in-cheek at them, and I'll go back the way I came.

From behind, I hear you stay away from the lady again or something. I was angry, but I left the mansion behind.

"Ah, shit, I'm pissed"

I'm in the worst mood right now.

Where did I feel like Lunlun until just now?

"Those guys, remember the next time you see them!

That's what I said, me kicking the ground.

I wasn't even in the mood to go to the guild because I was totally willing to rest today.

I had no choice, so I decided to hang out in town by myself.

None the less, I can see the crowd hanging out.

The Yasuma soul of the previous life was disastrous, and I looked at the center of the noise.


(Is that it? You've seen it somewhere. That face)

He was handsome at the center. With his sword at his waist, sharp eyes, he can see a cool impression.

(Oh, I remember. He, the swordsman who was at the brave party)

Brave man is a handsome man of refreshing descent, but he is a handsome man with a Rin face. But the face seemed to be convulsed and confused.

(Something's getting pathetic)

I want to help because I had unfortunate eyes today.

I don't have a choice, I'll help you.

I point my finger in the opposite direction to where he is, lol.

There's a brave man over there.

I told him.

Then, Ka, the brave ones, they're heading in the direction where I pointed my finger.

After all, popularity seemed to be higher for the brave.

"Ha, a little"

I laugh because it went too far as planned.

Looking back, the crowd that was around him was gone like a lie. I didn't know the situation and only the swordsman from the brave party with the pocan look was there.

"Hey, we're gonna get out of here while we can."

I pulled his arm and headed for the less popular.

"Hmm... you'll be fine if we get this far"

I'm coming in an alley a little far from where I was earlier.

It's a bleak, creepy place, but no one would come here.


Come on, even at times like this, you're still a cool, oligarchy character.

Well, I didn't want you to thank me for helping, okay?

"Bye. From now on, make sure you disguise yourself and walk around town."

Try to walk away as it is.

I mean, I look pretty great, don't I?

Well, I helped him, and I gave him some advice, so, Chara.

Think about that. Also, I tried to go back to hanging out in town one man...

"Ma...... wait!

"... heh!?

I got a weird voice.

I just got called out.

The problem is that I was spoken to in a voice like the voice actor in the cartoon I used to call in my previous life.

This is an unpopular alley, and it's just me and Swordsman.

... That means

"I was just talking to you..."

He snorted as he pointed to his fearful finger.

... No, no, that's crazy!?

Even though he's a cool looking guy, his voice is just an animated voice.

"... is that voice causing you not to talk too much?"

"... oh"


I see, it's probably even a complex.

Don't see it as auspicious not to touch it.

"Well, there's a place humans don't want to be touched. I have one, too, that kind of part.

"... you don't make fun of my voice?"

"That's not what happened because of me. Besides, there's something I hate about the part where I was born. Don't do anything you don't like."

By the way, in my case, race is demonic.

It's a complex that won't heal until you die.

"... you're a strange guy. The first time you hear my voice, it's mostly ridiculous or laughing.

Apparently that's how they struggle because of their voices.

So did you become a cool oligarchy character?

"I don't laugh. I've seen guys with voices like that before.

Only on TV.

"... right"

Somehow, you look a little happy.

Well, you said you were glad you didn't make fun of me, cousin.

If you think about it, I'd be talking to you like a friend.

... too disrespectful?

Shit, I don't care what you think!

"Well, I'm around here..."

I tried to escape before they said anything.



Shit, are you gonna stick me out on guards or something?

"Hey, what is it?"

Cold sweat comes out.

But he said words I didn't expect.

"Me and that... will you be friends?"


Let's just be friends. It's a statement.

Honestly, I'm relieved that's the case.

"No... it's fine if it's annoying. I just didn't laugh about this voice because it was just my mother and cousin..."

When I was at the brave party, how could you?.

Well, it doesn't matter enough to be friends.

... I'd rather ask for it from me.

"I just wanted a friend, too. Yoki. Nice to meet you."

"... is that true!? Thanks. As you may know, I'm Raven. Nice to meet you."

We shook hands tightly.

It was only twenty years after I was reincarnated that I made my first friend.

I didn't see Cecilia, but I made a friend, so I'd say the day off was meaningful.

"Speaking of which, I feel like Yoki is like the guy I've seen recently..."

"... Kid, is it your fault?"

The cold sweat remained flowing.