Mr. Celia took him and accepted a second invitation to the Aqualein family mansion.

I'm standing in front of the Mansion with Celia right now...

"Mr. Celia? The two soldiers who were here..."

There are no soldiers who have been pointing spears at me.

There are different soldiers out there.

"Oh, I behaved rudely to my customers. … you want to know what happened?"

I think there are things that humans don't need to know.

I'm a Demon, but there's something even a Demon wouldn't have to know.

When I hear it, I feel like I'm going to get a horrible answer back...

"Those two... our maid chief squeezed me tight"

... hmm?

Oh, my God, that's not a lot more than I thought.

"Our maid chief is. I'm from Adventurer and I was rank A. One circumstance made me a maid of honor to an adventurer."

Heh, he seems capable.

Are you a soldier captain?

So, did the maid chief preach?

"She's scared when she's angry, isn't she? It seems sweet for my husband."

What, are we just talking about a no-locket?

"But she's had one big fight. My husband suffered six months of serious injuries to everything."


"Well, because her husband was also an adventurer of rank A. I hear you're sorry about that."

I can see it, yeah.

What person!?

What do you mean, the rank is the same, but it causes six months of injuries to all healing?

"But you said she was glad to see her husband in the meantime. I'm glad he's sweet."

Ultimately, it's a no-lock.

Is her husband okay?

"... oh, if you make a rumor"

When I look at the mansion, a woman in maid clothes is walking towards me.

Welcome home, ma'am.

He's bowing at a beautiful angle toward Mr. Celia.

That's it, you won't be old enough, you're a beautiful person.

Is it true this guy was the one who came out earlier?

Are you a customer? I work as the maid director of the Aqualein family. My name is Sophia.

"Ah... hi. I'm called Yogi."

My head is lowered, so I'll see you gently.

What, I thought you were a normal person at all... I was an idiot.

"Sophia, are you done with the example?"

"No, not yet. I'm finally halfway done."

What are you talking about?

"Are you still halfway there?"

"Yes, besides my thoughts because I faint over and over again, it's taking time"


I don't know why, I don't think we should go into conversation.

"Ma'am, how many bones can you forgive?"

"Mm-hmm, I'll leave it to Sophia. Do whatever you want."

Seriously, what are you talking about these two?

"Okay. Okay, I'll put up with it and make it five. Are you sure you want to use magic until intermediate?"

"Well... I guess it would be nice if we had another half."

"Okay. Then I will... Dear Youki, what is wrong with you? You don't seem to have a very good complexion."

"No, I'm fine. It's my fault."

I could never tell you what a ripped mouth I pulled against you.

What were you talking about?

The truth is in darkness.

"I'll show you to the mansion."

We get to Mr. Sophia and enter the Aqualein family.

When I entered the mansion, Mr. Celia pulled me, and I arrived in front of Cecilia's room, where I had come last time.

Mr. Sophia and I were told to take our time. We broke up as soon as we entered the mansion.

"Bye, Youki-kun. Come in after I give you my signal."

Attention was drawn, and Mr. Celia walked into the room.

Immediately, a hand signal was given through the door, so I go inside.

"Become!? Why is Mr. Yoki here?"

I guess it just happened there.

I had a sleeping habit, and there was Cecilia in her sleeping roll.

"If you're this girl, you're weak in the morning when you're on holiday ~"

In the corner of the room is Mr. Celia laughing with couscous.

I wondered why he was in the corner of the room, but I saw Cecilia's behavior and found out. She takes the cane that was standing on the dresser near the bed and points it at this one...... hey!

"Shiny Bolt"

Shiny Bolt, the primary magic of light.

The lightning holy light struck me straight and blew it outside the room.

I couldn't react because it was sudden, and the magic hit me directly with the no-guard, so I'm nagging outside the room.

"Please leave the room!

Shut the door with a bang.

I wanted you to say that before you unleashed the magic.

Just before closing the door, I saw Mr. Celia laughing at me from the room, Couscous.

Damn that guy...