I'm being put to the right seat for some reason.

What did I do?

"Um, Cecilia? It's time for my legs to get paralyzed... can I sit in bed like before?"

Ask the fearful Cecilia.

Cecilia is a goddess to me.

I'm sure you'll have mercy...

"No. Reflect."

I couldn't get it to give me.

I'm smiling nicely, but I can see my eyes aren't smiling.

I feel good about her like that too...... Shit, it could be terminal.


It is Mr. Celia who enjoys only one situation like this training ground.

I've been laughing at the tangle between me and Cecilia.

... The culprit is Celia, so I want you to give me a rescue boat.

That thought made sense when my legs almost reached their limit.

"Cecilia, it's time for you to forgive me. I guess they didn't see you naked. You're as good as you're asleep."

Oh, maybe I finally have a saving hand.

Cecilia is also returning to her usual look.

"Anyway, one day we're gonna be naked and show off, so you can't care less, can you?"

I dropped the bomb. Ah!?

He's not on his side.

Cecilia, you're turning bright red.

I can't move because my legs are paralyzed.

Even with cheats, you can't beat a leg paralysis behind the front seat.

"Oh, Cecilia, are you blushing? No way, no more..."

I can't wait to get any more bombs dropped, so let's change the course of the story.

"By the way, why was I called today? That's not what this is about, is it?"

I can't really use it for anything like this.

"Yes, of course. But there's something we need to talk about before we do."

To sit in bed and listen to Mr. Celia.

It looks like Cecilia's recovered too, sitting next to me.

"Yoki, you came to the mansion the other day, didn't you? Actually, it's unusual for Cecilia to invite a man to her mansion."

Cecilia invited me to the mansion to talk to you then, didn't she?

"Cecilia doesn't know many men. I thought it was just the brave man and his fellow swordsman... who came here with no idea. So at first, we all decided to hide and see how things went.

Speaking of which, the only soldiers I saw in the mansion at that time were the soldiers at the gate. I was wondering if nobody has a servant, even though this is the biggest mansion...

"Then you and Cecilia are laughing."

Probably when I'm in Chef II mode.... That means

"Maybe you heard what I said...?"

"Of course not. Youki-kun, that was cool. 'You're the only one in my sight' I can't believe. I want my husband to tell me too. Wow."


It sucks. Even though it's black history I want to erase.

Mr. Celia comes after me with a pale face and a loose soul.

"There was a decision pose, too. Everyone in the mansion was imitating it. Wow."

haha...... sucks.

The nasty pose of hiding your face with one hand, stretching out your remaining arms and pointing your fingers. I can't believe that's popular all over the mansion when I'm in Kitchen Two mode.

Cecilia is laughing because she knew the servants were imitating her.

"Kill me first..."

"Woof, no. … Now it's time to get down to business"

Mr. Celia, who suddenly becomes a true face.

Apparently, it's a pretty serious story.

Me and Cecilia get serious and listen seriously.

"There's a massive engagement story coming to Cecilia."

I'm listening to that.

I'm talking about attracting talented people.

Well, it would be a guy called a political marriage.

I heard Cecilia said no. Is something wrong?

"In it. There's also talk of engagement from the brave."

... what?

"If you're a brave man, I want to like Cecilia."

Something broke inside of me.

Once upon a time, a handsome brave man who defeated the Demon King and saved the world.

Hidden Demon Clan of Alliance Rank D's Impossible Face.

... unbeatable?

"Mr. Celia. Is the engagement already...?"

"Woof, it's okay. What Cecilia said no to.... but you haven't given up, brave man."

In the meantime, the peace of mind will soon go to hell. Cecilia is, uh, spilling a sigh.

"No, that brave man, what are you!? You were at a party with a betrayed wizard or something. You want a princess on Temple Street or something. Then you don't have to interrupt my love!

I get excited and say brave fools.

Shit, I said it in vegetables.

Cecilia also sees a rushing color on her face because I gave her vegetables.

"Oh, you love Cecilia so much for saying that to the brave."

Apparently, you interpreted it in the wrong direction.

Cecilia is relieved too.

"I ask you, Youki-kun... why don't you marry Cecilia? Answer now or not."

Cecilia is your mother!? I am surprised and anxious to say, but still with my hands. Hmmm......

Last time I missed a lucky chance, it could be a hell of a chance for me.

If it's approved by Mr. Celia, he'll rub it off, even if it has posterior rot.

My answer is...

"I'm sorry."

I bowed my head. The answer is no.

"... may I ask why?"

"No, I know it's a very attractive offer. I confess to Cecilia and she says no. So I've decided to confess again when I can live a decent life."

Look straight at me and listen to me, Mr. Celia.

Cecilia's quiet about my answer, too.

"And all of a sudden they say marriage... well, I don't know what to say... eh"

It goes away where it matters.

Oh, look at me. Mr. Celia said, "Enough." I broke my expression.

"Huhuhu, Youki-kun, you passed. Apparently, my daughter's eyes were right."


I don't know what you mean. Me and Cecilia will tilt their necks.

"Whatever it takes, I'm not giving my precious daughter to someone I just met today."

"Yeahhh!? Did you try to fit in again?"

"No, I'm not. It would be hard if my daughter had a weird bug on her. That's why I tried."

I guess Cecilia wasn't even informed, she seems a little angry.

Nevertheless, the fact that I tried...

"What if I said I would...?"

"I called Sophia and had her kicked out of the mansion."

Apparently, I was forced to make a pretty dangerous choice.

There are walls that even cheats can't cross.

Meet me. Okay, but Mr. Sophia is one of those walls.

"I told you I passed. You don't have to tremble so much.... get along with Cecilia. Yogi-kun would welcome it."

Apparently, Mr. Celia admitted it.

... that?

There's nothing going on with Cecilia today. It then ended with a fun day when Celia told me about Cecilia's childhood and Cecilia's face turned bright red, Sophia's legend was heard and my face turned bright blue.