Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to reunite with my ex-boyfriend.

I am coming to the Osel Forest today at my request, which takes about five hours by carriage from Wang Du.

It's a creepy forest where you can hear demonic roars, dim and sometimes, because the sun doesn't shine much in it, even though it's daytime.

My rank is up to C.

Last time I visited Cecilia's mansion, it turned out that Brave Men liked Cecilia.

As it turned out, I worked hard to reduce the difference between you and the brave man.

I'm here today to defeat Cocatrice, who asked me to exorcise him because he's bothering me with a Rank C demon in this forest.

"Damn, if I do a nearby villager, I'll petrify him slightly... what do you want?"

Cocatrice is a monster capable of petrification.

But other than that, I don't have a great deal of ability, so the rank is C.

But it is sufficiently threatening to the villagers.

Walking in the woods for a while I heard a noise from the back of the gutter and grass.

I approach the grass slowly, vigilantly.

"... ugh!

Suddenly, armor with no neck came out of the grass and cut it with the sword it had.

I avoid the sword in the backstep and make a mistake.

I thought I'd kick your ass with magic I'm good at...

"... hmm?"

"... that? Aren't you the captain?

If you look closely, he was Duke of Durahan, my subordinate when I was at Demon King's Castle. The face I hold with my left hand gives me a surprised look.

"I knew you'd be captain. What about the horns and wings? Better yet, where have you been? The captain of the drawstring will be gone, and the demon king will be defeated by the brave, so I'm worried!?"

"Yeah, calm down. More than that, you're here."

The day Cecilia persuaded me, even though I didn't have time, I left it at Demon King's Castle without saying anything.

I didn't know you were alive.

"I'll look for the captain. We're worried about Happiness and Seek."

Happiness is Harpy, Seek is Pixie and both are my former men.

"Are you two in this forest?"

"Yeah, I was looking for a captain in this forest today. I'm planning to rendezvous somewhere a little bit more. Captain, let's go."

I haven't seen my ex-boyfriend in a while.

Besides, he's been looking for me.

You can't possibly not see him.

As it was, Duke guided me to where I was planning to rendezvous.

"... he was alive."

"Wow, it's the captain."

When I arrived at the rendezvous point, my ex-boyfriend Happiness and Seek were there.

Happiness narrowed her eyes and immediately turned that way, Seek smiling and hugging her.

You guys are alive.

I was worried that the demon king might have been hit when he was defeated by the brave.

Well, you're alive.

You're getting annoyed by my words. Duke stepped back with one arm on his hips, and he's rebelling with a strong attitude.

"I hope you don't kill me on your own."

From what I hear, that day, when the brave party came, they were waiting in different rooms because they ordered me to dump them in the village, as usual.

But since I won't be here to call for you forever, if you're worried and you go to my room...

"... there was no captain"

Happiness answers without hesitation.

"Then the demon king got hit by a brave man, so the three of us ran away from the castle."

Haha ~ and the giggling Seek.

When he heard what was so funny, he remembered that Duke would run away crying 'Captain ~' when he ran away.

Sure, that's hilarious.

"No, I didn't think the captain could do it... I've been looking for you"

It's been about a month and a half since then and it looks like you've been looking for me.

What boss thoughts they are.

"'Cause isn't that the captain's pull? I couldn't help but be anxious to see where he was."

... hmm?

"... if you leave me alone... I don't know what I'm gonna do..."


"Sometimes you switch on and scream weird things ~"

Come on, you guys, what do you think of me?

"Well, it's good because they found us.... so captain. As I was saying, what about the horns and wings?"

"I threw it away by folding it myself"


The reactions from there were varied.

Duke is crying about what he's doing, and Happiness says he's finally awake or something.

To what?


You're laughing too hard, holding your belly down, and you're picking on the ground.

"Captain, what's happened since we were gone?"

Duke, who still holds me and keeps crying, wants an explanation.

I don't care what they say happened.

Do you want to be honest?

"You had a pretty monk kid at a brave party. I confess to that kid, and he flirts with me, so I'm human."

Duke, who was crying, Happiness, who had a cold look, Seek, who was laughing down.

Three people who were acting in various ways solidified at the same time.