Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to fulfill my ex-boyfriend's wishes.

I gently bintered the three hardened men back to sanity.

That explanation was too concise, so I explained the situation in detail.

"Captain ~, why are you chasing a human woman's ass? Captain, the Demons, right? Fold the corners, and the wings. So sad."

Duke crying all the time.

Cecilia told me to go to the outside world.

I didn't chase your ass.

"... unclean"

Why should they say that?

Hey, Happiness, don't turn away from me.

"Ahahahaha, ahahahaha. ~ No, I can't stop laughing"

You can't do that. Stop it, it's unpleasant, Seek.

"~. Anyway, I'm living as a person named Yogi right now.... I'm not your captain anymore. I have a request. Bye, live as you please.

Sad, but we should definitely break up here.

That's better for these guys, too.

"I don't like it. Because the captain looks like a captain."

"... yeah"

"Neither do I."

Oh, my God, these guys.

"No, so I live as a human being, and I'm not a demon anymore"

"Was the monk's child cute?"

"... beautiful girlie"

"I had more breasts than I looked ~"

These guys, I'm not listening.

And, Seek. How do you know that?

"The captain fell in love with a human being, I think I'd like to meet him."

"... yeah"

"I miss you, too."

What are you talking about, these guys?

Looks like the three of us took the liberty of talking and decided on something when I looked stunned.

"That's why the captain is going to meet the man he fell in love with."

"Oh and more!

That's why.

It was cool earlier and I had a sensational vibe that I wouldn't see you again.

"By and large, I have a request and I'm here to exorcise Cocatrice, who's attacking villagers, and I don't have time for you guys..."

Roger that.

"... Departure!

"Go ~ Su"

I tried to say no, but I went to the back of the woods without asking until the end.

After enough, the three men who dragged Cocatrice's body back with cheats. These guys took my request.

"Now you can go."

"… Mission accomplished"

"I haven't exercised in a long time ~"

Apparently he wants to see Cecilia at all costs.

"... would you be prepared to say that much?"

I have an assignment to complete to get to Wang Du.

I bumped into a difficult challenge, too.


"... spare"

"It's okay ~"

Apparently, determination is stiff.

If you say so much, you have no choice.

Why don't we take him?

I had an invincible grin against the three happy people who said I was good.

Two days later.

I was coming to the guild to process Cocatrice's request.

Of course, the three of them are together.

"Captain ~. This doesn't have a good vision ~. Can't you take it?"

"If I take it, I'll make a fuss. Well, I'll magically wipe you out before we make a scene."

Duke put his helmet on so his neck wouldn't fall off and connected his helmet with armor with hardware.

This would make you look like an armored knight.

"It's full of rare things ~"

Seek looks like a young beautiful boy without even wings.

The feather is also small, so if I hid it in my clothes, I would have had no problem.

The problem is...

"... hardly"

It was Happiness.

She was harpy, so feathers were growing on her arms, feet, etc.

I was worried about what to do, but I respected her readiness.


"... can't be your daughter-in-law anymore"

I had a full body feather removal without all my hair removal.

... I may have done too much, but that's what she wanted.

I have no regrets.

Duke told me that the captain was terrible, and Seek told me that even I couldn't laugh at this.

... Still no regrets.

That, thanks to me, took the three brilliantly morphed into human beings and headed to the reception where there was a staff clayman everywhere.

"Clayman, Cocatrice's crusade request, done. The body was handed over to the Alliance officials."

"Whoa, I'll take care of the request.... Ha, let it go."

I guess Clayman has already given up. Recently he stopped advising me to go to another reception.

"... Am I? Are the three of you back there buddies? Kid to the armored knight...... hey, that girl is crying. Something wrong, you?"

"No, you don't."

He was a clayman tilting his neck against me. Well, I guess it's because it's a hassle, I haven't pursued it any further. I processed the request, so I took the three of them, and I headed to the Aqualein family mansion where Cecilia was located.