Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I went to see my ex-boyfriend and the kid I liked.

"You suck."

I took three former men to Cecilia's mansion. Today, Cecilia is lucky she didn't have plans to meet...

"... kind person"

Happiness guy. He ticked Cecilia for what I did.

Cecilia is hugging Happiness and stroking her head okay.

... I'm jealous.

I wish I was sitting in the right seat and taking a sermon...

"Is Mr. Yowki an idiot? There will be something to do. No matter how many demons you have to disguise yourself as a human being, I can't believe you  all the girl's feathers... Reflect!

"You're right. I was the fool.

While I was apologizing, I regretted it now.

Duke and Seek. Yeah. Nodding.

You guys need a little help.

Well, it's all my fault.

I desperately sat down and apologized and managed to get forgiveness.

"Even so, a big mansion ~"

"... wide!

"Still, the Demon King Castle is bigger."

Duke and Happiness are normal feelings, but Seek, you're rude!

Do the three of them have a lot of rare objects, and they look around at the room of Cecilia.

Please don't break anything...

"Former subordinate......? Sounds a lot admired."

Cecilia is laughing couscous when she sees the three of them.

You think I admire you?

"Not now. Duke wasn't like that when we first met. Durahan has a lot of silent people.

And for some reason, he became a charlatan. "

I remember the first time I saw him.

Sure enough, this guy sent to me by the Demon King was my first man.

Duke also comes between his mouth to see if he heard me and Cecilia talking.

"When we first met, you hated the captain. Because he was quite famous for his captain at Demon King's Castle."

Head up, you seem to miss the past.

Well, you couldn't help but hate me.

Cecilia hears and cares that I was famous.... You're mistaken about something.

"... I'm telling you, fame means bad, right? Not in a good way."

"Huh!? Really? When I'm talking about strength being famous... isn't it?

Not at all. If you're famous for that, you're not doing a medium boss.

"The captain was famous for his pull not to go outside. And you're famous for what you said to your boss, Zaekil."

Hey, wait. Don't say that.

I try to stop Duke, but Cecilia says please keep going. "I told my boss, Zaekil, to go and assault people. 'Huh, I can't move from here. That's what this room tells me not to go to me. If you know what I mean, you should get out of this room... before I'm gone."

My black history has been exposed again.

Cecilia is holding her mouth with her hands and grinning desperately.

"I hear Master Zaekil left without saying anything about the anger meter spinning around. Then he went to convince the captain a few times. But when did Zaekil stop telling you to go and attack people when you were tired of dealing with captains?"

I laughed with my belly to see if Cecilia's patience had exceeded its limits.

I'm a full smile.

I was a lot of assholes then.

... even now.

"Well, there were rumors like that, and you hated it. But once I became your boss, I tried to make it right."

In other words, it is an exercise of strength.

It hit me on my first day of dispatch, so I thought something was up.

Well, the result goes without saying.

"But they gave me back, they blew me in a lot, and now I'm me."

Back then, it was still time to think about reincarnation hiccups.

He was my first subordinate, so I changed my mind quite a bit.

Well, I don't regret it.

"... how did the other two meet?"

Cecilia, whose laughter subsides, asks.

Happiness and Seek.


"... Speaking of which, where did they go?"

He's not here.

I was too obsessed with memorabilia, I didn't realize it.

Soon, he left the room.

Shit, I'm disguised as a human now, but sometimes just in case.

"Let's hurry and find it. They should be in the mansion."

Cecilia, me and Duke left the room to find the two of us.

They're so unsolicited...

It's hard to find the Aqualein mansion widely.

Run around with the entrance, study, kitchen and look but can't find it.

Once calm down, think of any way.

"That's right! Let Sophia help us."

She would be familiar with the mansion if she was a maid chief.

Besides, he looks like he's gonna show up at the shrine, and he's gonna find me soon.

Cecilia agreed, I don't know about Duke, but that's okay, so I went to the servant room with Mr. Sophia.

"That's right. That's the perfect hip angle. Remember that angle when you bow."

"... I understand!

... what is this?

Mr. Sophia is teaching Happiness in made-up clothes the angle of bowing.

Once in the servant room, this is the situation.

"Oh? Lady Yoki and... are you a new customer? What can I do for you? I'm educating a new maid now."

When did you get new?

"Mr. Sophia. Where the hell was she?"

"I was walking through the mansion. A rookie maid was due today, so I thought I was lost..."

Is there a problem? I've heard that.

There is a big problem.

He explained the situation immediately and freed Happiness. By the way, the real rookie seemed to have been questioned by the maid as a suspicious person.

... It's not our fault, is it?

"And I'm so sorry. She remembered so well that I thought I could be an excellent maid..."

I'm disappointed, Mr. Sophia.

Apparently Happiness was also actually a no-line for the price.

Well, you're gonna have to give it up.

I left the servant room with Sophia on my ass watching Happiness with a face that seemed unfortunate.

"Is it Seek at the end? Where did he go?"

Scariest in a way.

Because I don't know what to do because I'm curious.

It could be a big deal if we don't find it just now.

"... out in the garden"

That's Happiness.

Looks like Seek was watching where he went.

Well, I don't forgive you for acting on your own.

I turned to the garden to rely on information on Happiness.


"Pretty girl. Are you lost?"

When I got to the garden, Celia had me kneeling pillow and there was an easy sleeping seeker.

Good. You'll do great for Seek.

I was worried about what to do, but it seemed like a worry.

"Oh, I'm relieved"

"Good for you."

"... peace of mind"

The three of us, who know Seek's character, were relieved at the same time.

"Oh...? Yoki, you were here. Are the two of you friends back there?... some girls."

He asks as he strokes Seek's head.

No, no, don't stare at Happiness and me.

"Yes. I'm a normal friend. And that's the same thing... Didn't it bother you?"

I emphasised the fact that I was a friend.

... What if I was causing trouble?

"Oh, really? I'm a child lover, so it wasn't annoying at all. I was running around in the yard playing, so I was dealing with him. Then you got tired of playing and fell asleep."

I see, so, you were giving me a knee pillow. Still, you saved me. I wish I had broken things or something...... don't be upset.

We found the two of them safely, and it was dusk, so we headed home.

When we broke up, they both said to come and see us anytime.

To talk, get out of Minerva once and go to a nearby hill.

"What do you say? Satisfied?"

"You made it."

"... much"

"It was fun ~"

Well, then we'll be able to break up.

"Then it's time to break up. I'm going back to the inn... why don't you just keep following me?"

Well, I know the answer...

"Follow me"

"... naturally"

"Mr. Celia's knee pillow felt good ~. I'll follow you because I want you to do it again ~"

I knew it. I just feel like Seek is something different, but he's following me.

Well, I knew...

That's why Duke, Happiness and Seek, former subordinates, were to live in Minerva.

By the way, Happiness was taken by Mr. Sophia as soon as the next day.

Where did you get this information, Mr. Sophia...?