Mr. Celia has suddenly called me today and I am coming to the Aqualein family mansion.

... Actually, by the time I get to the mansion, something ominous is happening, such as a shoelace cut or a black cat beast man passing through the front.

"I may have a bad feeling... What do we do?"

That said, I went into the mansion because I couldn't pull it off after they called me here.

"… guide"

I was led by Happiness, who became a rookie's maid, to Mr. Celia's room.

"... take your time"

Happiness leaving with a beautiful bow.

Quite so.

That's right, Mr. Sophia, they just took me straight away.

Was Happiness suitable for this kind of work?

It doesn't matter now. I knocked and went into the room.

"Oh, you're here. Call me there."

Celia welcomes me with a smile.

You'll always be using it yourself, sitting in a chair looking at me walking into a room.

Nothing. There's no atmosphere like you're up to something.

It doesn't seem like bad news or anything.

Sit on a couch that would be for visitors as I was told.

"What can I do for you today?"

I pray it is a good story, as ominous things continue to stand today.

"Actually, I want you to go out with Cecilia on her bone break."

"Bone break?"

Probably a good story.

inflate your chest to expectations and ask for more information.

"Lately, I've been talking about engagement, partying and getting tired. So I let him take the day off."

Apparently, I thought about my daughter and forced her to take the day off.

Well, I do feel like I've been getting tired from coming to see you lately.

"At all, there are too many unwanted engagement stories and parties. Cecilia's serious, so she won't push you back."

Certainly would do so due to Cecilia's character.

So you let him take the day off?

"What should I do?"

"It's my day off, and Cecilia's a girl, so I want to go shopping and stuff. But you feel sorry for yourself, don't you? So why don't you come with me?"

I mean, it's a parent approved date.

This is a chance I don't even wish for.

Mr. Celia is approved, so it's a date that no one will ever tell you about.

"Yes, I understand. Let me go."

Will there be such a lucky day?

Maybe today's ominous hunch was my fault.

The shoelaces are getting old, and the Beast Man would mean coincidence.

I just think so.

"I thought Yoki would give you a good reply. Actually, I'm already putting Cecilia on standby for the carriage on the table. Youki-kun, I'm waiting for you, so go quickly."

When I excused myself, I bowed my head and left the room.

Celia told me to do my best.

You don't have to tell me to go on a date with a kid you like.

There's no way I'm not trying.

Hurry up and head to Cecilia.

"Mr. Yowki. Are you finally here?"

Cecilia wore a deep straw hat and was dressed in glasses.

Cecilia might as well dress differently than usual.

"Sorry, have you waited?"

I wanted to say this dialogue once.

It is a word I have never had the opportunity to say in my previous life.

"No, it's fine. Because I thought Mr. Yowki would be here any minute. Come on, get on it. Are you leaving?"

When I got in, the carriage left for town.

... Shit, I'm alone with Cecilia in the carriage.

Second time, but don't be nervous when you think it's a date.

"... I'm blushing, are you okay?"

Cecilia peeks into my face... is close!

I blushed even more. I'm leaving Cecilia for once.

... Damn, I'm not immune to this kind of thing.

In the meantime, tell him it's nothing.

"... I hope so. If you're not feeling well, tell me right away. And this is for Mr. Yowki."

I was given a hat and sunglasses...?

Why are you doing this?

"Put it on for disguise. Just in case."

I see, so eyeglasses on deep straw hats.

If one of the brave guys was shopping in town, it would definitely panic.

But why me?

I said, "Why don't I do something else? I'm not even famous."

"If my disguise comes apart, it could be unwanted damage to Mr. Yoki with me."

He said it might be dangerous for me.

I see. I'm afraid of a man's jealousy.

Well, I hear Cecilia gets great support from women, too.

"Okay. … we'll work together to make this a good day off."

It's my first date, so I'd better tell you as a man, though none of them are convincing.

"Couscous, are you expecting me?"

Cecilia smiling at me.

If they do that, we'll have to work hard.

Definitely make this date a success.

So determined, I wear the disguised goods Cecilia gave me.

Wearing glasses, I was surprised that the out-of-the-box atmosphere changed when I wore the hat.

"Well, shall we go?"

I got out of the carriage, lost in the crowd.

A passerby sees a chill about Cecilia, but to the extent that he thinks she's a beautiful person.

It's not broken.

I don't care why he's such a beautiful girl.

I made sure I enjoyed my first date.

I don't know what a date classic is, so when I recommended going to the clothes store anyway, he accepted.

When I arrived at the clothes store, the two of us went in, it seemed like there were a lot of women visitors.

You seem to have a few male customers, but you're almost a couple.

"How about this?"

Cecilia puts her clothes in front of her body and asks if they look good on her.

She seems to be shaking off at a long time of shopping, and she smiles and asks.

Honestly I don't know how to answer, so I asked him to pick a few clothes and recommended the clothes he thought would suit him best.

"Then I'll make this one. Let's buy Mr. Yowki too" Cecilia's clothes to buy, and now I'll decide what to buy.

I also bought this in a way that I chose to wear and Cecilia decided to wear.

"I made a good purchase. It's fun today. I've been feeling tired lately so it's going to be a good day off."

"That would help me, too."

It's still the beginning of the date.

I have time, and I have plenty of places to go.

If I could entertain you more, I might be able to see a lot of Cecilia smiling.

My liking will increase, too.

We smiled at each other and left the clothes store behind.

Both Cecilia and I would have thought today would be a good day.

... Until this time.

It was the next place that the incident took place.

It's an accessory store near the clothes store.

I think women will like the kind of accessories, so I invite them in.

"Cecilia, let's get in here"

There may be something that suits Cecilia.

We'll use our time here, we'll eat, it'll be perfect.

You might be told what to say on your first date, but I hope Cecilia enjoys it.

I don't need a twist.

"Is it an accessory store…? Fine."

When I tried to enter the store with Cecilia's approval, I was accidentally called out.

"That, maybe. Cecilia!?

Turning around, there was, likewise, a brave man disguised with a hat and glasses and a bitch wizard.

Is this the ominous hunch of the day...