Waving to Cecilia, brave man coming this way.

Dude, you had a bad feeling about this today... or you have an amazing smile... dude.

Notice the girl wizard next door looks sinister.

"Cecilia, Cecili...... mugg!?

He's a brave man who was rushing over here calling his name, but he gets his mouth blocked by the girl wizard who was lying next to him.

"Hey, Yuga, aren't you an idiot? You didn't forget our reputation."

He seems to be preaching in a whisper to his ear.

I can kind of imagine the content.

"Even monks come here in disguise and with patience, but if Yuga calls them names and they get close, they can be beaten by the people around them!? Use your head for a second."

Sounds pretty blurry to me.

I guess that was too much of an argument.

Brave man couldn't say anything, he just snorted.

"I get it. Sorry, Micana, Cecilia."

Brave man who apologizes in a whisper.

Apparently, he realized he was bad.

Well, you'll know as soon as you think about it.

By the way, why is Cecilia here? We haven't been here for a long time. If you like, why don't Cecilia play along? "

Come on, brave man, you don't see me.

The shadows aren't too thin to assimilate to the landscape.

"Excuse me. I'm off today too, but I have a friend with me..."


The brave man told Cecilia he finally realized I existed.

Something has a subtle look on my face.

Is it normal if someone you like is with a man other than yourself?

"Uh... well, I'll take him with me"

What, am I with you? Without even hearing from Cecilia, you're a brave man who pulls his arm and walks into the back of the store.

Maybe he went aggressive, but Cecilia didn't have a very good look on her face.

It was me and the girl wizard who was left behind, but she spoke out of dissatisfaction.

"Damn, Yuga and I were on a date. It's a disaster."

The girl who left you, the wizard, was it Micah?

This way, too.

"Because of this, the two of us forced ourselves to take a break and invited us to go shopping like we used to because the weather was nice..."

Like old times, do you have a childhood relationship with Brave Man?

Ha... and he's spilling a sigh.

Even I'm upset about being interrupted on my first date.

"... you like that monk? We were together, and it was a date or something."

Something suddenly asked me a hard question to answer.

How should I answer……?

"Well, you don't have to answer. Good luck at best. Because then Yuga might give up on the monks too."

Something backed me up.

I thought you were a bitch, but surprisingly, you're a brave man.

You should review it a little...

"Well, I wouldn't expect much from a face like you."

Foreword withdrawn. This guy may not be a bitch, but he has a bad personality.

... Well, I've reviewed some of them, so in my mind I'll call them by name.

"What a mess. How long are you gonna leave those two alone? I'll go first."

Mikana leaves me and walks into the store slightly.

You're sure she's right.

None of the possibilities are equal, but I'd be in trouble if it had a good vibe.

I followed her into the store, too.

There are many couples in the store.

Probably for a man to present to a woman, or something like that.

A little, I looked around and found Cecilia.

Mikana, who would have joined the brave man, was with him.

"Oh, Mr. Yowki, I'm sorry. I left it..."

There's nothing wrong with Cecilia, so I don't need to apologize.

The brave man who pulled it off would be bad.

Well, I won't put it in my mouth.

"No, I don't care. And you have all sorts of accessories."

There are rings, bracelets, necklaces, brooches, earrings and all sorts of accessories in the store, from inexpensive to expensive.

"Because of that, and I'll buy something. Which one?"

The brave man reacted to my words.

"Right. I'll choose something for Micah and Cecilia, too."

Brave man who says that in handsome smile.

Are you hanging out?

I guess you want to say that choosing is a battle away.

I'll only buy Cecilia.

"Well, I'll choose, too."

Just now, which way to go, two guys who chose accessories.

Mikana has a satisfying look because she was told that she could choose between brave men.

Cecilia laughed bitterly. Probably because brave men have been sticking together.

"... Well, what do we do"

I've only given gifts to women since my last life, about my mother.

... Which one?

Hanging around the store, I had an eye for one product.

"... oh. This might be good."

What caught my eye was an affordable necklace.

Low price, but well made, and doesn't smell poor.

I might have picked a good one.

"Cecilia, how about this?"

I'll put it on Cecilia.

Doesn't that look good on you?

Seems happy in person.

The two of us were getting a good vibe...

"Cecilia, why don't you put on what I chose?"

It was the brave man who interrupted me from the side.

You can read the air, it was a good vibe now.

What Brave Brought is a luxuriously decorated, yet expensive, hair decoration.

But the jewels are too messy to be used.

Come on...... you can't be expensive. I doubt your taste.

Both Micah and Cecilia have facial cramps.

Two women seem to think this is not there.

I'll put it on you.

Brave man won't know you're getting such a bad review.

That said, to put on hair decorations, remove Cecilia's straw hat...... stupid!

The faces of the three of us, besides Brave Man, give us a startling look.

If you do that...

"Isn't that Master Cecilia!?

"Isn't it the brave one lying next to you?"

"There's Micah too."

The identity is misaligned and the store is in disarray.

I was pushed by the one who arrived, and I was supposed to be with him, but I became one of the bad horses.

"Yuga idiot!

"Cecilia where!?"

"Mr. Yowki, where are you!?

"Push it, it'll annoy the store! Everybody out once."

Encouraged him to leave the store and escaped from the store, but the confusion did not heal.

Three people gather more and more and are made question-attacks.

"Dear brave man, which is your destiny!?

"What's the story about your engagement to the princess?

"Master Cecilia seems to have refused to engage for a long time, but is it for the brave?"

"What will Micah do?"

"Is that it? Like there was another one just now..."

When the three of them were being questioned, I'd always been screwed by the crowd.

Six hours later, the four of us were quiet.

The noise has healed and we are relaxing in a nearby park.

"... Micah to Cecilia, and if you'd like to go to dinner..."

"There's no way you're going!

"I'm not going!

"I won't let you!

It was the moment when the three hearts were united.

What is Teng himself saying that caused the disturbance? Brave man, you must be tired.

I'm sorry for any further disturbances.

"haha...... right"

I want you to reflect a little.

The rest of the day is gone.

I meant to take physical fatigue, but on the contrary, I got tired.

"Let's break up today..."

They all agreed with my plan.

In the end, my first date ended in a brilliant failure.

Brave man...... no yuga.

Remember... I'll never forget this grudge.

The next day, I called Mr. Celia again.... is that a sermon?