As well as yesterday, I came to the Aqua Rain family mansion after calling Mr. Celia.

Honestly, I haven't gotten tired of yesterday's big commotion...

"... what can I do for you? Well, don't even think about it."

Probably a sermon. I forced him to take the day off for my daughter. It's horrible just to think about what it might look like.

Are you going to tag along with Mr. Sophia?

That could be the death. Scary, but let's go in.

I made up my mind and entered the mansion.

"... Captain"

Entering the mansion yesterday, Happiness was the guide as well as when he came.

We got to Mr. Celia's room, and when we broke up,

"... pick up the bones"

That's what I said and left.

What do I look like?

I knocked and went into the room.

"Oh, there you are. You're here."

Celia greeted me with a laugh, just like yesterday, but if you look closely, your eyes aren't laughing.

Pretty much, he seems angry.

"Actually, Cecilia's feeling bad. Looks like fatigue exceeded its limits in yesterday's big commotion. I fell right after I got back."

I was stunned and I got up off the couch where I was sitting

Stuff on Mr. Celia.

"Cecilia is down!? Is Cecilia okay?

"Take it easy. I'm sleeping in my own room now." Celia forgives me and drops my knee on the spot.

"Oh no..."

I can't believe Cecilia fell.

It must be my fault. Guilt is going to crush me.

"Well, don't be so depressed. It's like a mild cold, so the therapist said it would heal in a few days, so it's okay."

Even when I say a mild cold, I'm the one who created the cause of my illness...

But I can't help it if it's creepy.

"... is that right, good"

Let's just rest assured.

If I mess up, Cecilia's health doesn't heal fast.

"I'm not really mad at you, Yoki. I was the one who asked to accompany Cecilia yesterday. Rather, it is against the brave who are angry."

Apparently, he knows what caused yesterday's mayhem. Mr. Celia began to have a chilled grin.

"The brave men came earlier. I don't know where you got the information from, but tell me you're going to see Cecilia."

Mr. Celia's cold grin is getting worse.

Is it my fault, it's like it's getting cold in the room...

"I can't believe I gave Ten Himself up to the Mansion without a platform for the rest I made him take for my pretty daughter. I'm not that nice, am I? That's why I politely refused to go home."

Mr. Celia, who laughs a lot.

It makes me wonder and chill even though I wasn't told.

Even though you deserve it, don't be sympathetic to the brave man who told you to face it.

That's how I was scared.

"But not you. That's what I asked you to do, as I explained earlier, so you don't have to. Cecilia said you were trying to keep yourself entertained."

"Cecilia did that!?"

Seriously, if I hadn't met Yuga and the others, would my first date have been a success?

Considering that, you were pretty unlucky yesterday.

"I'm really sorry about yesterday. But if you get another chance, please. 'Cause Cecilia wasn't even full."

Did I call you today to tell you that?

Maybe Cecilia cared because she thought I was depressed.

Well, my own imagination.

"I had fun, too. I'd be happy to take it on if I could get the chance."

It did turn out to be a shame yesterday, but let it succeed next time.

Mr. Celia smiles at my words.

"If you like, go see Cecilia before you go home. 'Cause I think it's time for lunch so I'm awake."

In my ill health, I wondered if I would see him, but I decided to see him for just a little while.

Knock and enter Cecilia's room. Cecilia slept on the bed in her bedtime clothes.

Her face is a little red because of the fever.

"Mr. Yowki, you were here...... Sorry, like this."

Talking sounds like a hundred million bucks.

Are you sure it's a light cold?

Again, it seems better not to stay long.

"No, I'll be right back, it's okay. Sorry about yesterday. Take a break..."

I tried to go on without a platform, but Cecilia opened her mouth first.

"... Mr. Yowki is not bad. Yesterday... who was wrong?"

I'm sorry, too, but it's almost Yuga's fault.

Nobody blames you for something like Cecilia.

...... too kind.

But is that okay?

"I knew it was my fault."

That you've crushed your holidays, that you've broken your health.

This fact remains unchanged.

They might tell you not to twitch, but this is me.

No matter how many cheats I have, my essence hasn't changed since my last life.

"... So let's just say Mr. Yowki is bad"

"Yeah, well, it's my fault... Huh?

You said no one was bad until just now, and it was easy for me to be bad.

"My day off was wasted because of Mr. Yowki.... Instead, please hold on to your next holiday?"

... Is that a promise for my next date?

There's something switched on in me.

"... Huh, I'll take care of it. I failed yesterday, but not next time. Make sure you succeed. I hope so!

Ha-ha I laugh and make up my mind poses, Cecilia looks at me like that and smiles.

Thus the distance between them moved forward a little.

Suddenly he grabbed me by the arm.

Who is it, because I tried to end the day beautifully?

Take a look at the side...

"Master Youki, the lady is a sick man. I wanted to ask you to be quiet in your room...... let's talk a little bit. Excuse me, ma'am."

There was a faceless Mr. Sophia there.

Shit, I want to get away with it, but I'm just saying I won't let you get away with it. It's emitting an aura.

Mr. Sophia bows beautifully with the dust, grabs my arm, and pulls cheats and outside the room.

Cecilia was smiling and waving at me.

I hope you feel better soon, but I was smiling and waving, too, while I thought so.

After that, it was me who was preached by Mr. Sophia.