It's been a few days since Cecilia fell ill and recovered.

I came to work for the guild today...

"Hey, listen to me. My wife has been in a great mood lately ~"

"I don't know."

I'm listening to Clayman's no-locks for some reason.

You're usually like a fish with dead eyes. You make it shine today.

My mouth feels stuck, too, but I can't help it. It's a hassle to be honest......

Other officials and adventurers are out of sight when I see them.

Apparently, this is how it goes in the morning.

The official sighs deeply and the adventurer is stuck at the table.

Apparently, I'm not the only victim.

... or was this guy married? You're well married. Where did your wife fall in love with this guy?

Wouldn't you like it if you weren't as much of a caregiver?

"Something good happened at work. Be nice to me."


You're a good daughter-in-law to be nice to me like that. If you marry Cecilia, why don't you be gentle every day......

Just like Clayman did. I almost got a face.

As it is, they listen to me for a long time.

From what I've seen the Alliance's reaction, I'm guessing they're telling the same story besides me.

The entrance to the guild is getting noisy where I'm getting fed up.

I hear cheers from officials who looked disgusted until just now or from adventurers who were stuck at the table.

What's all this noise?

Clayman rides himself out of the reception and sees the guild's entrance.

I don't know, something similar happened before.

No way... Cecilia!?

Expect me to turn around.


There was Raven.

Let him avoid people by gesturing and coming this way.

When he came to me, he pointed at the guild entrance with his thumb. They can't speak out because people are there, and they're trying to tell me something.

As long as it's done, I get it.

"Clayman, I'd like to take a request with Raven, do you have a good one?"

Maybe you want to take a favor with me.

I became a friend because of this, but I had never been anywhere, and I guess I had some training.

Raven is grabbing my clothes sleeve and pulling.

You want to go so fast?

Or the guild is noisy.

Most curse at me, though.

Mainly from women to guild officials.

"Wouldn't that be nice? It's a request for a Rock Dragon crusade rampant at the foot of Mount Hagaraz. With a ride carriage, you'll be back by the end of the day."

At Rank B's request, I just recently became Rank B with Raven from a former brave party, but if you have me with a cheat, you'll be fine.... I'm really okay with higher-ranked demons though.

I took the request and headed to Raven and Mount Hagaraz.

"Oh... isn't that a request?"

Mount Hagalaz is a place that takes about two hours by carriage from Minerva and travels in a ride-along carriage that goes nearby.

There are people around, so we have a whisper conversation.

"... I wanted you to go shopping with me. And even for a meal..."

Apparently, Raven was trying to tell him to go play.

But I took it the wrong way, and I was about to go hunting.

Speaking of which, I thought it was a light outfit to go to the request.

"I'm sorry I made a mistake"

I think I'm sorry, I bow my head. Raven is a knight at the castle, so it could have been a precious holiday.

"... no, that's okay. It's my first time out with a friend."

Apparently, they forgive me.

I'm glad Raven's heart is wide open.

"Yes, when the request is done quickly, let's go play. We could go home in the evening."

"... right. Let's do that."

Well, there's something I have to do to play.

Today, Raven didn't come in disguise at all, even though he could have worn private clothes.

It would be too broad.

Also, I'm sorry it's going to be a big commotion, so should I be careful?

"Well, there's something I have to tell Raven before I go play. You see?"

Don't you know Raven is tilting his neck?

"A member of a brave party makes a scene if he walks normally in town. Don't you know that a brave party outside of Raven caused a riot at the town's ornament store?"

I don't want anything like that to happen again.

I'm so tired, and the store annoyed me.

"... I know. I wondered what Yuga and the others were doing. I didn't think there would be a commotion in Micana or Cecilia..."

Raven can't even talk about people, though.

Earlier, I was usually trying to play in town.

I guess the brave party had the women at the helm of the journey.

"I'll lend you the disguised goods I have. So we'll play in disguise. Well, I'll just cover my face."

I'm keeping it to commemorate my first date.

I guess I couldn't buy the accessories after all.

Will you stop by later and buy it?

Get off the carriage and go for Mount Hagaraz.

If we hurry, we'll be there in a dozen minutes.

In order not to use extra health or in the mountains we keep each other silent.

When we reached Mount Hagaraz, the road became steeper, and demons like Lizardman and Giant Hawk attacked us.

Lizardman is a lizard man with a sword and a shield.

Giant Hawk is a giant eagle, as the name suggests.

Raven's sword moves, with my magic, would not have been a great enemy.

Still, I don't know when or where the enemy will come from. We were nervous about each other and silent...

"... Youki, when this request is over, I need to talk to you"

Suddenly Raven opened his mouth.

... That sounds like some kind of death flag way to put it, dude.

Well, that won't happen only to Raven.

"Okay. So, let's just knock it down.

At this time Zushin, make a Zushin noise and something will come close.

... It's not really a death flag, is it?

"Coming, stand up!

Raven pulls his sword out of his sheath.

I'm a magic subject, so I'm light because I don't have a weapon.

Then a rock dragon emerged, which is a crusade.

"Let's go. Stormbrow."

The windy intermediate magic Stormbrough is small on the arm, but it is a magic that wraps around powerful tornadoes.

Beat the rock dragon with this arm and sharpen his stubborn rock skin.

And expose the skin.

"All right!"

Raven cuts skin that has been scraped and exposed.

By being cut off, the Rock Dragon will burst, but Raven can afford it and cleave with his sword.

The Rock Dragon is blunt, so if you're careful, you won't hit it.

No matter how much, you said dragons, they were bad for you.

This task was repeated, unsafe and defeated the Rock Dragon.... Good, it didn't seem like a death flag.

"Good day. I'm glad it's over soon."

Undo the magic and tell Raven who laid the sword.

"... right. Let's leave the body of the Rock Dragon to the guild staff and just take the evidence."

The Rock Dragon is huge and I can't take all the bodies, so I decided to just take some of them.

"Well, why don't you go home and play"

He then descended Mount Hagalaz and took a carriage back to Minerva.

As soon as I got back to the guild, I made a report and headed to the inn I was renting.

Along the way, it became a mild noise, but I used my last experience to escape.

"Look, it's a hat and glasses. It's time to eat."

I gave Raven the disguised goods Cecilia gave me.

"... oh, that would help"

Wear a hat and glasses.

... Something looks good on you.

Again, the handsome looks good in any outfit.

It's a completely unfair world.

Well, you won't split.

I left it at my inn because I might not be able to have a sword just now. I come to a restaurant that takes about enough walking distance from the inn.

"... Speaking of which, didn't we have a consultation?"

Ask over dinner.

You did say you wanted to talk to Rock Dragon just before you ran into him or something.

"... oh, will you listen to me?"

I wonder what it is, about the voice.

Did someone say something to you?

"Actually, I've got someone I like."

No way, it was a romantic consultation.