Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to get a friend's love consultation.

"I've got someone I like..."

During dinner, I was wolfing from my friend, Raven, for some sort of romantic consultation.

"I'm sorry. I can only talk to you about Yoki..."

Because of his voice, Raven is a cool, oligarchy character.

You're the one who laughs when people around you say you don't look good on characters that you've made someone you like.


Confess, reincarnate and confess in a previous life, and consult me in love that I have never been able to date as a result?

... Dude, something is ominous.

I'm really wrong about who I talk to. I guess I don't have anybody to talk to but me.

"What kind of child are they?"

I'm a friend I made because of, and I don't want to deal with it underneath, so let's talk about it.

"... she didn't make fun of my voice. Rather, a good voice, envy. So..."

I see. I guess it was a pretty happy event for Raven, whose voice was a complex.

Normally, I would laugh or be surprised at the gap between appearances.

"I see. So he said he fell in love"

That's more of a regular romantic consultation than I thought.

Is Raven embarrassed or is he blushing and cheeky?

"... what should I do?"

Apparently, he's quite in love, blushing, odd.

Adolescent junior high. Well, because of my voice, I don't even make a man friend, not a woman, like I've ever lived with a single sword.

I guess I'm oblivious to stories like this.

"If you like it, why don't you confess?"

One of the former brave parties that saved the world.

He's handsome, and I think he'll get a good response if he's cleared up about his voice.

"... I'm not sure. Ever since I was born, I've lived with one sword. I can't believe she..."

Again, is that why it looks like that?

Damn, you're handsome, so be confident.

I can't help it, I'm going to be a masochist, but my friend is in trouble.

It's been a while since I've switched it on.

"Huh, Raven, don't you know yourself well!?"

Point to Bishy Raven.

Raven is confused because all of a sudden my character has changed.

But I'm not stopping.

"My face is handsome, tall, one of those brave parties where knights saved the world at work. Is your voice changing? Throw away the guy who laughs at you!

Raven listens, but has a pocan look.

Huh, not yet.

"Look at me. I can't flatter my face, middle meat and back, my job is guild. Even I confessed many times like that, and I was flabbergasted many times. But how about me now? Do you look unhappy? I wouldn't have.... Raven would be fine. Trust yourself."

At the end of the day, of course, it's a decision pose.

... Phew, refreshing.

I switch off Chef II mode and wait for Raven to respond.

"... Huh. Right, you know what?"

Raven has a somewhat calm look and is laughing.

"... I don't know, maybe I was thinking too hard. Thank you, it's good to talk to Yoki."


Apparently, you succeeded in persuading me.


I wondered what I would do if I was pulled over.

"Ha... It was worth talking to you about."

"... I'm actually on vacation tomorrow as well. I'll try to confess to her. I want you to follow me tomorrow if you like."

Well, I guess I have some anxiety about what I said.

There's something negative about it.

Because of this, a friend of mine is courageously trying to peel it off.

You can't keep me from pushing my back when I hit you.

"That's about all right.... Good luck tomorrow."

That's what I said. I broke up that day.

The next day, wait for Raven at the guild reception.

Within the guild it is slowly showing more buzz than usual.

I guess there's still an aftertaste due to Raven coming yesterday. It will come again today, but it won't be a fuss because he says to come properly disguised.

"... Hey, aren't you going to take the request today?"

Clayman, who hits from happy mode yesterday and changes and is back in full mode, asks.

"I'm waiting for a friend today. It's not a favor."

Usually, adventurers other than me use receptionists who have other beautiful sister employees.

Officials everywhere, the adventurers who come to Clayman's reception are about me.

So no one complains about sitting at Clayman's reception.

Rather, yesterday it was about appreciated.

"Well, I have a job to do. Don't do anything all day. You can stay there."

"What makes you sad and you have to spend the day without moving a step from here. He said he was just waiting for a friend."

When I was having an irrelevant conversation with Clayman, he accidentally slapped me on the shoulder and turned around.

There was Raven wearing the disguised goods he lent yesterday.

I feel a strong expression because of my nervousness.

Dude, I haven't even come to the other guy's house to confess yet, are you okay...

"Are you all right? Did you sleep well yesterday?"

Raven snorts, but moves hard.

I felt like I was about to give out a blur when I was in the guild like this, so I hurried out of the guild.

Breathe deeply to relieve the tense Raven tension.

"Okay. Raven's part of a brave party, and he's a knight captain or something. Be aware that you're amazing! Raven can do it."

Encourage Raven on his way to his thoughtful home.

You should be able to confess with momentum as long as you build confidence.

"... I wonder if you're okay"

Still, he seems weak.

I kept encouraging Raven on the road to his favorite kid's house.

And I finally got Raven's decision, and I got to the house of purpose...


That was just the Aqualein family mansion.

Are you kidding me, Cecilia?

No, I can't throw away the possibility if she's sweet.

In the course of his journey to defeat the Demon King, it is fully believed that something has happened. The death flag that Raven built yesterday was built on me!?

"... thank you, I have the courage to confess thanks to Yoki.... I'll go alone from here. Yogi will wait for you here."

Raven walked into the Aquarain family alone.

... Suddenly?

No, I didn't expect a good reply only to Cecilia...... what do you think?

I can't tell you anything because I don't know what those two have to do with each other.

A few minutes to wait in front of the mansion, alone and horny. Raven came back with a pretty dark look.

"... I'm flabbergasted. 'I can't,' they said.... Youki, I'm sorry you talked to me.... I still can't seem to get her to me."

Shit, my eyes are more dead than Clayman.

My first broken heart is pretty bad, and it's a lot of mental damage.

Because I'm going through it, I know very well.

You can't just leave me like this as a friend.

"No, you don't have to worry about that. Why don't you go somewhere? If you're on vacation, you couldn't play much yesterday..."

I heard it, Raven shook his neck to the side and said sadly away.

"... let's break up today. See you later."

Dropping his shoulders disappointingly, Raven returns to the way he came.

All I could do was watch Raven's back get smaller.

... I wonder what.

I know you should be happy, but don't be so sure.

I'm glad my rivals are diminishing or something like that doesn't come to mind at all.

Friendship or love...... I guess I'm a heck of a bitch who can't give either away.

I am relieved that Cecilia is not taken, and I am saddened that my friend's love is not fruitful.

"... let's meet Cecilia"

I wonder why my friend got flustered.

I went into the mansion to find out why as a friend, though it might be a favor.