"Uh... haven't you come?"

I'm here to see Cecilia to find out why Raven got flustered.

It was resistant to ask directly, so I tried to ask far away.

"Yes, Mr. Raven is not here to see you. … is something wrong?"

What's that supposed to mean?

I can't figure it out by myself, so I explained the situation to Cecilia.

"... I see, maybe you confessed to someone in your servant.

If you confessed to the maid, you'd have decided who to ask.

"Let's ask Mr. Sophia. He's a maid of honor, and he might know something."

"I'll be there, too"

Because you're an ex-companion, or you're worried about Raven.

That's right, Cecilia, sweet.

The two of us headed to the servant room where Mr. Sophia was.

"Indeed, Master Raven was here earlier"

I got to the servant's room and asked Mr. Sophia, but Cecilia was right.

Apparently, it was someone from the servant who confessed.

Cecilia asks Mr Sophia a question.

"So did you tell anyone anything?"

"Sure... you were calling one maid and they were talking about something"

After all, it looks like someone from the maid.

Which daughter did you confess to?

"Mr. Sophia. Who was the daughter they called?"

As a friend, I have to ask her what Raven didn't want.

Cecilia will also be concerned, softly awaiting Sofia's reply.

"I'm a newbie, Happiness."


They both solidified at the same time.

A reincarnated, first-time friend's favorite with a demon from his former subordinate?

Cecilia is also solidified without being able to say anything.

"... Ha! Excuse me, Mr. Sophia. Where is Happiness now?"

Happiness has a lot to ask. Seeing as if I'm in too much of a hurry, Sophia is pulling a little, but I'll be right back to my usual faceless expression.

"... Happiness would be time to clean the mansion right now. The mansion is huge, so I don't know where it is."

Sure, the Aqualein family mansion is pretty big, but if you run around and look, you'll find it in a few minutes or so.

"Thank you. Best regards, Cecilia."

I left Cecilia to Mr. Sophia, still solidified, and I left the servant's room.

Running around the mansion from there.

Sometimes, other maids pay attention, but gently apologize and run again.

I ran around the mansion about three times and finally found Happiness.

He was dressed in made-up clothes and cleaning the rooms with a pair of bamboos.

I came here earlier, but I think I made a mistake.

"... for a long time"

He meets gently, turns his back and tries to get back to cleaning.

"Wait a minute."

Still, I haven't told you anything, so grab your shoulder and pull back.

I finally found it, but I can't just end up saying hello.

"... what?"

"You're not what, what. You're a former captain, aren't you, me? Why are you responding like that?"

You've been looking for me for almost a month and a half, haven't you?

Sure, though I don't feel respected since I was at Demon King's Castle.

It doesn't matter now, so I'll be patient, but I think we should talk slowly at a later date.

"... errands?"

"Oh, yeah. A handsome man with a sword on his hip just came to you. Didn't they say something?"

"... he said he couldn't because he said he liked it"

I say it out loud with the usual cold voice color.

Has Raven been flabbergasted like this?

If so, it would be too pathetic.

Sure, you said Raven was envious of his voice.

That means we must have met somewhere.

"You've met that swordsman before. Can you tell me when and where you met?"

I wonder why Happiness said that.

But Happiness turns her back from me twirling.

"... I can't"

No, it was Happiness running away with a broom.

I tried to chase him, but I guess there's a reason I can't even tell Happiness.

I don't feel like catching him and forcing him to ask me would solve anything.

"... go home and get back out"

I told Cecilia I was going home and decided to go to the guild.

"There was a..."

It was already daylight when we got to the guild, so it was busy with adventurers eating at the tavern.

Heading to Clayman's reception, the usual designated seat, sits an armored knight I've seen.

Apparently, Duke and Clayman are bickering.

He talks very, very pleasantly.

"Ho, you're having a hard time, too.

If I were you, I'd throw it out. "

"What are you talking about?"

I'm curious, so I get into the circle of conversations.

Clayman and Duke notice me and say a mild greeting.

Duke doesn't know his expression because he's wearing a helmet, but he's probably laughing.

"We just had an interesting conversation about the captain."

Of course, I've hidden what I hide and I'm going to mouth it.

That's not the problem.

"Don't take the liberty of ridiculing people's past."

I have a number of black histories that I want to erase from my memory.

Damn, Duke can't help but be anxious about which story he told.

Now, ask me, I want to stop, but that's not the case.

"Just fine.

Duke, come here because I need to ask you something. "

Bring him out of the guild and explain the situation.

Duke's been dating Happiness for as long as I have.

You'll rely quite a bit if you pull into your side.

"Uh-huh... First of all, if you want Cecilia to cooperate, you should tell her about Happiness. Otherwise, Mr. Cecilia won't be able to help."

Maybe that's true.

But I can't even leave Raven alone while he's depressed...

"... I have no choice, do you want to go back to Cecilia first and explain? Duke, let's go."

Roger that.

I took Duke back to the Aqualein family mansion.

To talk about Happiness's past in Cecilia's room.

"Then I'll talk to you. First of all, do you know that a demon named Harpy is often the target of hunting for humans?"

Cecilia nodded affirmatively.

Harpy is a monster with a beautiful appearance, followed by humans who are caught and enslaved or who try to hunt for beautiful feathers.

By the way, I forgot to tell you, I kept the feathers I from Happiness without selling them.

"Of course Happiness is no exception. I happened to be the one who helped the captain out where the human hunter was chasing me."

Cecilia has a complex look.

I guess it's because it's what the same people did to me.

Not really, not even a good story.

"You didn't open your mouth at all at first. You're better off now."

At first, we were communicating either by nodding or shaking our heads.

Like that, it seemed traumatized.

"So I don't think humans can come up with any good emotions when they say they like them..."

Sure, I think so because I know about Happiness, too.

But Happiness is supposed to be that far in Raven, not making a bad impression.

"So why did you say you were envious when you heard Mr. Raven?"

"Harpy could have been attracted to his voice because he seemed like a species who originally liked to sing..."

I don't know what kind of meeting those two had.

I can only imagine any more.

Totally stuck.

"... sounds like you should ask Raven what kind of encounter you had, rather than Happiness"

Happiness just turned me down.

Happiness is stubborn.

Duke, who knows Happiness's character, is also snorting.

Cecilia seemed to agree with my plan.

"Then let's break up today. I'll stop by Raven's on the way home."

We decided what to do, so we disbanded, and I headed to the cavalry where Raven lived.

I got to the knight's dorm.

How many people live there?

Approximately, hundreds of people will be able to live in it, a huge dorm. Once inside, there is a place like a receptionist, and a person like Mr. Dormitor stands.

He notices me and asks me what I can do for you.

"Excuse me. I'm here to see a friend of the knight who lives here..."

The dorm manager looks good in glasses, she's a normal sister.

"Would you like to confirm, please tell me the name of the knight? And your name."

I said my name, and Raven's name, I quickened up my glasses with my thumb and sent a suspicious glance.

Well, Raven is a celebrity, and he doesn't seem to have many friends, so I can't help but suspect him.

But he disappeared into the dorm so that he wouldn't check.

After a few minutes I grabbed my footsteps and the dorm manager came back with a beautiful walk.

"I got confirmation. I'll show you to Master Raven's room."

I followed behind the dorm manager who came back and followed him to Raven's room.

Mr. Dormitor, take your time.

Leftovers, I went back to reception.

"Raven, we're coming in."

I knocked and opened the door.

The room has a damp dark atmosphere.

Raven, the lord of the room, is stuck in bed.

... You're snagging, I know how you feel.

It's my first love.

Raven notices me and gets out of bed.

"... Yoki, I'm sorry about earlier. You invited me because of you."

"No, I'm fine. … there's more to asking than that."

They might say they don't want to talk about it, but they want to support their friend's love.

I'll tell you what I mean.

"I'd like to hear more about when I met the girl I like."

"... what are you gonna do when you hear that?"

Pretty much, are you coming, Raven, twitchy as hell?

Shit, you're claymanizing, we have to do something.

"You're still too early to give up. Maybe I can help you with something. Please, talk to me."

You must have lost my perseverance.

Raven spoke pompously.