Apparently, meeting Happiness was the day that me and a brave party other than Raven had a big commotion.

Raven works as the Knights Commander, but he seems to be doing the Wang Capital lookout alone because of his inability to communicate in words.

Problems happen every once in a while that day, he seemed to be looking around the alley.

"... ugh. Only unusual."

And he tried to get around to a different place, but he heard a chimp.

Happiness in maid clothes seemed to have been teased by the chimp as he headed to where he heard his voice.

He kicked his chimp gently and tried to leave, as usual.


But Happiness grabbed my clothes sleeve, so I stopped.

"... people"

They thanked me with a very small voice.

"... it's work."

Usually it was Raven, who had to bow his head even if he was thankful, but he uttered words.

It was already late when I thought it was gone, and Happiness seemed to have eyes open.

Also, I thought they'd make fun of me, Raven, though.

"... good voice"

Seems that's what Happiness said.

Raven was never praised for being ridiculed.

So it makes me wonder and ask more questions.

"... don't you make fun of me for listening to my voice? This is the voice..."

I heard about it, Raven.

I didn't make a fool of myself, either, but I didn't praise you.

"... envy"

"... eh?"

Not yet, Raven, who didn't talk enough, but he ran away as he did.

Raven also still couldn't seem to chase him because he had a job to look around.

And because Happiness was unforgettable and wearing made-up clothes, he realized he was some servant and looked into it.

And he talked to me, pushed me back, confessed to this day.

"... Already?"

I'm done talking. Raven looks very tired.

Don't feel like Happiness was interested first, not Raven.

... I wonder if we can start with friends or something?

In the meantime, I think if I let it go, the mushrooms will grow, so let's take Raven out.

Why don't you tell Duke and let him know about Happiness?

"Raven, let's go outside. I know the maid, so I'm coming to see her."

Well, I know him, too.

A reluctant raven at first, but I tried to drag it half hard and went looking for Duke.

I disbanded at Cecilia's house earlier, so I thought I would be returning to either the inn or the guild, and when I went to the guild, there was an indication, Duke.

"Captain, what can I do for you... is he the one who confessed to Happiness?"

I noticed Raven. Duke looks at me barely.

Well, Happiness is like a buddy to Duke.

I guess you're making sure the bad guys don't like you.

I don't know, because he's a buddy and he's a man of honor.

"... Yowki, is this the guy she knows?... or what's a captain?"

Raven asks in a whisper.

"It's like my nickname. More than that..."

Everyone in the guild noticed Raven and it was getting noisy. I'm sorry to have developed into a major commotion.

"We're changing places, both of us."

I grabbed both of them by the arm and walked as fast as I could to the inn I was renting.

"Captain, you're running fast."

"... I agree"

It was a little hard for both of us because apparently we put all our efforts into it, even though we hurried to get to the inn before it got noisy.

I mean, I got a little serious, but these two are working out, so it wouldn't have been that bitter.

More than that......

"Raven, voice......"

Did Raven notice or hold his mouth?

There would have been Duke nearby.

Duke doesn't care about his voice. What do you want?

He said, so I explained the situation.

"I don't care that much.... So, you are? Who says he likes Happiness?"

"... oh"

Raven answers in a few moments.

What, this tingly feeling air?

These two won't have any cause.

"Happiness was one of us. She has a trauma for a man. Can you heal such happiness?"

Did you make him a man, not a human?

Well, Happiness wasn't frightened of Cecilia or Mr. Sophia at all.

"... I don't know"

That's the answer I gave you after a while.

Still, I don't think I have a choice because the sun is shallow when I see her.

Then I guess not.

"Huh? That's cool, that's where I say I'll heal. You're a total heck of a bitch. That's why confessing to Happiness can be frustrating."

"... what?"

Did Duke's words get cocky, Raven putting his hands on the sword he was laying on his hips sheath?

"Do you want to do it? I don't know if it's a brave party, but I'm not gonna lose."

Duke also tries to pull his sword out of his sheath.

... Aren't these guys stupid?

The place I'm in right now is a room in the lodge I'm renting, full of six people.

It is obvious that if we start cutting each other in this place, it will not happen.

I don't like being kicked out of the inn just like that, so I'll stop the two of you.

"You guys calm down. If you're gonna get in a fight, do it! Or you didn't come together to do this today."

Why is this happening when I brought you to Duke's for Raven today?

By my desperate persuasion, we both take our hands off the sword.

Looks like we're still staring at each other.

"... Phew. That sounds stupid. Forgive the captain. We'll settle this next time."

"... oh"

Both sides, they managed to convince me.

Now don't let them throw you out of the inn.

"Well, let's get back to Happiness. You said you didn't know if you could heal Happiness. You can't do that."

"... oh"

You're right about this.

Did Raven calm down too, he seemed to realize he couldn't do it.

"I think you should start with your friends and get to know Happiness a little bit."

That's right, you're Duke.

I'm ravening the exact advice.

Raven's convinced, too, you're snorting.

I'm totally airborne, though.

Two people who repeat that sometimes it means laughing and sometimes talking.

I'm totally into a hot world of two.

I was out of company. I was just watching the two of them.

After a few dozen minutes or so, it looks like the two of us finally got an end to the conversation.

"Man, I'll show you. I'll do my best to tell Happiness how I feel."

"... oh, I can go now!

shakes hands more often.

Honestly, I don't know why this happened.

Are these two characters like this?

Will love change even the hearts of people and demons?

... What are you talking about?

The two go towards the Aqualein family mansion with the momentum intact.

I want to know what happens eventually, too, so I'll get there.

When I got to the mansion, there was Happiness cleaning just in front of the gate.

Raven pushed back and closer to Duke.

Happiness seems to have noticed this one, once he stops cleaning and stops.

"... be friends"

Out of extra embarrassment, his face turned red, and tense, nervous Raven shook his fine voice and said.

Happiness replied.

"... if you're a friend"

After that word, silence ensues from each other.

And then the two faces turned bright red, Happiness went to the mansion, and Raven took his full sickness the way he came at the same time.

All I had left was a satisfied Duke and a grumpy me.

Well, Raven would have been a little satisfied, and Happiness. Now I hope he can be a human man.

I heard later that Cecilia was somehow convincing Happiness.

For Happiness, Cecilia seemed to be cooperating with me if I thought I'd easily accepted.

Well, Happiness didn't seem reluctant at all, either, so he's not forced to.

After all, there seemed to be a part of me that was attracted to my voice.

I want you to look inside out from now on.

By the way, this time Duke was taken by Raven.

Later, they really exchanged swords.

That's right. Duke couldn't beat Raven either, but he seemed to play a good game inside. As it is, use the authority of the Knights Commander, which means scouting.

But now it's just me that Seek and I are going to start living alone in the Inn.

"Captain ~ Play ~"

Seek is pulling on my body.

"Yeah, let go. I have a request. Happinessu, Duke. Come back here!

It's become the worst development that I have to do Seek's amulet by myself.