I spilled a deep sigh. Now I'm in the Aqua Rain carriage, and I'm rocked.

The view from the carriage window remains unchanged from earlier and seems to run even down the mountain path.

Next door is my favorite woman, Cecilia.

The destination is the village of Dagaz, a mountain village that takes about six hours by carriage from Minerva.

Cecilia and I are traveling together.

I just wanted to say...

"Wah. It's my first carriage ~"

There is also Seek for some reason.

My face is peeled out of the window.

In the first place, how did this happen, it goes back this morning.

"... in the morning"

Get out of the bed at the lodge you owe me.

The sunlight enters through the window and marks the beginning of the morning.

When I look at the bed beside me, there is no Seek.

You're supposed to be sleeping in a hell of a sleeping minister, but you don't look like him.

If I don't wake you up I won't wake you up... where have you been?

"Damn, it's been tough since Happiness or Duke disappeared"

Happiness told Sophia that Duke had been taken by Raven, so I have one of Seek's amulets and playmates.

When I was at Demon King Castle, the three of us shared it.

Well, you can't help but be gone.

It's not foolish or the two of you are coming back.

I have an appointment to see Cecilia today.

Sophisticated, he left the inn to head to the Aqualein family mansion.

"I'm sorry. I suddenly got a job request in. She asked me for a cup of tea."

This is it when the mansion arrives.

Apparently, my job as a monk went in.

Already, I'm ready to take the carriage and leave.

There were bandits out in the mountain village, and although they could get rid of them, they got a large number of seriously wounded.

Also, if there may be bandits, and they are not powerful as monks, they will not recover in time.

You think I've come to talk to Cecilia for these reasons?

"You don't have a choice if you work... yes! Take me with you."

Because I thought I'd be with Cecilia today, and I've been looking forward to it since yesterday.

Besides, I want to help Cecilia.

"... but this is my job. I can't hold Mr. Yowki's hand..."

"Oh, that's all right."

When Cecilia was reluctant, Mr. Cecilia suddenly appeared from behind.

"There could be bandits out there, and it would be dangerous, wouldn't it? Cecilia might be fine, but just in case you follow Yoki."

Cecilia thinks.

It's a big thing that Celia's on your side.

"... ok. Mr. Youki could use restorative magic, and he has sufficient strength as an escort. Mr. Youki, I'm sorry, can you accompany me?"

It's like I asked you to say you couldn't do it from me, and you don't have to be so afraid.

This is the chance Mr. Celia gave me.

It would be like an event to show my good spot and boost Cecilia's liking.

"I'll be glad to accompany you.

According to what I hear, it's a job I tend to stay at.

They're staying in the village where they're going for two or three days.

As a result, I had to take my luggage, such as changing clothes, so I went back to the inn once and got my luggage.

I'll be right back.

Cecilia and Mr. Celia drop me off and do their best to get back to the running inn.

As soon as we get to the inn, we pack our bags, head to the mansion and run as hard as we can.

Until then, I thought Cecilia and I were going on a little trip together.


When we get to the mansion, Seek is in the carriage for some reason.

Cecilia is also in the carriage, and Mr. Cecilia is grinning like an obvious troublemaker.

Mr. Celia noticed me rushing over and pounding my ear.

"I'm sorry. After Youki-kun returned to the inn, Seek-kun came. When I explained the situation, I said I'd go too."

Apparently, Seek came to the Mansion by mistake.

I wondered where you had been in the morning.

I didn't know you were going to Cecilia's mansion.

However, I was getting there faster, so I guess I stopped by.

"I tried to convince you that both me and Cecilia are in danger. Seek, you've wasted it, and me and Cecilia have broken it."

There's something about Seek that you won't even listen to once you say it.

I guess the crying faces of young beautiful boys worked for women.

Seeker, you're after him.

"Ha... you have no choice. It would be useless for me to convince you."

Even Happiness and Duke's threesome never heard of Seek.

Let's just say we had bad luck today.

"I'm sorry. The truth is, Cecilia and I were planning a little trip together."

Apparently, Mr. Celia was thinking the same thing about me.

Well, Seek is like a child, and you won't have a choice.

"Well, it doesn't change that I can go out with Cecilia. Seek is like a friend of mine..."

It won't bother you.

Yeah, I see, Seek is good at herbal formulations and drug knowledge, so he can treat injured people and stuff.

It can also be counted as a force of war.

You didn't do my men with Happiness or Duke to Dada.

In fact, you're strong when you fight.

"Oh, yeah? Then don't worry. Be careful."

Thus, my conversation with Celia is over, and I get in the carriage, too.

"Captain ~. Were you going to leave me alone?

When I get in the carriage, Seek hugs me and complains to me.

I'm not a shotacon, so I want you to stay away from me. Cecilia looked down on us like this.

Good, he doesn't feel that way about Cecilia.

There were quite a few girls in my last life who liked it.

"Shall we leave now?"

Thus the carriage departed for the destination village of Dagaz.

And to this day.

"Seek, you look like a child."

It is definitely pretty much in the carriage.

Even though the same landscape has been going on since earlier, he seems to enjoy riding himself out the window and looking uncommon.

"He never got out of the castle."

When I first got out of the castle, I thought it was the best thing in the fantasy world.

Well, in Seek's case, I guess the child-specific curious part has something to do with it.

"I'm a little relieved that you two are here. Perhaps your work will be done soon."

Sure, with my healing magic and Seek drug knowledge, it would be over soon.

If a bandit attacks me, I honestly think Seek can destroy me alone.

"I'll take care of it.... If it's over sooner... I'd like to go somewhere with you..."

"Captain - are you going to see me when you get home? Me too."


Seek probably has no offense.

He has an innocent smile.

Cecilia sees Seek with a gaze like watching over my child.

And after failing to invite me on a date, I put my arm on the edge of a window where I could see an irreplaceable landscape and decided to enter my own world.