I managed to reach the village of Dagaz through a long mountain road.

According to prior information received from Cecilia, the village of Daghaz appears to be a small village with a population of hundreds.

I looked around the village once to get the current information, but the situation in the village of Dagaz seems pretty bad.

The house has been burned, the fields have been dug up, and the ground remains traces of blood that would be traces of battle.

The different villagers are also not lively, they have blue and white faces, and many are bandaged.

"That's more than I expected. Let's go to the client's village chief's house first."

There was a large house in the village, so maybe there.

In order for the three of us to meet the village chief, the villagers will guide us and we will head to the village chief's house.

"Oh! I didn't know you could come to Cecilia, a fellow brave man who defeated the Demon King. Thank you.

It was the old man who would have been the village chief who welcomed me.

I'm bandaging my head, and I'm dragging you around to see if you're injuring your leg.

"Let's start with the treatment of the village chief. Can you gather the wounded in one part of the village, if you will?"

"I understand, Master Cecilia. … by the way, who are you?"

The village chief sees me and Seek.

Cecilia looks like a monk in a robe, but me and Seek are totally everyday.

I guess it just looks like a villager and a normal child.

"They are my friends and they are both supposed to help me with this request. Don't worry, I'm sure of my strength."

I guess the village chief believed Cecilia's words.

I've been bowing my head to say hi to me and Seek.

Cecilia asked me, and the village chief's attitude isn't bad.

Seek also has a less than full look with his head bowed.

Shall I take my skin off too?

"Leave it to me."

Copy that.

Just now Cecilia puts restorative magic on the village chief and asks him to gather the injured in the square in the centre of the village.

Old and young villagers gathered in the square.

There seems to be a lot of serious injuries, especially among young men.

Half the number of villagers gathered is sweating on Cecilia's face just after the treatment.

Unlike me with cheats and Seek using drugs, I seem to be getting tired.

"Cecilia, why don't you take a break?"

If you run out of magic, that's the end of the line.

At worst, there are times when you fall and you won't wake up until tomorrow.

"Ha... ha...... I'm fine."

It doesn't look okay at all.

My face is turning blue and white, and I think it's the limit.

I put on Cecilia the elementary magic of light, Holly Bell.

It is the magic of putting the subject to sleep in a holy tone with healing power.

Supplementary information that it is magic originally used on crying babies.

Cecilia couldn't resist my magic because of her fatigue, she fell asleep and fell to the ground.

I get screams from the villagers around me, but I don't care.

Ask the village chief to arrange a place to stay to rest Cecilia.

"Excuse me. Cecilia's already at her limit, so I'd like to give her a break, could you arrange an inn?"

The village chief, who was distracted by my actions, goes back to sanity in my words.

"... ok. But now the Village Inn is also not in a state where you can stay in bandit raids. Therefore, please rest there because there is an empty room in my house."

The inn was burning down because I first found out when I went around the village, so I was wondering where I was going to stay.

Apparently, you can stay at the village chief's house.

I stun the princess. I hold Cecilia.

"Seek, for a little while."

"I'll take care of it, Captain."

Once I left the treatment of the villagers to Seek, I went to the village chief's house with Cecilia in my arms.

Get to the village chief's house and ask the village chief's wife to show you the room.

My first impression of entering the room is dusty.

I guess it's a room I haven't used much.

It's just a room with a simple bed and a chair on the desk and a tan.

Put Cecilia to bed, open the window and ventilate.

"Maybe I'll wake you up after I give you a break. Tell them to come to the square when you wake up."

I think the villagers will have been treated by then.

Tell your wife that. I went back to the square and resumed the treatment of the villagers.

By the time I had finished treating most of the villagers that were gathering, Cecilia had returned.

Apparently, he's pretty angry, creases between his eyebrows and turns to me.

"... Mr. Yowki. You know what I'm trying to say, right?"

Cecilia will give way to Mr. Celia, her eyes will smile without laughing.

Seek seemed pretty freaked out to get in and hid behind me.

But I think her angry face is cute too... I'm fine to some extent.

Besides, I don't think I did the wrong thing.

"... it was indeed bad that I let him sleep magically all of a sudden. But Cecilia would have fallen if I had continued to treat her like that. I don't like that, so they let me get rough."

Hear my words, Cecilia thinks.

Seek can't stand the tingling air between me and Cecilia, or she's in tears.

Poor thing, so I stroked his head with a pomp to reassure him.

"… indeed the treatment of the seriously injured must also take place tomorrow. Besides, it doesn't mean the bandits aren't attacking again. You can't let me fall at that time."

Apparently, you figured it out.

You found out you were back in the usual atmosphere, and Seek came out behind me.

I guess this settles one case.

"You acted thinking about me, didn't you? Thank you, Mr. Yowki."

My face turned bright red when I thanked him for his full smile.

Cecilia is grinning as calculated.

Maybe it's like payback for letting you sleep.

Such, we exchanged and the villagers were treated, and we tried to go to the village chief's house.

"Hey, why don't you take a look at Teal?"

"He wasn't there when the bandits came. Master Cecilia seems tired, and that's all right."

The villagers are noisy.

Apparently, there's still an injured man.

Why don't you ask the villagers what happened?

"Are you still injured?"

"No, there's a girl named Teal living outside the village. She was out at the time of the bandit's raid, so she wasn't hurt. I've just been weak since I was born.

Apparently, it's some kind of sick thing.

I might be able to relieve the symptoms somewhat if I leave it to Seek.

"If you don't mind, can you tell me where the daughter lives?"

"... is that good? I'm sorry. Teal lives in the woods east of the village, so I asked for it."

It's a pretty shattered way of talking to me.

Well, it's like Cecilia's entourage, and I don't care.

The three of us headed to the East Forest to meet a girl named Teal.

It is more right to say forest one way or another, rather than a dim and deep forest, like the forest of Osel.

Going about five minutes back, I could see a small house made of wood.

"Sorry to bother you ~"

Seek going in without even knocking with a weird greeting.

I think come on, follow Seek.

The house has furniture in a normal house such as a desk in a bed. However, you like books. Lots of bookshelves.

Mr. Teal would be the one sitting in the back bed of the room and reading the book.

I can't seem to hide my surprise when I see us breaking in on our own.

"Which one is it? They're not from the village, are they?"

When I finish saying it, I am coughing up.

"I'm sorry to interrupt your house all of a sudden. I'm here at the request of the village chief. My name is Cecilia. These two are my friends and they're here to help."


Cecilia told me who she was and who we were, so I thought I'd be pretty surprised, but she answered calmly.

"Seek, look at the medical condition and give him medication."

Seek rushes over to Mr. Teal and sees the symptoms.

I take the medicine from the backpack I always use and give it to Mr. Teal.

"... thank you. Much easier."

"Good for you ~. But I still have to take this pill for a while ~"

Take some medicine out of the backpack and hand it over.

Well, you mean it wasn't a mild enough symptom to heal with a one-time prescription of medicine.

"But you're lucky, aren't you? I can't believe I was out when there was a bandit raid."

It sure wasn't weird to be attacked, though how many villages I lived off.

"No. I wasn't lucky. The patron god of the village protected me."

Are you wondering if she's an intelligent, sober daughter?