I feel a lot like a frigid story.

Is there even such a thing in this world?

By and large, are you in such a mountain village?

"My grandmother, who died, told me. When this village was attacked by bandits once upon a time, the patron god protected it."

Apparently, it's like a legend left in this village.

Still, what do you mean, protected?

"Excuse me. What do you mean, protected?"

I'm curious. Let's hear more about it.

It's kind of suspicious.

"I care too"

"Me too."

Apparently, they both agree with me.

"Okay. I'll talk to you."

To summarise what I heard.

Teal heard from my grandmother that she was taking her offerings to the Patronus every day.

You think it seemed like a custom that was normal in her grandmother's generation, but now it's only about her?

He also went to the Guardian God with his offerings the day there was a bandit raid, but when he tried to return, he was suddenly struck by intense drowsiness.

When I realized it, I was talking about sleeping to lean against the god of guardianship.

"Captain ~. Intense drowsiness isn't like dark magic ~?"

Sure, there was a magic called Nightmare Sleep with dark magic.

But this magic was supposed to make the enemy sleep and suffer from nightmares.

"... Mr. Yowki. I kind of find it suspicious that the patron saint of this village..."

"That's not true. The god of guardianship is not suspicious at all!

When Cecilia doubts the Patronus, Teal rebels.

I don't know what else to do because you saved yourself, but I agree with Cecilia.

"Where is that goddess?"

For starters, it would be best to take a look at the real thing.

Maybe we'll find out who the god of guardianship is and who he is.

"It's near the woods where I live. If you suspect so much, I'll show you. Please come."

He jumped out of the house when he was supposed to be weak.

You don't like being so bad at God's protection?

As the three of us arrived after Teal, we saw a worn out company.

The door is half broken and the roof is about to collapse.

But no dust or debris.

Perhaps Teal is cleaning the temples.

"There are guardians in the company."

I guess there's a doll or something statuesque that mimics the goddess of guardianship.

On my behalf, try to open the door carefully so it doesn't break.



"That ~!?"

What was inside was a stone statue.

But I don't care what you think of this...

"Demon Statue...?"

I don't care what you think, it just seems that way.

Two horns growing on your head on a demonic face.

There are sharp claws and fangs on demonic torso, even wings.

Whatever you think, you don't look like the patron saint of the village.

The three of us are flattered, but Teal is the only one praying together for this demonic statue.

"This patron god protected me."

"No, this doesn't feel like a patron saint..."

"You can't see."

"Forgive me for making fun of the Patron God...... ho, ho"

I coughed up suddenly.

Even though I took Seek's pills, there's no way they'll heal overnight.

Cecilia escorted me, and I decided to ask her to leave first.

On my way home, I was staring at this one.

Perhaps you wanted to say that if you did anything, it wouldn't just go away.

I want you to rest assured that I am not willing to break anything.

When they are completely invisible, they investigate the statue.

"Look, Seek, I don't care what you think, you don't look like a goddess."

"Haha. It's natural ~.... don't think it's more right to say devil than god"

I knew you'd think so.

In the first place, there's something wrong with the legend that remains in the village.

You made this stone statue in gratitude for what protected the village.

I don't care what you think, it's the devil.

You think this demon saved the village? I don't think that's possible. "

I don't see why demons protect human villages.

Like me is a special example.

Was there anyone besides me who used to be reincarnated?

I don't know.

"Captain ~. I've seen him look like this stone statue."


Where did you see him when he said he was treated like a god?

"It's similar to the gargoyle of the trap monster at Demon King's Castle ~"

"... Speaking of which, yes"

I didn't go to much other than my own room at the Demon Castle, so I forgot.

Gargoyles are demons that turn into stone statues and attack enemies.

It lives in old ruins and such, and adventurers and bandits are often harmed.

But why is a stone statue like a gargoyle being treated like a god?

"... are you sure it's just a stone statue? Maybe this guy's not a gargoyle or anything."

Don't feel suspicious. Me and Seek will be in a combat position.

Seek sets up a dagger and I prepare for magic.

Stuffed tightly into the stone statue, the eye area accidentally glowed and popped out of the company.