Gargoyle, who revealed himself, is flying around in the air with wings on his back.

Apparently, they recognize us as enemies, attacking us from the air with Dark Gatling, an intermediate magic of darkness.

Countless bullets of dark magic pour down on us, but hide behind trees and dodge.

"I knew it was just gargoyle. What is the patron saint of the village? You're a monster."

If I keep rambling around here, the villagers will notice me.

That would be a lot of trouble if they noticed.

You'd better knock it down before it gets noisy.

Even though it's flying, there's no such thing as shooting it off with my magic.

Now, when I try to get into action thinking I'm going to take him down, I realize Seek's not close.

Where'd he go?

I know Seek's strength, so there's no way he's gonna get hit by one of those gargoyles.

I looked around with Kyolo Kyolo and found him looking for Seek.

I use the trees around me to utilize my light body to jump.

Seek has wings, but he can't fly.

I won't touch this because it's forbidden for Seek.

So Seek was jumping.

So, turn behind the gargoyle, without the dagger in your hand, and drop your heel.

Seek's blow is decided, not to mention the stone's body, and Gargoyle is slammed to the ground.

Seek to land magnificently on it.

"My win ~"

Shotacon makes an exceptionally adorable smile that would definitely erupt his nosebleed if he saw it.

I'm not a shota, so it doesn't matter.

"Captain ~. What are you going to do with this guy?"


I didn't do anything wrong.

I guess it was from this side that I got into combat first.

Why don't you just listen to me?

"Hey, can you talk? Answer my question."

He stares at this one resentfully as he is trampled by Seek.

"What. If you want to kill me, kill me."

He replies like he gave up in a rather sinister voice.


"Wait a minute!

Seek took it seriously, tried to hang Gargoyle's head and wave down his dagger, so he rushes to stop. I still have a lot of information to ask.

"What? Didn't you come here to kill me?"

"You attacked me first."

We're in a fight. We're sorry, too.

You admitted your nonsense, and I've apologized for looking down.

Apparently, you're a good guy to talk to.

"Seek, get off him. Maybe they won't attack again."

There seems to be some reason.

You won't be able to talk about it in this state.

Seek jumps right off the gargoyle.

Gargoyle is up and turning his shoulders.

"Hmm, excuse me earlier. Because I knew who I was, or because the Demon King's Castle was apparently having a suspicious conversation. It looks like you guys started preparing for battle, so we had to attack this one."

Apparently, if we hadn't done anything, we'd have grown up.

"That was this one's fault. … but why is Gargoyle being treated as the patron saint of the village?"

I heard it was a monster to protect the ruins and stuff.

"Looks like you guys could talk. Right, that was hundreds of years ago. My life was born to protect a site, and I was there to protect it. But the ruins were not good for humans without treasures at all."

I'm sure you won't go to a ruin without treasure.

Is Seek not very interested or yawning?

"My whole life didn't come at all with people to attack, so I had plenty of free time every day. When I realized, I started spending most of my day asleep.

"Same as the captain ~"

I suddenly laughed out at the habit that Seek seemed not to be interested in.

No matter how much I pulled, I wasn't as bad as I slept most of the day.

"…? I don't know what you're talking about, but I'll keep going. It's about one day I spent sleeping every day. I slept wondering if humans would ever come back that day. And when I woke up from sleep, my whole life was in a place of rattling and shaking."

"...? What happened?"

"Apparently, while I was asleep, my own life was taken from the ruins, and the place where I woke up was a bandit carriage"

"Ahahahahaha, with horse deer..."

Until just now, Seek, who had shown no interest in the story, is holding his belly down and rolling around the ground.

Sure, I'm talking like an idiot.

Because I will sleep in the ruins to be protected.

Well, I know what it's like to be free if you pull it off all the time...

"My senior immediately escaped from the carriage when he realized what was going on. I put moxibustion on the bandit who took me out."

Sounds like you weren't a big bandit.

"Then why didn't you return to the ruins?"

If I could have gotten out of the carriage, I would have just returned to the ruins I would have guarded.

"... because I never got out of the ruins in my life. I couldn't tell how long I slept, so I didn't know how to get back to the ruins"

"I'm so stupid ~... my stomach hurts..."

Set aside the sheak that is laughing too much and is pimply cramped on the ground.

"Didn't you make a little effort to go home?"

"Mm-hmm. I kind of found out it was a mountain road, but I don't have any other information. I was wandering around, but I could see the firehand. I went to that place."

"Was it this village?"

"That's right. The bandit who took me out was attacking the village. I didn't mean to help the humans, but I was wondering if they would work more steals on the habit of taking my life out. I punished him.

From there, you treat me like a goddess. I can't help it.

Wasn't there anyone in the old villagers who disagreed with treating the devil as a patron god?

"As it were, my senior, who cleared up his depression, decided to live in this company. Then the villagers took the liberty of treating me like a god."

This company also seems to have made a home where it was originally located.

Isn't it true there was something protective about you?

If you noticed, you would have treated me as a patron saint because I had a stone statue?

"So you weren't originally willing to protect this village"

If this guy's a good faith patron saint, he's supposed to be helping the villagers during the last bandit raid.

"I didn't kick out the bandits to protect the village. The villagers just made a mistake on their own."

This guy is still a normal demon.

He doesn't seem to be willing to help us with humans.

"... but there was a girl who came to clean the company every day because she believed she was a guardian and she was weak."

It must be about Teal.

Did you know your body was weak?

She said she came to clean every day.

I guess he was cleaning while coughing.

"When I found out that the bandits were coming, I put a girl in this company for the usual courtesy. Some bandits came, but they all kicked their asses."

You seem to have the power inside.

Gargoyle's rank was supposed to be about D, for sure, but I guess he put his strength into it.

I've used intermediate magic of darkness for once, and I think I'm capable.

"No way, you got your hands on Teal..."

Teal's probably about fourteen or fifteen.

A demon who has lived for hundreds of years has an innocent, morbid girl who seems to know nothing yet... a disgusting sight.

Gargoyle says I'm having some unsolicited delusion and I'm feeling bad.

"Let me ask you not to say anything unsolicited. My life hasn't done anything to her. I just let him sleep without showing Nightmare Sleep or any nightmares.... That concludes my story. Now I want you to tell me who you are."

Sure, it's not fair to just listen to them and not tell them who they are.

I talked to Seek, who recovered from laughing too much, and decided to explain our situation to Gargoyle.