Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to tell you what to do with the Patronus.

"Ha ha. Aren't you acting stranger than I am? I fell in love with my human daughter."

This is it when I explain our situation.

I'm Demonic, Seek is Pixie.

That's good, but they asked me a question about why I pretend to be human, and this happened when I answered.

"Captain, I have no choice ~. I laughed so much when I first heard it."

From a normal demon, I wonder if it's an unthinkable behavior, but is it that funny?

I like you now, you have no choice.

I think the approach is going well so far.

"... what the heck. You don't laugh that far. You're lost."

I regretted being laughed at, so I tried to fight back.

That seems to have worked better than I thought.


There was a crackling sound in the body of the stone.

Apparently, he took quite a bit of damage with his current words.

By the looks of it, are you vulnerable?

"Yay. Lost ~"

Seek chases with laughter.

No offense, I guess, but it would be pretty damaging from gargoyle.

"WOW... Lost is humiliation. But it's true, so I can't say it back..."

What a shame about Gargoyle.

Even though they are stronger than normal individuals.

When you think about it, it's easy for me to get to know a guy with a thick character.

The only thing in me that feels like a common sense man, Cecilia, shines.

"Leave the strays alone, you're not going to do anything wrong?"

"Whatever. I only live in this company. I'm not doing anything to the village, I'm not willing to help."

Does that mean it won't be a drug or poison?

But you're going to fly in when Teal gets pinched.

... what an animated hero.

Well, it'll be okay to miss it.

Will I talk to Cecilia once I get home?

"If you're not going to do harm to the villagers, you look fine. Seek, let's go home."


We said goodbye to Gargoyle and went back to Teal's house.

On my way home, Gargoyle stopped to tell anyone who I was.

Don't worry, I won't say anything but Cecilia.

It's going to be a lot of problems if I tell the villagers.

Back at Teal's house she was sleeping on the bed and Cecilia was sitting in a chair reading a book.

"Good luck. … is something wrong?"

Looks like you questioned our clothes being a little dirty.

Teal explained the situation by making sure she was completely asleep.

"Is the identity of the patron god Gargoyle?... hasn't bothered the villagers, and hasn't asked for a crusade. But if anything happens, then it might be too late..."

He seems worried about what to do in his position.

I don't think I can miss anything, but I guess Cecilia's not an easy decision to make.

Seek said he was uninterested.

"Looks like we've been adults for hundreds of years, and I think we're gonna be okay."

"Um, what shall we do? But there's also the fact that I helped you with Teal, and it doesn't sound bad."

"I'm bored."

This guy says he's talking about something important...

I told him to come and play with the children in the village and kicked him out of the house.

It's called a pain in the ass.

You may think it's terrible, but I don't care because I went to the village in Norinoli.

"Is it good?"

"I wouldn't give an opinion if there was anything else Seek, and he's a playful guy too, so it's good"

"So is that."

It's easy to convince.

Well, does that mean Seek is so childish?

"... so we're talking about what to do with the gargoyle, but now I think it's okay to put it on hold"

I don't know if I'm going to do anything right now. I think we should do something about the villagers' treatment or the bandits that might be raiding us.

Besides, I don't know what Teal would do if I did something to Gargoyle.

She's fanatical about the Patronus.

"Right. Now let's focus on treating the villagers. Thanks to Mr. Youki and Seek-kun, the treatment is going to be finished soon, and we need to do something about the bandit problem..."

Discuss directions on what to do now.

Eventually, tomorrow, I get the information on Gargoyle while I treat the villagers, and in fact, Cecilia is going to try and talk to Gargoyle.

By the end of the discussion it had been night.

"Is this the time already?

It's time to go to the village chief's house. "

It's not a bad idea to worry about your late return.

"Right. Shall we go?"

I left the house quietly so I wouldn't wake up my sleeping teal.

As the two of us walked through the dark woods relying on the light of the moon, I felt romantic for some reason

It's probably because I've never experienced the idea of walking alone on a night lane with a woman in my previous life.

Looking at Chirali and Cecilia, she seemed otherwise, walking normally.

"... what's wrong?"

"No, nothing."

It's very exciting on the inside, but I won't put it on the table.

Cecilia apparently doesn't think anything of it.

I guess I've been down these paths before at brave parties.

Cecilia tilts her neck when she sees me twitching.

Because of the good atmosphere, I got to the village chief's house without doing anything.

It would be too hectic. It's me...

At least, I wanted to connect my hands.

"Oh! Dear Cecilia and your friend, I was worried because it was late. Another friend of yours went home earlier and had dinner, then immediately took a rest in his room."

When I entered the house, I was greeted by a village chief with high tension.

I guess I'm glad the treatment of the villagers went well.

Seek's guy must be tired of playing.

Have you eaten and slept without waiting for me and Cecilia? Well, it's a child, and it doesn't matter.

"Sorry to bother you. I treated Mr. Teal, and I was talking to him, and he prolonged it.

"Was I? Teal was losing her parents early, and her grandmother, who she was raising, died three years ago. Teal would have enjoyed it. Thank you."

I'm going to bow to the dust. As for this one, I didn't have to worry because I found out about the amusing Patron God inside.

After that, we had a treat for dinner.

It's a menu called stew with vegetables and regular bread.

"Excuse me. I can only serve this kind of stuff..."

"No. Thank you for treating me, even though the bandit raid is low on food. I'll have it."

When I finished, I started eating the dishes they served me.

Seeing my sumptuous eating, the wife of the village chief who cooked the dishes is a little confused.

"This is what Mr. Yowki is like. I'll have it, too."

Cecilia started eating quietly as opposed to me.

Seeing us like that, your wife looked unhappy.

Dinner was over, and I was going to bed because it was getting late at night when I was talking to the village chief about my plans for tomorrow.

"Cecilia, please use the room next door for your friends."

As the village chief told me, I went upstairs to the room.

When I told Cecilia I was off to the room, Seek was already asleep on the bed on the asshole side.

Apparently, it's the same room.

I don't care because I always do.

I still have treatment for the villagers tomorrow, and I need to find out about the gargoyles. I was tired too, so I decided to go to bed right away.