"Kid, remember! I'll make sure to prove that I never like young girls."

Not if you're a loser, you're a loser gargoyle howler.

You even lost to Seek, but you can't win in battle with me.

I'm the one who definitely cut the tone of battle.

Cecilia has missed the end of the battle, getting up from the company where she was sitting and wearing dirt and dust attached to her robe.

I can see the look on your face.

"Looks like you're done....... Mr. Yowki, don't let the seeds of too much futile strife soak up. Honestly, I don't understand what this fight meant."

"My mouth slipped."

"But the only thing that helped her was simply returning the favor of cleaning, which doesn't apply to what Mr. Yowki calls a lollicon?"

If you say so much, you have no choice.

I don't like it when Cecilia makes me a bad guy, and it's bad for Gargoyle, but do you want me to be a lollicon?

"No, according to information from the villagers, there were no Red Fang bodies where Teal was attacked and there were black burn marks on the ground. This guy probably used Dark Blades, the advanced magic of darkness, to defeat Red Fang."

Dark Blaze is the advanced magic of darkness that creates a flame that burns the subject without a trace.

It's not the magic I use for Rank E red fangs. Obviously too overkill.

"This guy used the best magic he could use to help Teal. I guess I couldn't forgive the red fangs who attacked Teal, the toddler of my choice."

This is my reasoning. He seemed convinced to hear my words, and Cecilia's eyes changed looking at Gargoyle.

"Kid, don't bullshit me. Hey, human daughter, don't look at me like that. You were not in a neutral position!?

Whatever Gargoyle says, Cecilia's eyes remain the same.

Operation Gargoyle Loricone is a success.

... Successful, but what's in it for me?

"Gu..., if we're done talking, I'm going to bed now.... I've told you many times but don't tell me who I am. Especially for that girl!

He joined the company and returned to the stone statue. This guy got away.

Beat the body of the stone statue to pieces, but no response.

"Well, now you know there's no harm in this guy, Cecilia"

"... right. For once."

It might have made me think it was dangerous in a different way.

When we get home, let's leave a misunderstanding behind.

... that? The possibility that it could really be Loricon...... I don't care.

"Mr. Yowki didn't do it with Loricon, did he?"

It's okay. My taste is Cecilia.

I couldn't do anything yesterday, so I tried to be brave.

"Become!? Don't say that all of a sudden......"

I've been talking normally before, and suddenly I was turned away. Something seems successful. I'm glad they didn't say it was creepy or something.

I suddenly felt like killing myself when I was interacting like this.

The source of the killings came from the company. The face of the statue of the devil, the patron saint, is quite frightening.

Probably a warning not to flirt in front of my senior year.

I don't have a choice, I'll disperse you.

"So do you want to go to Teal's to pick up Seek?

I'll just give you the pills, so it'll be over by now.

Instead, you might be tired of waiting for us to hang out with the kids in the village.

I pulled Cecilia, still lit, towards Teal's house.

"... is the charm of the patron god. Seek, are you listening?"

"Oh, yeah. I'm listening ~"

When I walked into the house, there was a squeak that was properly fed up with Teal, who smiled and spoke hot about Gargoyle's talk.

Sitting amicably on the bed.

"Captain ~"

"Wait, Seek, we still have a lot to talk about the Goddess of Guardianship"

"Help ~"

Teal holds up disappointingly the seek he tried to rush over here.

Seek is half crying. Perhaps you've been listening to me talk about gargoyles for a long time.

It would have been hell for Seek, who likes to move outside.

"To Mr. Yowki, Mr. Cecilia, it was just fine. Tell both of you a wonderful story about the Guardian God..."

I don't feel like I know what time it will be to go home when asked.

"No, I'm sorry. I'm busy today so I'll let you go home. Let's go, Cecilia. Oh, Seek, come back before dinner."

It's bad for Seek, but let's make a sacrifice.

It's hard to rescue in this place.

He said he was bored or something and he'll have just the right amount of free time...... that's a discretionary statement.

"Really, I'm sorry. So, Seek-kun, this is a continuation of what you just said..."

"Captain ~"

Ignored the seek for help and shut the door once. I took Cecilia's hand and went back to the village chief's house.

For some reason, I was able to hold hands naturally at this time.

"... I just feel sorry for Seek-kun"

"I let Seek play a lot yesterday. This is punishment."

"Teal, it's punishment to talk to you properly..."

"As far as that reaction goes, it won't be an extra interesting story."


Cecilia stopped saying anything.

That Teal's fanaticism is amazing.

Seek, can we go home before dinner? I'm worried.

As I worried, Seek couldn't make it home by dinner.

Apparently, he got into the conversation yesterday because he overslept and didn't want to sleep inside.

Seek came home, ate the dinner he had left behind, and soon fell asleep.

I kind of did something bad to Gargoyle and Seek today.

Let's reflect.

Then a few days went by, treating the villagers, while going to Gargoyle for a little bit.

And one day, days away from returning to Minerva, a bandit raided the village.