The bandit raid was sudden.

The injuries to the villagers healed a lot and the bandits didn't show up, so I was thinking we were going back to Minerva in a few days.

"Did Seek go to bed yet..."

Schedules like treating villagers in the morning and continuing to listen to Teal in the afternoon about her village patron saint.

That's how tired you are.

I'm on a schedule to treat older people in the village and go get a little bit of gargoyle.

... You look angry when I tell Seek.

And later on, I did a gargoyle loliconization operation.

Seems like Cecilia questioned whether Gargoyle was really Loricon, and she asked me.

I still couldn't seem to deceive the commonsense man Cecilia, and admitted it was my joke.

He preached scattered and was pulled by a company with cheats and gargoyles to apologize.

I still vividly remember Gargoyle's winning face.

I'm planning on grabbing some decent evidence in a few days.

Let's go to bed early for that.

I woke up when I was asleep when I heard Don and the knock on the door.

I was sleepy, so I opened the door with my eyes rubbed unclear.

There, you came running, there was a village chief roughing up his breath.

"Ha, help me. A bandit has launched a night raid. Young people in the village are responding, but many are sick...... please"

"Okay. Did Cecilia wake you up yet?"

"It's just my wife waking me up right now"

"Then Mr. Mayor, please stand in this house. I'm on my way to get rid of the bandits."

The village chief nodded at my words and left the room.

Well, we have to start getting ready.

"Seek, get up"

"Captain, I'm still sleepy."

I'm getting out of bed and rubbing my eyes.

I know you're tired, but it's an emergency right now.

"It's a bandit night raid. Go ahead and cover the villagers."

"Uh-oh, okay."

Seek jumped out the window with his own weapon, the dagger, in one hand.

I fight only by magic, so I don't get ready.

When I left the room, I just bowled with Cecilia.

Put on your robe, hold your cane, and it looks like you're all set for battle.

"Mr. Yowki! Let's hurry.

"I know."

I rushed out of the village chief's house. In front of me there was a widening sight of villagers fighting bandits.

Only the moonlight can hear the blade bump into each other many times at midnight when it depends.

Sudden night raids, and the villagers were mostly sick, and the bandits seemed to prevail.

But the situation seems to have been turned upside down by a boy running endlessly around the battlefield.

"I'm coming."

A quick, tricky move that runs around and scratches the bandits with a dagger.

The pain that arose at that time caused the villagers to attack the bandits showing the gaps.

"This kid. Ahhh!

Of course there are bandits who challenge Seek himself to battle.

A giant bandit, who would have two meters, tries to rip a giant axe in his face.

"Horse - Deer"

Seek jumped back and slammed his best heel into the bandit's brain.

Seek landing magnificently on a bandit falling on his back. He runs around the battlefield again, wounding the bandits.

"Seek, you're strong. More than expected......"

"He's good at using his skill in lightness to stir up enemies. Strong is natural. I didn't do my ex-boyfriend to Dada. Well, we have to fight too."

It's not good that I'm leaving it all to Seek, and I guess I'll get busted.

I asked Cecilia for backup support and I ran out towards the bandits.

"Thunder's intermediate magic, Instant Thunder. Intermediate Magic of the Wind" Stormbrow "

I can't bust it with a large amount of magic because I'm disturbed by enemy allies.

So I decided to use the magic of the physical enhancement system to defeat it with melee attacks.

Stormbrow is a magic used in the Battle of the Rock Dragon.

"Instant Thunder" is a magic that flows lightning system magic on your feet and increases the speed of movement.

Like Seek, he beats the bandits to pieces with quick moves.

Because of the high number of bandits, there will be more injuries to the villagers without shelter, but Cecilia will recover.

I had a surprisingly bad feeling where there were fewer bandits left to fight.

Teal's house is the source of a bad feeling.

In the middle of the battle, the smoke is rising when you look at the woods.

You were attacked by a bandit?

"Seek, there's smoke coming up from the direction of Teal's house. I can take care of this place with me and the villagers, so you go to Teal's."

"Got it."

Seek ran towards the woods.

Now Teal will be fine.

Compared from the beginning, the number of bandits is down to less than half, so just me and the villagers are enough.

Thirty minutes later, the bandits who attacked the village were almost powerless.

Luckily, they didn't show up dead.

There are villagers who are not very happy that threats from bandits have left and are embracing each other.

"... I wonder what. There's chest noise."

But I wasn't in the mood for a festival.

Look around, but there's no Seek.

"Cecilia! Seek hasn't come home from Teal's yet!?

You don't know how much you listen to anything.

No way, Seek may be struggling......

"Seek-kun...? Sounds like you're still here. But only Seek-kun can get hit by bandits."

"I know. But I have a bad feeling about it."

I ran out to Teal's house.

Cecilia is also following me behind.

While I'm in a hurry, it's my fault, I think Seek won't lose, while I run through the woods.

But running through the woods, what I saw.

"... what is this?"

The fallen bandits, gargoyles who are losing one arm, one wing, near Teal, who is crying.

And there was a look at Seek fighting the mysterious man, even though he was worn out.