"What? Villagers... it's not, is it? I have celebrities, and the people next to me look like villagers."

He's analyzing us, even though he keeps hanging out with Seek.

"I mean, come on - this... kid!

Play Seek's dagger and roll out an intense kick in the belly.

The direct hit Seek was flown in our direction and hit by a tree.

Slip straight off the tree, but get up quickly.

Seek, who should always be laughing when he sees the look on his face, is not laughing.

Wounds aren't the cause, they seem pretty clean.

My mouth is closed and my eyes are full of anger, staring at the man.

I stopped grabbing my shoulder because I tried to turn to the man.

I need you to give me an explanation of the situation, and now, Seek, because then, you're just going to get hit even if you're on your way. Cecilia began healing magic on the scratchy Seek.

"Captain... I'm not laughing at all..."

As it was, I grabbed my dagger and tried to head toward the man, so I suppressed it to the ground and stopped it.

"Calm down! Explain what happened"

"He... accidentally struck a gargoyle from behind that was protecting Teal from the bandits... when I asked him why, he said it was because he was a demon"

"What's wrong with killing demons? I thought I'd knock him out, but you're hanging up all of a sudden. If you're a guardian, you're a kid."

You can't kill them for no reason because they're demons.

Seek began to cry by pressing his voice to kill him if he regretted being ridiculed.

"If you want to cry, don't bite me from the beginning. Well, at that age, he was bad for me."

I started making fun of Seek even more.

About the gargoyle. About Seek.

And I can't forgive this guy for unilaterally killing demons.

He approached him with a leg fortified with "Instant Thunder" and struck him with an arm fortified with "Stormbrow". But it's prevented by the sword he's got.

Then the "Storm Brow" that was on my arm fell off.

I feel dangerous, so I go back to Cecilia and Seek once.

"Damn, what the hell is that sword he's got!?"

My magic was wiped out probably because of that sword.

It looks like a normal single-handed sword with no major features except the blade is jade coloured, but I can't think calmly because of my anger.

"Mr. Yowki, pull it off. It's not compatible with Mr. Yowki."

Still my anger while Cecilia heals Seek.

Besides, he seems to be saying I can't win, and most importantly, a mouthful that knows about him.

"Does Cecilia know him?"

"He is the brave man of the Gallis Empire. His name is Miller, and his sword is a sword called the artificial demon sword Magic Eater. That sword has the effect of absorbing magic, so in Mr. Youki, the magic subject..."

"Wait, wait, the valiant of the Gallis Empire? Was there another brave man besides you?"

I thought you were the only one called the brave one. [M]

And don't worry about artificial demon swords.

"Master Yuga is a brave man elected from the Kingdom of Clariness, and brave men have also been elected from other countries. We were the only ones who made it to Demon King Castle..."

I hadn't known because I had been pulling into the Demon King's Castle for a long time.

Even in the middle boss room, it was about Cecilia and the others who came from the outside.

The Dukes don't have any information, and the Demons were out of the question.

"Well, what is an artificial demon sword?"

"It is a sword with various potencies developed by the Gallis Empire. There are other rumors of spears, hammers and other weapons..."

"Brave man, what was that you used?"

"That's a real holy sword. The Gallis Empire is made of holy swords and demon swords."

I can't believe you're developing such a noisy thing. Aren't you willing to war?

Looks like Seek won just the sword moves, and when the magic was absorbed?

You're a nasty guy.

"If you're so strong, why are you the Demon King?"

"How long have you been talking to me? If you don't mind, I'll leave you alone. Shut the fuck up."

Miller, the Gallis Empire brave man who blocks my words and walks toward Gargoyle.

You'll be willing to put a stop to Gargoyle, so I'll stop you in advance.

"Wait! That gargoyle just protected Teal, attacking people..."

"What are you talking about, you? All I have to do is kill him. It's mostly good for demons, it doesn't matter what's wrong."

... What are you talking about?

I mentioned something like a crazy killer.

"... Mr. Yowki, he didn't want to crusade the Demon King."

"Ha!? Then why did you become a brave man? You said you had no choice because you were chosen as a country."

"No. He took on the brave selection with pleasure. The reason..."

"I can tell you how to kill a demon. Isn't it troublesome to get a request from a guild? That's why I became a brave man."

He laughs with great pleasure and kicks Teal in the ass. And I tore apart the remaining wings of the gargoyle.

"Guardian God -!!

"Oops, if I disturb you... you know what happens"

I put my sword to Teal running over to Gargoyle, who lost both wings, and threatened him.

"Wait. What will happen if you, the valiant of the Gallis Empire, reach out to the people of the Kingdom of Clariness..."

"I don't know, no. If you want to go to war, you do it on your own, and I'm irrelevant. Or what? Now the lady from the Aqua Rain family will deal with you?"

Niyali and laughter. I put my sword out on Cecilia.

This is the guy who's been doing a lot of unforgivable things so far, but you did something you shouldn't have done in front of me.

In me, a certain switch came on.

In an attempt to respond, he grabs Cecilia's shoulder, who was about to cast his magic with a cane, and silently lowers it back.

"Mr. Yowki? No way......!?

I noticed my anomaly. Cecilia got upset, but I lowered my wand to see if I understood anything.

I guess you understood that I couldn't stop what happened.

"What? You're the guy. The Aqua Rain lady seems to have more fun than you."

He's going to grasp my power just from the earlier offense.

I hope you don't lose your cheats.

There's no way that's my strength.

But I'd also like it to be approximated that a young man with excellent sword moves and just a sword that absorbs magic is on track.

Just some indiscriminate demon killer.

"Cook, I'll show you hell...... Get ready!!

That I cried Seek and Teal or that I wore out Gargoyle.

And I'll make you regret pointing your sword at my favorite daughter, Cecilia...