"What are you gonna do with me?" Try it, villager. "

You're still making fun of me, but now is the time to be able to do that.

"Huh, let's go! Fireball, Thunderbolt, Aqua Vulcan, Windblade, Rock Needle.

Unleashes elementary magic of fire, thunder, water, wind and earth.

"You're such a jerk to the majesty. There's no way this is gonna work."

Absorb all my magic with a sword at your leisure.

Still, there's no way this is going to end.

That's like saying hello.

"Sparkstorm, Aquastream, Gail Shoot."

Synthesize and unleash intermediate magic of thunder, wind, water,.

Let the torrents of water wrap thunder around you and gain momentum with the magic of the wind. I head for the mirror as I scrape the ground.

"So it's useless."

Once again it is truncated and absorbed with a sword.

I'm looking at Niyaniya and me.

Probably thinks you're stupid about me.

"You're so boring, you just got hit.

He ran over here and hung up on me.

I use Instant Thunder to avoid Miller's sword strike.

You seem to have some good swordsmanship, but it's none of my business.

"... you. Come on, it sounds like you're good at avoiding it, but why don't you cut your weapon? You know magic doesn't work on me. If you fight with a weapon, you could beat me."

"Cook, I hate you, but I don't use weapons. I've stood right in front of him, and he's going to be buried by magic."

The real reason was because I was reincarnated into a fantasy world, so I thought I'd be cool if I magically defeated my enemies.

Besides, I didn't even feel like swinging my weapon because of how much cheat I had.

Well, when I was a Demon, I had a weapon called a proper sharp claw. I'm not going to use it now.

"Aren't you too stupid? You can't beat me for the rest of my life." Blade Wave. "

You've felt frustrated with me for avoiding it, and you've used a technique that emits shockwaves extensively with your sword.

I dared to take it because I could afford to avoid it but the shock waves were going to reach the Cecilians around me.

"Mr. Yowki!

I hear worried voices from Cecilia.

Shit, I hope your favorite daughter worries you, you're on fire.

That's what makes it prolonged any longer, and let's end the play.

Magically mist the shockwave you were receiving and distance it once.

"If you can absorb it, do it!" Bernwaltz, "" Sea Paradise, "" Hyperstorm, "" Thunderbolt, "" Hevnjachment, "" Falling Meteo. "

Unleashes the finest magic of fire, water, wind, thunder, light and earthly attributes. I guess I'm the only wizard who can do this.

That Miller also seems somewhat surprised, but he managed to cleave and absorb it with his sword.

"Not yet!" Bernwaltz, "Sea Paradise," "Hyperstorm," "Thunderbolt," "Hevnjachment," "Falling Meteo."

Again unleashes the finest magic of fire, water, wind, thunder, light and earth.

The intrusion is a man-made demon sword, and if absorbed, there must be limits. Miller hasn't been able to hide his hasty expression either, and that's settled.

After repeating this task four times, a crack entered and exited the jade blade.

In the fifth finest magical mess, the cracks spread and the blade only left a splash pattern.

"Damn! How much magic is there!?

I'm upset that my proud sword was broken by me.

But I'm not nice enough to wait for my enemies to recover.

"It's full of gaps!

I couldn't possibly give him time to be a werewolf, and I gave him a full right straight in the face.

As a result, it blows back and rolls unnecessarily down the ground.

There's no way my belly worm would fit like this, and I punched in Falling Meteo and Bernwaltz.

A worn out mirror was falling in when the smoke cleared.

"You made a mistake pissing me off!

At the end of the day, of course, it is a decision pose.

Looking back, Cecilia was holding her head down like, oh man,

Teal's tight on the gargoyle, and he's not looking at us.

Gargoyle is a bug breath.

... I won once.

In the meantime, I'm worried about Seek's condition, so I'm heading to Cecilia.

"Good day, Mr. Yowki. … do you need that last one?"

That probably means a decision pose.

"If I go into Kitchen Two mode and fight, I'm gonna make sure I do that at the end."

I didn't do it because I was saving at Demon King's Castle.

Besides, you're gonna want to do it when it's switched on, that one.

"How's Seek doing?"

"It's almost all minor injuries and hasn't led to serious injuries, so you'll recover in a couple of days.

"Right, good. Next, we need to treat Gargoyle."

When I felt the signs from behind and turned around, a mirror that was supposed to have fallen was toward the gargoyle, throwing a spear.

He tried to strike down the spear with the Holly Laser, but the moment he hit the spear, the magic was played.

"Damn, now it's an artificial demon spear"

I just have to grab it directly and stop it.

Activate Instant Thunder and head to Gargoyle.

Can you make it?

I saw an incredible sight as I ran.

Teal got stuck in front of Gargoyle.

"Daughter, leave me alone."

"I can't. The Goddess of Guardianship has saved me many times. Now I will protect God."

Come on, Gargoyle guy. You love him too much.

... Not if you're thinking about it!

As it is, Teal stabs you with a spear.

You have to make it!

Reach for the spear approaching Teal.


As I grabbed the spear, a spear pierced Teal's abdomen.

I didn't make it......

"Cecilia! Come quickly!

When I pulled out the spear I grabbed, blood flooded out of my abdomen.

I almost fell to the ground as it was, so I support my body.

Quickly recover and magically stop the bleeding, but sometimes your body is weak and it is quite dangerous.

"Behind you, Mr. Yowki!

Cecilia is screaming as she rushes over here.

Looking back, Miller was firing a second shot.

"You're kidding me!

The second shot was also aimed at the gargoyle, so now it was time to grab it and disable it completely.

There doesn't seem to be a third shot because I've been noticed.

"Ha... Now I'm interrupted by a different kid? Villagers have noticed, and I don't think I can do it anymore."

I should have worn it out. The wound is healing for some reason.

Cecilia's here, so I'll take care of Teal's recovery and I'll head over to Miller. It's not as pretty as it was earlier.

Very calm for some reason.

Approaching the mirror with no expression.

"Actually - I'm really here to find out about the brave trends in the Kingdom of Clariness, aren't I? This village just happened to pass by."

I also want you to roughly be kidding me.

Does this guy happen to mean Gargoyle and Teal have this in their eyes?

If that's the case, I can't forgive you.

"I didn't expect you to break Magic Eater. Plus, I can't believe you're so wounded. Well, it's good because I was able to recover thanks to The Savings Wand, but this is disposable, isn't it? But it was fun, okay? I don't care about brave men's information. You've got more information."

"You think you can get away with this?"

This guy needs to bump him out. I'm sorry.

There's no way I'm letting you get away with this.

"Villager, you're an idiot after all. Think of a way to escape."

I set aside one arrow with the bow I had hidden on my back.

The arrows released at the start of the mountain keep splitting apart, becoming the rain of arrows, about to strike Cecilia and the others.

"If I don't protect you, we'll all be hit by the rain of arrows."


I hurried back to Cecilia and the others and blew my arrows with the wind's advanced magic Hurricane.

A strong flash struck me when I saw where Miller was.

Again, you've been using artificial demon weapons.

There's nobody there when I open my eyes.

They got away.

Though the bandit was exorcised, Seek suffered minor injuries, Gargoyle suffered severe injuries losing both wings and one arm.

And Teal is sometimes weak and in a pretty dangerous condition.

Don't think you can keep doing this...

He hasn't gone far yet.

If we go after him, we can find him.

I just don't feel like knocking you down.

I made up my mind.