"Cecilia, this whole situation is my fault"

I was completely alarmed that I had defeated Miller.

It was only a little thought that he still had the artificial demon weapon.

"Mr. Youki is not the only one who is bad. I couldn't do anything."

He answers with regret, applying restorative magic to Teal.

I was just stupid.

I guess I was at peace because of the fun I had lately. He has some good physical abilities and infinite magic.

That's my cheat.

How could I have thought that my favorite daughter could protect me and everything would work out?

This world isn't sweeter than I think...

Can it still be recovered? No, I have to.

That's why I decided earlier.

"Cecilia, the villagers aren't coming this way, are they?"

"……? Probably not coming"

"Teal's passed out in pain, and Gargoyle's fine. People around...?"

Look around and see if there are any people.

There's no sign of it, and it'll be fine.

"Mr. Yowki, what are you going to do"

"You've made up your mind. Follow Miller and bust him. And because he tastes too much demons, he plants trauma. Don't worry, I won't kill you."

I would kill about 90% of the time.

I was deliberately stopping regeneration, regenerating the horns and wings of my forehead, uplifting my muscles with muscle strength by magic.

My jacket has become vile but convenient.

My face can't just change, so I wrap my scarf around it and hide my mouth.

When was the last time I was done wearing the wig Cecilia gave me?

Glad I had it as a disguise just in case.

It won't compare to me earlier.

He looks like a monster over two meters tall.

... I hide it because my face doesn't change much.

You can't just leave Miller alone.

"Yo, Mr. Yowki......!?

Cecilia seems surprised to see me.

Maybe they'll pull it off when I get back.

"Then I'm coming. I asked for Teal."

I told him in a lower voice than usual and headed to the woods to find a winged mirror with my back wing.

Without the usual cook two, just think calmly and carefully look through the dark woods.

More than enough to look for footprints, signs, etc.

We spotted a mirror from the air, descended sharply and appeared in front of him.

"Eh! Why are there demons here?!?

Apparently you don't realize it's me.

Other than my pants, I made it look completely different.

Those pants are also in tight pants.

You recognized me as your enemy. I'm going to point my sword at you.

Also, I guess an artificial demon weapon or something.

"Now me. Come on, I just had so much fun. So, come on, I want to go home. So come on, don't just die."

He cuts at me, but he flies around behind me using his back wing, grabs his head and slaps it to the ground.


Don't make weird noises.

Wing back and distance.

You could have kept it down and stuck it irresistible, but then you can't. Miller gets up and stares at me.

"Damn, what the hell is that?!?"

"Thou hast taken away one arm and both wings of my men, Gargoyle. Gargoyle is my faithful servant. Numerous foolishness against my servant, worthy of death"

Make up what you think now and use it as a pretext to attack Miller.

He tongued lightly and threw the baton into the universe.

Flashing flashes from the baton, illuminating the area.

Was that baton to blame for the flash earlier?

Well, I'm not stupid enough to take the same hand.

"Dark Magic" Bright Eat "

The magic I cast is just magic that eats light.

It's magic that a demon who hates light remembers to make a home, but there are uses for it.

The flash disappeared in an instant, revealing Miller's dumbfounded appearance as he turned his back and was about to escape.

I immediately flew and slit my back to X with stretched and reinforced nails, more than stuffed.

"Huh!? Why is Flash Button flashing..."

He tries to fall straight into the ground, but he seems to have managed to stomp without falling.

Well, I won't forgive you for falling.

"It's troublesome, but we have to fight."

I'm gnawing at you for some reason. You tried to escape, but you think you can win?

If so, you're a congratulatory guy.

This time it's full power in the form of a demon clan.

Well, I don't even seem to notice, so it doesn't matter.

"Fuck you."

I'm coming this way with my sword.

Again, fool. Honestly coming straight at you, learn. Fly around behind you, grab the arm with the sword and break relentlessly.


Kill your voice without screaming, throw away your sword and distance yourself from me.

It's splendid you didn't scream.

"Damn... why is such a strong Demon Clan surviving when the Demon King has been defeated?"

I broke him. I grabbed his arm, and I'm staring at this one.

If you're energetic enough to stare, you're still okay.

I'm not willing to let him rest, so as I approached him and kicked him in the abdomen, he flew off like a soccer ball, hitting a tree and stopping.

"Not yet, I'm not at ease. Be prepared, thou, but be good."

He's acting like it's me, but if he looks like this, he's out there.

Hopefully, I don't look like this anymore.

It's time to get back to Cecilia and get this over with.

I'm not a human yoke right now, I'm a demonic yoke.

You wouldn't mind being rude.

Killing 90% is a certainty.

He came towards me with a dagger with his unbroken arm.

Faster than earlier.

Also an artificial demon weapon?

Now they have the effect of increasing speed.

Hit him on the ground with your thoughts, make an earthquake and stop him from moving.

In the meantime he flew with his wings and used the momentum to put his fist in Miller's abdomen.

Something broke my bone.

He's throwing up blood, so it looks like he's had some guts.

I broke both legs of the fallen mirror, fished his belongings and found the artificial demon weapon, and I smashed them all.

Then he grabbed Miller's collar and flew into the air with wings on his back.

Keep going, head to a certain destination.

"Ha-ha-ha... Where are you taking me?

I know you want to resist, but I guess you can't.

He's got broken bones around one arm, both legs, and Avala, and he's also damaged his gut.

Besides, I broke all the artificial demon weapons he had.

There won't be any fighting skills either.


I reached my destination, the river.

Before, Cecilia told me that I should learn geography, and I had studied a little. This river is connected to the vicinity of the Garris Empire.

"Hey, no way you..."

I took my hand off the collar of the guy I was grabbing.

With any luck, you'll be able to return to the country.

I won't kill you, because I promised Cecilia.

I went back to the woods and landed when I saw Miller fall into the river.


Return the muscles that were raised by magic.

My upper body gets naked and my pants look like billies, but I can't help it.

... What will the villagers say when they get back that they don't know what's going on?

I don't know if they'll say perverts or anything, I'm worried.

"... Whoa, I almost forgot"

I broke the corner on my forehead and I had wings.

The act of severe pain running, but endurance.

The last wig I wore stuck to my billowed trouser pocket and went back to the human yoke.

Let's go back to Cecilia.

Having completed the hammer to Miller, I ran out to Cecilia.