I dumped Miller in the river for a few days.

When I returned to Cecilia after that, she asked me to explain what she looked like.

It pissed me off when I ended it with an explanation that it was because I was demonic.

To teach Miller the fear of demons, he asked me not to look like that anymore, if I could say I looked like that.

Apparently, he wants me to live like a human being.

I just had no choice but to look like that then, and I'm not going back to the Demon Clan either.

I live now as a human yoke.

... That's vain.

Was Seek shocked that he fought and lost, and he hasn't been well since that day?

Me and Cecilia encouraged it, but it didn't work very well.

When I get home, I can only count on Duke and Happiness. If those two can't do it, I'll have to ask Mr. Celia.

He seems pretty cute about Seek, and he'll do something about it.

Teal managed to save her life with Cecilia and my recovery magic.

It got pretty dangerous, but maybe Gargoyle's been holding hands for a long time worked.

Gargoyle has lost both wings and one arm.

Recovery magic does not cure.

He didn't seem to care that much about him, but he'd be a lot of inconvenience.

The captured bandits appear to have been contacted by Cecilia to the Knights, led by Captain Raven, and are expected to come and take them.

There have been many encounters and events, but today we leave the village of Daghaz.

Now I'm packing at the village chief's house.

I feel a little lonely leaving when I think I've been living in this house for about a week.

"Seek, have you finished packing properly?"

My clothes, medication formulation tools, etc. were returned with only a reply of stiffness and neck movements while loading them in the backpack in slow motion.

Both Cecilia and I are giving up if we still can't help but shock.

Seek isn't experiencing hitting these walls because he's just a kid.

"If you're done organizing, you can play outside. You got along better. It's gonna be the last time, and go."

"... yeah"

I had a packed backpack on my back and jumped out the window.

... Why don't you walk out the front door?

"... I hope you're feeling a little better"

I packed my bags and cleaned the room I had been allowed to use, praying that the children of the village would cheer up the Seek at all.

When the cleaning came to a paragraph, I could hear knocking on the door.

"Mr. Yowki, is it all right if I come in now?"

Seems like Cecilia.

Cecilia came in when she replied that I was good.

"Looks like you're done packing. And cleaning the room... where is Seek?"

"At the end of the day, when I told him to come out and play with the children of the village, he came out the window."

"... Really? There's still time to go, isn't it good?"

Cecilia also knows Seek is in shock, so she seems to have taken a big look at me.

"So, what can I do for you?"

"Yes, as I said earlier, I have time to leave, so why don't you and Teal go to Mr. Gargoyle?"

Surely you two should go finish your farewell greetings.

My guard and my heart led Teal to stray from life and death.

Gargoyle has also lost both wings, one arm, but he was a fun guy inside and he's the one I want to see.

"Right. Seek has no choice. Let's go."

Cecilia and I headed to Teal's house.

I can't walk anymore. I walk in the woods, and when I get to Teal's house, it's kind of noisy in the house.

"Mr. Yowki, there's someone at Teal's house!

"Survival of bandits!?"

Cecilia has a cane, and I can use magic at any time and I'm ready to fight.

When I open the door of the house.

"The patron god! I can't believe the Patronus is coming to me! I'm sorry in a dirty room full of books like this. Please wait while we clean immediately!

"Yeah, just sleep tight, daughter. I guess I'm still not feeling well! Doesn't this make sense that my whole life has come to see me?

"I can't believe I'm sleeping with an adult. Clean up the book, clean the room, serve tea, uh, uh..."

"Go to sleep because you don't have to do anything -!!

There was a teal rampaging in a sleeping roll and a gargoyle holding that teal to bed.

Cecilia is flattered, but I seem to have gotten used to this kind of situation.

Maybe Teal, who was injured protecting herself, got worried and Gargoyle came to see how it went.

I tried to see him from there, but he said Teal was panicking because the patron god I admired came.

"Hey, there kid. Don't watch. Help me! It's not good for my daughter to keep busting like this."

"Guardian God, Guardian God. I know it's a thick wish, but why don't you call me Teal"

"Noooo, okay. So... Teal, my body's not in the right shape yet, so I'm in bed..."

"Yikes! The goddess of guardianship said teal. You just called me by my name, didn't you? Oh, maybe you can die already..."

When I thought I dyed my cheeks red with a lucid look and looked away somewhere, I put my hand on my cheek and descended my head to the left and right.

What kind of delusion did you have?

No, I might say it's been played over and over in my head that Gargoyle called me by name.

"You must not die. Calm down!

I watched as Gargoyle desperately laid Teal to sleep until Cecilia returned to her sanity.

"... I'm sorry I was quite disturbed earlier. You came all the way home because of me..."

He succeeded in helping Gargoyle where Cecilia returned to sanity and managed to calm Teal down.

Also, I have Gargoyle waiting outside the house because I have trouble getting busted.

"No, it's fine. Hey, Mr. Yowki."

"Oh, yeah, sort of."

Actually, neither me nor Cecilia put much on their expressions, but it's a bitter laugh.

I didn't expect you to fly so hard......

How much do you like gargoyles?

I'm worried you're going to be Yandere.

"But it was just fine. Because I was going to go see you two from me."

"What can I do for you?"

"Actually. I want you to take me and God with you to Minerva."

He's been bowing his head to us deeply.

Then, at the same time, the sound of the door opening vigorously sounded all over the room. You must have been listening to me from the outside. Gargoyle came in.

"Teal, do what you want..."

"Please, Master Cecilia, Master Youki. The Patron God sheltered me and lost both wings and one arm. Normal restorative magic does not cure the body of the patron god. But Minerva might find a way to cure the body of the Protector God."

Please, I'm going to bow my head again.

Sure, although Minerva, which has a lot of people and gathers information, would be easier to find a cure than being in a mountain village.

"What do we do? Cecilia."

"Honestly, you can't. Teal is sick, and Mr. Gargoyle can't help it...... It would be tough in case he disappeared from the company."

Can't you still do it? But I don't want to waste Teal's resolve.

I'll take my skin off.

"Cecilia, I have a good idea..."

"... I'm very anxious to hear it for once. Talk to me."


He seemed reluctant at first to tell me about my operation, but he was hired by my strong reasoning.

"We got clearance from Cecilia. Good for you."

"Wait, kid! I haven't decided to go yet..."

"Yay. Good for you. Guardian God!

Teal hugged her before Gargoyle objected.

That made Gargoyle seem incapable of saying anything. Damn...... even I want Cecilia to hold me.

I scratched out that worry and told the two of you what I thought of the operation.

I received the acknowledgement of both of them and executed and completed the work.

And the time has come to say goodbye to the villagers.

"On behalf of the people of the village, I thank you. Thank you for saving the village crisis."

The village chief comes down with his head.

It's not a bad thing to be appreciated like this.

"And please say hello to Teal"

Teal decided to let Minerva's treatment center treat her to cure the weak parts of her body.

Half true and half lying.

The sanatorium is true, but Cecilia is supposed to advise Mr. Celia so that she can live and work in the Aqualein family mansion.

While working, I plan to heal with Seek's medicine.

Gargoyle said...

"…? Lord Youki, what is that stone statue?"

Of course it's Gargoyle I'm trying to load in the carriage.

But now he's coated his body with my earthly magic to look like the Big Buddha.

"Oh, excuse me. There was a good rock near this village, so I decided to take it home because I had done quite a bit of work once I made my hobby stone statue."

"Oh, really? You have a very unusual taste..."

I think my hobby is making stone statues too.

Well, I can't say it strongly because I'm rude to people who really like to make stone statues.

By the way, I left the demon statue I made at the company.

Teal said that there are no villagers coming to the company, so it would be impossible.

Finished loading the gargoyles, all aboard the carriage.

"All right, everybody. I'll see you around."

When the villagers said goodbye, the carriage set off for Minerva.

By the way, Teal was hired as a maid of honor upon her arrival in Minerva, but she refused to put down my work, the Great Buddha [Gargoyle].

As a result, Gargoyle was to live in the room I was renting.