"Captain, where was the guy who cried Seek? Tell me. I'm sorry if I didn't make you bleed."

"... Blood Festival"

The day after I came back to Minerva.

I was tired of helping with my work in Dagaz Village, so when I slept in the Inn bed, suddenly Duke and Happiness kicked in the door and asked.

I jumped up with that sound, and I tried to ask you something, and this is it.

Information turns around too soon. Who told you that?

"Yeah, relax, you guys!... I mean, who told you that information?"

"I was purchasing information that Seek had gone to work, so I was planning on having a good night's party with Happiness. So I heard Seek had returned yesterday, and when I called him, his expression was dark, so I asked him."

Speaking of which, you were missing Seek sometime yesterday when you got back.

It was when I was the father of the inn negotiating for you to accept to keep the Big Buddha Gargoyle in my room.

Why are you talking about me?

I worked hard, too.

Well, even if I was invited, I hope I couldn't go because I was negotiating with my father at the inn late at night.

"Don't worry, you guys. The guy who cried about Seek because I broke one arm, two legs and a few bones of Avatar and dumped him in the river."

When I tell Miller I retaliated, Duke and Happiness are shaking their heads beside each other with expressions like, oh man. Why not?

"Chick, that sounds sweet, Captain. I'd shatter my whole body and lay it on the ocean and drop it."

"... don't forget to get annoyed"

Did these guys say something really weird?

... No, maybe I should have done that when I thought about what he did.

But now he'll be in the middle of drifting down the river.

You don't even know if he's alive in the first place.

"Anyway, he's fine because I took him down.... or what happened to your work today?"

It's only been a few minutes since the sun started rising.

I don't know because Duke is the armor helmet as usual, but Happiness is in made-up clothes.

It's still early for lunch break and no way......

"I'll be fine. I'll be right back."

"... fine"

"It's not okay, it's not okay. You guys are out of work!? Go back. Now."

If Raven or Mr. Sophia says anything to me, it's not a hoard.

What will you do if I get involved?

"But, Captain, Seek, if we say anything, you won't get back on your feet!? Don't worry."

"... I agree"


I see, is that what you mean?

Think arm in arm. If these two didn't make it, Celia's the only one left.

It'll heal you about Seek, even if you don't ask me, and it'll be appropriate.

"Let's leave it to Mr. Celia. Seek will go to Celia."

"Do you? It wasn't for us, but Celia would do something about it."

"... anticipation"

These two seem to agree.

This will get you back to work.

"Speaking of which, Captain. I've been wondering since you walked in... something like this?"

It was the Great Buddha Gargoyle that Duke pointed his finger at.

Should I explain this to these guys?

Worried about what to do......

"To be honest, it sounds lame. Do you want me to pick it up? Doesn't it fit the room, and isn't it just getting in the way? You should throw this away."

"... I agree"

I said whatever I wanted because I wouldn't say anything.

I am slightly trembling when I look at the Great Buddha Gargoyle.

Apparently, we're hearing a conversation.

"Seriously, you should throw it away. I don't think there's any stone statues."

"... garbage"

"You guys - say whatever you want... This is not what I like and look like!!

Gargoyle began to get angry about just how much patience had come.

Suddenly because the Big Buddha spoke, the two were surprised for a moment, but soon recovered, Duke pulls his sword out of his sheath, and Happiness is about to cast his magic.

Did Gargoyle also feel dangerous seeing those two reactions, breaking the body of the Great Buddha and showing his identity?

It gives a one-touch, immediate vibe, but I'm in trouble when the battle breaks out here, so I go in to stop it.

"Oh, my God! Don't try to storm me in my room. Who would pay for the repair if I broke it? All of you, sit down, I'll explain."

Forgive the three of them and explain to Happiness and Duke about Gargoyle.

"Heh, is that so? I'm sorry you suddenly pulled out your sword. I'm Duke from Durahan. Say hello. This girl is Harpy's Happiness. He doesn't have a lot of mouth, but he's a good guy, so he wants us to get along."

"...... Ro"

"Hmm... this kid's friend... my whole life is just a gargoyle. No first name. Regards."

"The lack of a name is inconvenient when you call it. I'll give you a nickname."

"... Guy"

"Whoa, isn't that cool! Guy... I feel strong and masculine."

"Mm... call me whatever you want"

"… decision"

Great... I've never been busted in a room.

Apparently, they'll get along.

I didn't expect to get along nicknamed in this short time.

You thought it was a long time to call me Gargoyle.

I guess I'll try to call him Guy too.

"And the way you dressed earlier was because of the captain... I don't know - that"

"... dull"

"My whole life actually thought so, but I had no choice but to blend into the human world..."

When I thought we'd gotten along, I started complaining about my work, the Big Buddha.

Three people from there who spit out my stupidity amicably.

"... you guys, come on"

I got pretty, and the battle ended up in my room.

After a while of noise, the door is knocked.

Whatever Happiness and Duke are, Gargoyle is no good if someone sees him, so hurry up and coat him with dirt magic.

The Big Buddha was disapproved, so make it a different stone statue.

I placed it in the corner of the room where it was finished and opened the door.

"Again, were you here"

It was Mr. Sophia who asked.

I have blue muscles on my face, and I can tell you're obviously angry.

Well, I kind of know why.

"We were entrusted with educating the newcomers that Master Cecilia brought in yesterday, weren't we? You shouldn't have time to be playing around here. I'm going back to the mansion.... Oh, Master Youki. Thank you for your help in the village of Dagaz.... I don't think there are any more of those stone statues. Now if you'll excuse me.

Take a beautiful bow and grab the root of Happiness trying to escape.

I dragged the cheat straight out of the room.

"... you were here"

Instead, Raven came into the room.

"I told you yesterday that we are going to the village of Dagaz to take the bandits caught by Aquarain and Yowki. I was leaving in the morning... waiting for Duke. Let's go. And yooki,... if you get a chance, now's the time to go play"

"Ah... oh, see you later"

"Again... I honestly don't think there are any more of those stone statues, so I suggest changing them to different ones.... Look, let's go."

"Captain, we'll settle this next time."

To prevent him from escaping, Raven caught his arm and Duke was taken.

"... gone"

"Hey kid... what did you do to my body?"

Gargoyle is angry because two people came and were denied existence from both.

Even though I didn't have time to make it properly, I'm shocked that I've been denied my work.

"The last time the Big Buddha was disapproved, I reflected and turned it into a cool stone statue."

Sphinx would be absolutely cool.

Why, I don't know.

Because I'm a reincarnator, a resident of this world and a taste for art

maybe not.

You need to learn more about the art of this world.

"Better than that, the room is a mess. Keep going. Then they'll pay for the repairs.... I have the money, but it's a little on Clayman, and it's a lot. I guess it's been a while since I've been to the guild."

"Hey, does my body stay like this!? Come home kid!!

I decided to go to the guild a long time ago to make money for the room repairs.