Leaving Sphinx Gargoyle alone, I came to the guild for a long time to earn money fixing the room.

As busy as ever when I go inside, there are a few adventurers who drink even though it's not even noon yet.

There's a clayman as usual. I tried to come to the reception.


I don't have a clayman. There is an absenteeism bill at the reception desk.

Clayman's guy, he always said he was lazy, but he finally gave up his job...

Perhaps my daughter-in-law has thrown me out of the house for loving me and has turned me into a self-inflicted outrage.

Something went wrong with my mental state from there and I'm in a treatment center or something......

"Um ~ sorry"

When I was full of jokes and unsolicited delusions, I was called out by a beautiful female employee who was always sitting next to Clayman.

"Oh, excuse me. I was just thinking."

I can never say it's a casual delusion on the part of your colleagues.

"No... you're always talking to the Deputy Alliance Master, aren't you?"

When did I get to know someone with that kind of power?

"Clayman is the only one talking in the guild..."

"So you're a deputy guild master..."


I stumbled upon it.

Impossible. It's too unlikely.

The Deputy Guild Master is the kind of clayman who anthropomorphized the letters lazy, troublesome, and unwanted to do it!?

April Fool was in this world, too.

Someone must be hiding with a sign that says Clayman is dodgy......

"Are you okay, I have a long eye - come back!

A female employee catches me on the shoulder and shakes me.

My head shook and I went back to sanity.

"Oh... excuse me. I didn't think I'd be able to think of it from my usual actions..."

"Ha... I know how you feel"

"I know what you mean."

"But you do your job perfectly. Reception, paperwork, the arbitration of adventurers' brawls, whatever the guild does."

Wow, you don't know the image.

But there's no reason for officials to lie, and I'm sure it's true.

Speaking of which, Clayman himself said reception wasn't his original job.

"Even when there was a parade of brave men, I jokingly tried to keep everyone but the deputy guild master closed. Then, when the deputy guild master got serious, he cut up the guild by himself for three days."

The day I first came to Minerva.

He said he was pretty stupid, but he agreed to work alone.

"So... what happened to Clayman today, who can actually work?"

"It's about the dignity of the Alliance, so don't make it public, but if you're always close to the Deputy Alliance Master, it's okay to tell me. … please don't say anything else?"


Keep your ears close to the mouth of the staff for confidentiality.

"Actually, he had a couple fights with his wife. As a result, the deputy guild master was severely injured for a month and is currently on leave because he is in the hospital."

I made my second stunt today.

I don't know, I've heard similar talk...

Shall I go and see him for a while?

"Excuse me, can you tell me the treatment center where Clayman is hospitalized because I want to visit you?"

"Fine. The deputy guild master is hospitalized at Minerva Primary Therapeutic Hospital. Where is it?"

Talking about female staff, it looks like a place about enough walking from the guild.

I thanked the female staff who told me and headed to Minerva First Treatment Center.

"... so you're here to see me"


Clayman sleeping in a hospital bed.

He has the usual troublesome look even though he is in a state called Gibbs on the bandage for some reason.

You don't look like a patient who's been told a very full month.

But he's been hit by his wife, but how much is it gonna take to get here or something?

"Sounds like it's caused by a couple fights. Did you do something to hinder your wife, Kang anyway?"

It's about this man. I guess I did no chores, lazy, sloppy, lazy acts at home and pissed off my wife.

"Uh, actually. The day we fought was our anniversary."

This guy sucks, dude.

What are you doing on the anniversary of the couple?

"I see you forgot your wedding anniversary and your wife gave you a bump"

Women take care of anniversaries and stuff.

But Clayman shakes his head and denies it.

"Chi. I remember it. I'm just going to buy my wife a present.

If that's a hassle and we postpone it, it'll be our anniversary day... "

"…? Didn't you end up giving me a gift? So this is what happened?"

"No. I became obsessed with finding presents, and when I realized it, it was night. When I get home in a hurry, my usually faceless daughter-in-law is even more faceless..."

"You're an idiot."

Don't let the anniversary itself get out of the way.

The gift would be an option and the important thing would be to celebrate together.

"Damn, it's a hassle..."

"It's all Clayman's fault, isn't it? Apologize to your wife!

Now I can still make it...... but if I get divorced.

"No, my wife's not mad anymore. Besides, he'll pick you up after work today. You're gonna see me at home."

You're jealous ~? niggling and bragging.... I knew you'd heard this story.

To change my mind from anticipation to certainty and ask the questions that are in Clayman.

"... didn't you make a maid out of Clayman's wife?"

"Oh! You got it. But it's not just a maid, it's a maid chief. It's amazing."

I've said it proudly, as if I'm bragging about myself.

Yeah. Totally Clayman's wife. You figured out who. "Mr. Sophia...?"

"How do you know my wife's name?"

Shit, I made a voice out of it.

Well, I didn't do anything nasty, so I don't have to rush.

Let me explain before I make a weird mistake.

"Oh, actually, I know a lady from the Aqua Rain family. And the maid has an old friend, too. That's when I met him."

You won't have to be suspicious to say this.

The indication, the suspicious glance immediately returned to the usual unmotivated drooping eyes.

"Bad, bad. I'm a little suspicious. Speaking of which, there was a time in the guild when a lady from my daughter-in-law asked you. I'm relieved, what if I do something to my wife...?"

Quite a few moments of killing can be directed at me.

You look serious, and it's unimaginable from the usual lazy atmosphere.

So you're not a deputy guild master to Dada?

"Oh, come on, don't be a killer. I won't touch Sophia..."

"Uh, well. That's fine. Sorry."

What the hell is this guy?

If you're thinking so much about Mr. Sophia, hold on to your anniversary. Where did you get that serious face?

It's all over my face all the time.

But it's called Clayman, it's called Mr. Sophia, they'll both be quite powerful.

... don't worry about what kind of meeting you two had.

Let's ask Clayman for more information.