"Well, where and how did you meet Mr. Sophia?"

"What is it, from a servant to a stick?

He has a strange look because he suddenly shook the conversation.

But from me in love, he's a success story.

From the mouth of Clayman, it would be a romantic marriage... because I'm really simply interested in it in front of the building.

"Fine, fine. Talk to me."

"Hmm, I'm tired of just sleeping. Good, I'll tell you a story from my fateful encounter with Sophia to my lovely marriage."

Obviously I started to take an attitude that looked down on me, so I almost hit him accidentally.

But I took a fist that I told him was because I was the one who shook the story.

"You tell my story first..."

I told her to talk about meeting Sophia, and she was a genius since she was a little girl, but she told me that she was amazing.

Believe it would be pretentious before, and listen while hammering appropriately.

Apparently, Clayman worked as a solo adventurer until he turned eighteen, and even went to Rank A.

I think I'm a genius and it's easy to end up doing the opposite, so I seem to have met Mr. Sophia around the time I've felt free in my life.

"I've been drinking at the Alliance table since daylight. I don't want to be motivated by adventurers."

Other than that I'm drinking, I don't feel much different now......

Well, you mean you were less willing to work anyway?

"It was Sophia who came to me like that!

My cheeks are loose because I remember in detail the day we met.

And I don't have much of the usual sense of sloppiness, and I have strength in the tone of my voice.

"What do you think Sophia told me when she approached me?"

All of a sudden it's quiz format. I answer normally because I don't feel it makes sense to think deeply.

"Would you like to be one of them?"


Clayman laughs with his nose when he hears my answer.

That's what you asked yourself.

"Sophia said to me, 'You seem free and strong. Why don't you throw a party?'"


When I hear the answer, it just feels like Mr. Sophia. Looks free and strong... that's great insight.

You may know how free you are, but you know damn well who you seem strong about.

"Well, I tried to say no at first, because I was drunk then. Before I answered, I hugged Sophia, who had been a beauty since then."

"You're an idiot."

What would happen if I did that to Mr. Sophia?

You know I don't have to ask.

"I was immediately out of my arms and relentlessly pounded by Sophia with no expression. I can't resist being satisfied. From me, who was successful in everything I did while my life was all over the place, I was shocked that Sophia had defeated me."

"I'll correct you, you're a big idiot"

There's no way Clayman could beat that Mr. Sophia, who was all over it.

Or did this guy think I was the strongest or something until then...

"This is my meeting with Sophia."

"Talk about meeting, over!? What happened after that?"

"The next day, when I applied for the party again, Sophia agreed to it."

You admitted to partying well with the guy you suddenly hugged.

No, I was originally invited by Mr. Sophia, and isn't that a strange story?

"Well, me and Sophia were awesome from there. I could have given you two names."

Is it like a title given to a fantasy, strong guy?

You're two embarrassing cooks whose ears turn bright red just to ask anyway.

"It's called an invincible apathetic couple."

"Two names that I don't envy at all."

That's two names I named entirely because of Clayman, isn't it?

Mr. Sophia is faceless, so that's what he looks like...?

And what's a couple?

"Why are you a couple?"

"That's just how the people around me made a scene. I'm a hassle, and Sophia didn't deny it because she seemed like she thought it was crap. Then it settled down."

"Is that okay... I mean, you could've gotten married from there."

I guess they didn't actually call me a couple in such a nasty way.

There must have been a reason we were dating.

"Oh... I'm married. Marry me..."

Suddenly I closed my eyes and immersed myself in memories.

No, I just want to talk to you...

Keep it up, keep it immersed, and we won't be able to talk about it, so let's wake it up.

"Hey! Let me hear more"

".................. whoa!? Oh, sorry, I miss you so much"

Looks like you're back in the real world from the world of memories.

Did you do something a little worse...?

No, I'll let you immerse yourself in the memories when I get home.

"Well, I don't think we're going out first. It's like I proposed earlier."

"Huh? Really?"

"Whoa, so love sprouted within the two of us combining. Soon you'll start dating on holidays."


That's what love is all about.

It's not natural extinction, it's natural socialization.

"Well, we had a huge case when we were getting married..."

"... is that what I'm supposed to hear?"

It's not a development like convincing your parents, or actually having a mistress, or a vivid noon drag.

Will it be all right if I hear from someone else?

Clayman laughs lightly when he feels I'm anxious and airborne.

"You're thinking something vivid!? I'm telling you, it's not happening what you think it is."

Relieved by Clayman's words.

Honestly, I don't really like things like the day drag that I saw in the world of my previous life happening close to me.

"Then what happened?"

"... I'm the one who made the proposal first. I was attracted to Sophia gradually as we spent time together. Until then, I was living my life all over the place, but for the first time in my life, I was seriously worried.

Apparently, I've given serious thought to how to propose.

Then I should have made a serious proposal.

There won't be a case.

"I told the proper atmosphere shop to eat and I gave him the ring. And I said," You're not getting married? "


Nothing's funny, and then nothing will happen.

How did that happen what you could call a case?

"Sophia normally accepted... Sophia's pretty good at what I said after that. As a result, I was seriously wounded for six months."

You remember that time, you're blue-faced.

Something similar I've heard from Celia... You were talking about it the day of the proposal.

"You admitted it, but you said it was outrageous?"

"... I said I'd quit my adventurer. You were talking to me about becoming a deputy guild master around that time. You're getting married because of this, and you don't have to cross the dangerous bridge. And then it got pretty. Sophia wanted to continue with The Invincible Apathetic Combination. If you persuaded me even though I was flabbergasted... you convinced me.


I don't know, there's too much scratch.

The most mysterious thing about why Mr. Sophia wanted to continue with The Invincible Apathetic Couple and why Clayman or something came to talk to the Deputy Alliance Master is...

"... you're married and loving after all, aren't you?"


Clayman with his teeth out and laughs.

Shake it off from me. What, but was it worth asking...?

I was thinking about that, and there was a rattle and the door to the room opening from behind.

"You, I'm here to pick you up... why is Mr. Youki here?"

It was Sophia who wore her usual made-up clothes who came in.

I heard you were picking me up, but not too soon!?

"Haha...... I was here to pay you a visit because I'm taking care of Clayman at the guild. Better yet, it's just noon and Mr. Sophia's supposed to be at work. Then...?

"I see you got to know your husband in the guild. I was originally closed today. But suddenly there were problems with newcomers and Happiness getting out of work, so I went to work only in the morning."

Sophia answers pale with the usual faceless look.

So when you picked up Happiness earlier, were you in a slight bad mood?

"Honey, you picked me up."


Clayman, are you calling me honey about Mr. Sophia...?

With that in mind, Mr. Sophia quickly approached Clayman...

"Who's Honey"

I decided to put a beautiful heel drop in Clayman's belly where he was injured.

Mr. Sophia looks without expression at Clayman, who is holding his belly down and smothering.

"You always call me Sophia,"

"No, it's just a joke. And I saw it in my skirt."

I don't need a Clayman back in his usual full mode to say a word.

If I say that, they'll kick me again...

So, what's up? It doesn't matter. "

"Doesn't matter!?"

I don't think what I'm saying is right now.

Is that why I stuck it in my mouth in surprise?

To answer my question, Mr. Sophia turned around and said something.

'Cause he's my husband.


I can't return a word to Mr. Sophia. Clayman stands up with his arm around Mr. Sophia's shoulder like that.

"Bye, I'll see you at the guild. I'm so resilient, I'll be back in the guild in a week or so."

"Now, Master Youki, if you'll excuse me. Thank you for coming to see my husband."

Clayman with his moving arm up and a flickering hand, and Mr. Sophia bowing down who I think is beautiful whenever I look at the peduncture. Finished greeting me. The two of them left the room.

"... let's go home"

I left the treatment center and went back to the inn lonely.

When I got home wrapped up in a sad aura, he asked me what happened to Guy who turned into Sphinx, but I ignored him and fell asleep in bed.

I can't tell you how jealous I was when I saw the two of you looking happy.

I wanted to get married in love, too.

Oh, I want to see Cecilia......