The next day after a glimpse of Clayman and Mr. Sophia's love of love.

I was gobbling on the bed without even going to the guild because those two seemed envious and I had developed a disease I wanted to see Cecilia and I was unwilling to do anything about it.

Look at me with all that crap. Guy just thought to himself, if you want to see him so badly, you've told me to go see Cecilia.

I haven't promised to see you today, and it's easy to say that I can't because I'm likely to have a monk job...

I was angry...... or I changed my appearance from Sphinx to Milo's Venus on almost eight hits.

It was made while sneezing but without getting out of hand.

That's good work.

Guy is gagging loudly for changing his appearance.

You're completely selfish when you complain about the Big Buddha and Sphinx.

I didn't care about Guy's desperate appeal and decided to sleep.

Concon, I wake up noticing the sound of knocking on the concon and the door.

Get out of bed and bow for a little while.

I don't feel like I haven't slept in an hour due to my physical senses......

Because I slept halfway through, I'm sleepy, and my head doesn't work very well.

He put a bold head on it and said, "Who do you think you are?"

"Yorkie, are you there"

Isn't there a voice of Cecilia coming from beyond the door?

"He's here! But just give me a minute."

I didn't know Cecilia was coming to see me!

It's time to change from sleeping rolls to everyday clothes and get dressed.

I cleaned up the room and finished it in about thirty seconds.

Open the door in a lunar mood.

"I'll Grandpa"

"… I will"

There was Cecilia, dressed in private clothes but disguised with glasses and a hat for once, and Happiness, dressed in ordinary personal clothes rather than made-up clothes.

I didn't know Happiness was there, but I don't care.

As long as Cecilia is happy to just come and see me.

"I'm sorry to ask all of a sudden. Wasn't that annoying?"

Cecilia with a sorry look on her face.

This is outrageous!

It's more of a welcome. I wanted you to come.

Cecilia, I want to see you. Cecilia is a special effect for me.

Happiness, who's been with me for a long time, has a subtle look at what I'm thinking and figured out.

"... pervert"

That's what I said, I sent a scornful gaze.

Why should they say that much?

Nothing. Think about the kid you like. What's wrong.

Cecilia spoke modestly as me and Happiness were staring at each other.

"Um..., Mr. Yowki?"

"What is it?"

"May I come up to your room?"

"... ah"

Happiness and I were staring at each other across Cecilia in front of the room.

Sure, I can do this, even if I want you to go up to your room.

Once I stopped staring at Happiness, I invited them into the room.

"... Captain"

As soon as I get in, Happiness talks to me in a puzzling mood.

"What's wrong?"

"... what about Guy?"

"You'll be there."

I point to Guy who turned into Milo's Venus.

Is the person asleep or nothing returns words?

Happiness stared at Guy for about five seconds, one word.

"... this is not"

"Why not!?"

It is no good.

No Sphinx and no Milo Venus!?

I do feel like eight hits, I sneezed but made it but I don't remember losing my hand.

Rather, I think it's the best I've ever done.

"What does Cecilia think?"

"Wow, is that me!? Uh..."

You didn't think you'd talk to yourself, you started mumbling.

Oh, wait for a response while I think Cecilia is cute. Results……

"Hey, I don't think so..."


It was also disapproved of by Cecilia.

This is the third consecutive loss.

Art feels so deep and stingy.

Maybe my artistic sense doesn't fit with this aesthetic view of the world's art. At this time, I was desperate to see how I could recognize the stone statues I made.


So I don't know that Happiness was looking at me unfortunately.

(Oh, God. Please allow Mr. Youki to view objectively the stone statues he produces)

I don't know more that Cecilia was praying to God for me, hand in hand.

"... By the way, what are you two doing here today?"

I decided to think about Guy's next appearance again, and I decided to ask him what he had come for.

"... to laugh at the captain"

"What do you mean, Mr. Happiness?"

Does that mean I came all the way to Cecilia for the holidays because of it and Happiness came to make fun of me?

I think I have a more meaningful way of having a holiday.

Once again, it will stare at Happiness but Cecilia will come into arbitration.

"Happiness, quit joking. Keep Mr. Yowki down too..."

Cecilia told me to stand back from each other.

Well, I don't even have to go into stopping this degree of rhetoric because I used to do it all the time at Demon King Castle.

"You've both settled down. Well, I'm just here to see you."

I thought it was some important story, but it doesn't seem to be.

Happiness because Teal entered as the maid of the mansion and the burden was reduced.

Cecilia apparently got a vacation because her work in the village of Dagaz ended too soon.

It's good to help you with your work.

... I was angry, but I met someone new for that matter.

"Speaking of which, is Seek-kun okay...?"

You must have remembered it in your story in the village of Dagaz.

Seek was torn apart physically and mentally by Miller, the brave man of the Garris Empire.

"No, I'm still depressed..."

"Really... you're worried"

Not only Cecilia, but also me, Duke and Happiness.

But you can't get me back inside.

He didn't come back to the inn yesterday, and I wonder where he went.

"... it's okay"

"" Huh!? "

Happiness's words surprise me and Cecilia.

Yesterday, even Happiness worried about Seek and asked me, what happened in one day?

"Did Seek get back on his feet?"

"... yet. But Celia's going to do something about it."


Ask Happiness for more information, and she says Seek is in the Aquarain family mansion right now.

"Did Cecilia not know?"

"Yes, I had a lot to report yesterday in the village of Dagaz..."

Apparently, because of my busy schedule, I didn't know.

"… Continue talking"

Apparently, yesterday, Mr. Celia had some errands for the town, done that. On her way back to the mansion in a carriage, she found Seek walking all alone.

Having noticed how things were going differently than usual, Celia said she immediately put Seek in the carriage and headed to the mansion.

"... what your mother did isn't kidnapping, is it?"

"... but I'll forgive the cohabitant."

"… Continued"

Mr. Celia, who brought Seek back to the mansion, seems to have heard the circumstances.

You think Celia held Silence and stroked her head until she stopped crying about the siege she told in tears that Miller unilaterally hit her in the village of Dagaz and made fun of her and regretted it?

And they let Seek stay in the mansion because she was tired of crying and fell asleep.

By the way, it took Happiness about thirty minutes to finish this story.

"That happened at the Mansion yesterday...... That's right, I'm your mother..."

Cecilia is impressed by the actions of her own mother.

Is it because I work to heal people?

"... Captain, message from your wife"

"From Celia to me?"

"... I'll take care of Seek."

That sounds like kidnapper blackmail to me. Well, there's nothing wrong with it because it just sounds like it.

"Tell him I understand. It would be appropriate to leave Seek to Mr. Celia."

"… Copy"

"Either way, I was going to ask for it. You saved me a lot of trouble going directly."

"Were you?"

Cecilia leans one head.

Me and Happiness knew about Seek, so we decided to ask Celia.

"Well. The reason is, for Seek, Celia is more like a mother than a mother. I'll talk to you next time because it's complicated."

This is important to Seek, and it's not easy to talk without him.

If I get a chance, I'll tell Cecilia.

"Really, I get it"

"I think Seek will be fine if he leaves it to Celia.... so I'm going to change my mind."

Suddenly, I remembered seeing the lovely couple of Clayman and Sophia yesterday.

I heard about Clayman, but I didn't hear Mr. Sophia.

If you're Cecilia, you might know something about Mr. Sophia's adventurous days and let's hear it.