Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I listened to the couple talk back in the day.

"I heard an acquaintance of the Alliance was hospitalized yesterday, and I went to see him. Then you were Mr. Sophia's husband."

I wish I could hear an interesting story from you two, while I tell you two about what happened yesterday.

From the time Clayman was admitted to the hospital, to the point where he wasted time showing a loving atmosphere and returning home.

But within talking, remorse comes up against Clayman, and he gets annoyed.

That clayman is married.

I guess I'm happily spending time with Mr. Sophia......

I never even had a girlfriend.

They were tilting their necks at me for some reason because of my over-reasonable anger.

When we finished the conversation, Cecilia opened her mouth.

"Actually, I talked to Mr. Sophia yesterday, too. Sure, Happiness was with you, wasn't she?"

Happiness shakes his neck vertically and affirms it.

"... shortly after the maid director scolded me"


I broke out yesterday and they brought me back.

From the look on Happiness's face, I guess he scolded me tight.

I wanted to flirt with Clayman quickly, but I'm late because of Happiness... no, no, you don't have Mr. Sophia's personality... don't you?

Cecilia, who never thought she was worried about that, began to talk about what happened yesterday.

"Yesterday after breakfast, I was compiling a report in the village of Dagaz, when I tried to go to the courtyard in the mansion to breathe"

He saw Mr. Sophia scolding Happiness on the doorstep with the usual faceless look.

Happiness, who found Cecilia who wanted to go through, asked for help with her gaze.

The gentle Cecilia went into a stop without being able to overlook it as it was.

"Mr. Sophia? It's time to forgive Happiness..."

I noticed Cecilia's voice and turned around. Mr. Sophia gives a beautiful salute.

"Good morning, ma'am.... But Happiness had left his job and went to visit with Yoki, so we must be careful."

Cecilia couldn't say anything to Mr. Sophia, who said so viscidly.

Did you think that Cecilia, who was the outline of the favor, was desperate because Sophia told her to?

In the end, the sermon lasted about five minutes afterwards… although Cecilia seemed to have stayed on the spot for some reason.

Apparently those five minutes felt very long for Happiness and Cecilia.

"Hmm... I'll leave this at about it today. Be careful from now on"

"... Yes"

You think Cecilia looked at Happiness with a rather low tension?

... You deserve it, so you don't have to worry so much about it.

"Well, we have to hurry"

"… what is it today?"

That's what Cecilia asked when she saw Mr. Sophia in a hurry for some reason and thought she had something to do with the house.

"No, because I was originally closed today..."

Though Cecilia immediately tried to bow her head to Mr. Sophia, who thought she had more work to do because of bringing Teal in.

"Don't worry, my lady is not bad... the bad thing is..."

When Sophia saw Happiness, Happiness shrunk from fear.

I guess I couldn't stand the stare of former adventurer rank A.

"Well, Happiness is also reflecting..."

Cecilia also managed to forgive Mr. Sophia, who felt pitied that Happiness would be preached.

Convinced by Cecilia, Sophia remembered that she was in a hurry.

"Right. He seems to be reflecting, too, because I have to rush to the treatment center."

"A treatment center?... Mr. Sophia, are you sick?!?"

Cecilia mistakenly assumes that Mr. Sophia is not feeling well enough to go to the treatment center, and clogs up in advance.

I was sick and closed, but I thought I was forced to come to the mansion.

"Lady, please calm down. I am healthy. I'm just picking up my husband."

"... husband? I'm sorry, I made a mistake. Mr. Sophia was married, wasn't she? I didn't expect to pick you up...?"

"My husband has been seriously injured for a month..."

He said he didn't show a rushing sleigh and said so lightly in the usual tone, but Cecilia is surprised and raises her voice.

"Haven't you had a hard time? What happened!?"

Cecilia had heard some talk from Cecilia, both that Ms. Sophia was an adventurer and that she was married to Clayman, who was combing in the guild.

So when I heard about my husband, a former Rank A adventurer, getting seriously injured, I seemed to think something not in line happened.

Seeing Cecilia in a hurry, Ms. Sophia realizes and corrects that she has a saying.

"You should say I let you bear it correctly..."

"... eh?"

Until then, Happiness was in the air with him, and he opened his mouth and flashed.

... If I had been there, I would have done the same reactions.

"Uh... what do you mean?"

"… Description"

Cecilia, who had recovered, did not understand the meaning of Mr. Sophia's words and asked for an explanation.

Happiness, who did not enter the conversation because of fear, is also concerned and asks for an explanation.

"I don't have time, so to be brief, I was left alone on my anniversary, and my husband made me go home in the morning, so I got upset and bummed out"


"... silence"

You think we should get into this, but for some reason neither of us could get into Mr. Sophia?

Whatever Happiness is, I can't believe I can't get a scratch up to Cecilia...

"But I can't believe the reason I came home in the morning was because I was looking for a gift to give for me... it's like my husband, really"

The two of them did see Mr. Sophia smiling slightly that way.

Keep it up, say hello to the two of you, then turn yourself in and leave the mansion in made-up clothes.

"This is what happened yesterday…"

"Yeah, I figured out, Mr. Sophia, that the Claymans are kind of loving each other."

What the hell is that?

I'd really like to know what would have happened if Clayman had bought the gift and given it to me.

"Happiness, haven't you seen Mr. Sophia today?"

"... met"

"How'd it go?"

"... I was scared"

Is that it?

I thought I was in a better mood after seeing Clayman.

Also, did Clayman do something to you?

"... Nico did"


Apparently, he was in a good mood.

Mr. Sophia's smile makes me say I'm scared of Happiness. That's something I'd like to see.

I realized that I hadn't been able to hear what I wanted to hear when I thought so.

I'm not listening to my adventurer days!

Enough with the love stories.

You want to hear about those two odd adventurers.

"Cecilia, have you ever heard of Mr. Sophia's adventurous days?"

"Even if all of a sudden you say so... oh, my mother told me something"

"Talk to me, talk to me"

Funny story, Camon! Blame Cecilia for saying that.

Cecilia laughs with couscous at the looks of my children.

I'll talk to you, then.

"Enough is enough... Cecilia"

When I look outside, the sun is completely down.

Since then, I have had Cecilia talk about the episode I know of The Invincible Apathetic Couple without drinking or eating......

"Why do we have to talk about eventually getting sweet and ending..."

"Shh, excuse me"

I apologize with sorrow.

But I'm not blaming you for anything, and I don't have to apologize because Cecilia's not my fault, so I stopped.

Happiness got tired of talking on the way, sleeping on my bed.

"What are those two..."

For example, when Mr. Sophia and Clayman met not long ago.

I don't mind putting together a combination, but I hear Mr. Sophia had some anxiety.

You think I used to party with other adventurers a few times before working with Clayman?

But back in the day, Mr. Sophia didn't do much to fit other adventurers at my pace quite a bit.

As a result, the powerful Mr. Sophia was seriously injured in his company, even at a request that could be accomplished intact.

They told me it was Sophia's fault for choosing not to match her companions, and she left the party many times.

But Clayman was sloppy, and while he said it was troublesome, he followed Sophia's request of choice.

Combine for just one day for a month or so.

When they were heading to the table at the Guild Tavern for dinner.

"... if it's that much trouble, would you like to dissolve the party?"

I thought you were forcing Clayman to do it. Mr. Sophia said he suggested eliminating the combination.

Clayman drinks his booze gubbily, puts the glass on the table and stares at Mr. Sophia

"Sure, it's a hassle to ask, but it's not a hassle to be with Sophia, so I can't"

That's what they said.

From there, Sophia sprouted a love affair... what is this story!?

For example, a story that inspired what we call an 'invincible apathetic couple'.

There seemed to be some courageous gorotsuki who foolishly tried to numb Mr. Sophia.

A drunk threesome came into the guild while Clayman stood for a few minutes at the guild's liquor store to add something to it, and he said it would or Mr. Sophia tangled it up.

I just numbed Mr. Sophia with a humble laugh.

"What is it, how can I help you?"

You said you replied to Gorotsuki with a tone of voice that normally speaks? Gorotsky was frightened by the response, which was neither frightened nor defied, and Clayman returned there.

"Uh, what the fuck... dude. It's a hassle, Sophia. Come on, let's go to a different tavern."

Normally I'd just come in to help, but say so and invite Mr. Sophia.

Mr. Sophia walked right through between the Gorotsky and the others to Clayman.

"You have no choice. where do you go"

There was no way the Gorotsky and the others would shut up and watch them leave, but they pulled back.

"Uh, come on, let's not bother. Really..."

You grabbed Gorotsuki's shoulder and forced him to sit down and try to end the noise? I guess it's because it's a hassle to fight.

The persistent guy seems to have blown Sophia away with a kick.

Two names seem to have spread: The Invincible Apathetic Couple, where alliance officials who were at the scene linked Clayman's apathetic feeling to Mr. Sophia's strength.

If this is all, it would be an interesting story.

But Ochi of this story is then when the two of them went to another tavern and re-drank.

The two of us are talking about the stupidity of Gorotsky and Clayman.

"Damn, those were troublesome people. I'm taking care of my time with Sophia..."

He said.

... Ugh, yeah.

I guess I used to be a kizza. He thought I was the strongest.

Clayman's grown up a lot now, isn't he?

Long live Deputy Alliance Master everywhere.

"Then it's time to go home. Happiness, wake up."

Yummy and rocking Happiness asleep on the bed.

"... done?"

Cecilia takes her to the door of the room by pulling her still sleepy Happiness.

"Then you'll excuse me.... and maybe Mr. Yowki will come to Clarines Castle"


"Maybe...... Bye."

Cecilia left without explaining.

I'm in the castle!?

Without knowing why, after a few days, I really got to go to the castle.