"Uh... which one?"

Cecilia, with Happiness. A few days after Clayman and Mr. Sophia proved that they were a couple of love lovers.

I still asked for it in the guild today - and while I was getting myself together, I heard a con knock through the door of the room.

When I remembered who it was, I wore a helmet in metal armor and there were soldiers with swords on their hips.

"You're Yoki, aren't you? Nice to meet you. My name is Kate and I belong to the Third Knights of the Kingdom of Clariness."

"Ha, thank you"

I have politely greeted you, bow your head to the soldier.

It sounds like a kite, but what's a castle knight doing to me?

... Did Duke do something to you?

That's a good enough story.

But the soldier told me he needed something from me.

Apparently, he wants you to come to the castle with him.

... Speaking of which, you probably said that Cecilia would have you come to the castle before this.

Do you know what I did to get to the castle?

I don't remember myself, but it wouldn't be a good idea to say no, and they said there was a pick-up carriage on the table or something, so I decided I had no choice but to go.

"... hmm?"

There was a carriage parked that I had seen leaving the inn.

It's a carriage from the Aqualein family. That means......

"Mr. Yowki."

There was Cecilia, as I expected, when I got in the carriage.


"Captain - Long time no see"

Seek was with me for some reason.

Where did the dark atmosphere go before this?

It was back to the bright Seek I knew.

Probably thanks to Mr. Celia.

Glad you're back......

"Captain - Captain Fool - Captain Hetta"

... could have stayed that way a little longer.

It's getting more gloomy than it used to be when I got back on my feet.

He says he's in a narrow carriage, but he's riding over my head and smiling innocently.

"Here, don't get on my head!

"'Cause I'm comfortable sitting there ~"

"There's no way! Get the hell off me."

Cecilia is smiling at me with such a full child's sheak and subtle expression. Would you mind paying attention to Seek for not watching...... Within such an exchange, the carriage left for the castle.

It has a view of the already familiar King's Capital from the window in a gatagotto and rocking carriage.

In the end, Seek remains above my head.

Whatever I said, I gave up because I wouldn't try to go down hard.

It's been a long time since I've felt this, and I think it would be nice.

Well, when I get to Castle Clarines, I'll have you just go down.

Speaking of which...

"By the way, why was I called from the castle? And Seek."

I point to Seek on my head.

I don't remember me or Seek doing anything like being told to come to the castle.

I think Cecilia would know something from this previous mouthful and ask for an explanation.

"Yes, you have to explain"

Cecilia nodded and explained why we were going to the castle this time.

"Me and Mr. Youki, Seek-kun and I went to the village of Dagaz, didn't we? At my job."

"Oh, you went"

It's pretty new to my memory, so there's no way I'm forgetting.

"I remember clearly that the old men were the only ones who came to me to help me with my treatment."

Cecilia had men deleading, and Seek had a woman with her eyes in her heart killed.

And I still haven't forgotten that the only thing that ever happened to me was my grandfather, who seemed nice to people.

Speaking of which, you used to hide and use magic to retaliate because there were a few stupid villagers who saw and numbed Cecilia with erotic eyes at the time.

Don't tell Cecilia or the village chief. I was relieved that the bandits attacked me just the day I retaliated.

"Oh, haha, that happened. But not yet."

"Speaking of which, it was also Dagaz Village where I met Teal and Fool Goyle ~"

Seek riding over my head suddenly entered the conversation.

Probably in a carriage that's just shaking.

Guess it's because I'm just tired of watching the view.

"I'm a fool, Goyle."

Guy's gonna get mad when he hears.... No, Teal would be more angry.

"'Cause he's not stupid."

You remembered Guy's Ruins Sleeping Episode, haha ~ laughed out.

I want you to stop laughing with your belly over people's heads.

"I might think so if I heard that story..."

Teal doesn't know the episode where you became the patron saint of such a Guy village.

Even when I asked, "That's the patron god. You didn't go back to the ruins that were protected until now to protect the village."

Or the wrong interpretation and I feel like it's over.

When I first met her, I thought she was an intelligent literary girl who could look at things sickly and calmly.

We need to be careful because we talk about Guy, and when we're with Guy, he runs wild.

Guy doesn't seem like he hates it from the bottom of his heart either, so I can't say anything.

"Ain't that right ~? Ah, that's really funny - stupid goyle ~"

"Dude... if you laugh so much, you're being rude to Guy"

"Even the captain's laughing."


I can't say anything when they say that.

Because I do find Guy's story amusing no matter how many times I hear it.

Former subordinates, and Cecilia reluctantly uttered a word when the child's seek taunted her and she couldn't return the word.

"Um ~ Can we continue our conversation...?"

"" Ah... "

Me and Seek were up on their own, and I forgot to listen to Cecilia at the heart.

Cecilia is looking at us with a little bitterness.

It sucks that you asked for an explanation from me, but you made a scene with Seek over a different story on your own.

"Sorry, Cecilia, look, Seek too"

"Cecilia Sister - Sorry"

Put it down from my head, sit it right down and let it bow its head.

Of course I bowed my head too.

"No, I'm fine because I don't care. So raise your heads, both of you."

Gentle Cecilia prompts me to raise my head.

I'm glad you forgive me. I plan on trying to re-confess any of it, but I won't talk about it if they hate me.

When will I be able to tell her again that I like her purely?

Communicating this feeling is irrelevant now, so now it's time to get into a listening attitude to Cecilia.

"Okay, we'll talk about it. In the village of Dagaz, the treatment of villagers, the bandit crusade was not enough to report to the castle separately. I didn't see any intention of attacking people about Guy either... but if you hide it, it's okay, so there's no problem."

I get a little worried that Cecilia, who was one of the brave parties, can cover up the existence of the demon.

But if you think about it, Cecilia does a lot of similar things.

Happiness to Duke, Seek.

And the extreme is that you recommended that I live as a human being.

I hope Cecilia's not right, and there's no chance that me or Duke and the others will do anything wrong.

And speaking of what was the village of Dagaz......

"No way, you mean that joke brave guy?"

Hearing the word brave, Seek trembles freakedly.

Apparently, Seek remembered too.

That you were unilaterally hit by fighting without saving Guy even though you were in front of him.

Though I have recovered, I guess the wounds on my heart have not completely healed.

I'll gently stroke your head.

"... it's all right, Captain. I'm fine now."

I thought I shook and leaned down, Seek to give him a face and his usual innocent smile.

Apparently, it was my concern.

Seek seems to have blown it off already.

I think it's really good to leave it to Mr. Celia.

"Seek, are you sure you're okay?"

Cecilia got worried about Seek too, I speak up...

"Yeah, I've decided to be strong so no one can beat me anymore ~. So I'm fine ~.... because I promised Celia I'd go after him when I got stronger."

Seek to swear revenge using a very good smile and a noisy expression.

How the hell did Mr. Celia send a promise to Seek?

I'm curious, but if I hear that from Seek right now, he'll be out of line again, so I'll be patient and tell Cecilia to keep talking.

"... Mr. Yowki is right, Gallis Empire Brave Miller. We had to report to the castle that he was in the Kingdom of Clarines for intelligence."

"Well, you are."

Hide as much as you want. There are good and bad things.

If you hadn't reported on him, if you did poorly, it could be a war or something, with the cause blown up within the knowledge of nothing.

And an artificial demon weapon? It is also possible that they are producing large quantities.

It would be useful information for the Kingdom of Clariness.

I guess Cecilia couldn't possibly not have reported it in her position either.

The problem is...

"How far have you reported us?"

There must have been a lot of problems reporting that.

First about Guy, the gargoyle Miller was attacking, or about me or Seek.

And how did you destroy him?

When it comes to reporting on the artificial demon sword Magic Eater, it will put credibility on the fact that Cecilia, the magic subject, defeated me, and it's not a good idea to scatter who I am...

"... it was tough, really. But I managed to think about it. So don't worry, Seek-kun and Yoki were able to lay low."

Apparently, he did something.

But how did you report it?

He gave me a paper with what I reported to Cecilia, so I'll read it.

It doesn't say anything about Guy, and he's supposed to have discovered me and Cecilia, Miller, who seems to be enjoying killing demons when Seek is crusading the bandits.

Confess and fight that he came to the Kingdom of Clariness to do intelligence work.

It said that they managed to hunt them down to the river, even though they used various artificial demon weapons.

"... was this okay?"

"I can manage..."

I'm scared because I honestly don't know if I could have fooled you, although it's good because the truth is mixed by the way.

Cecilia seems to think she's got it figured out, but is she gonna be okay?

Seek is the only one who's finished a difficult story, or he's gone up my body and started riding on my head.

Leave Seek alone when this happens.

I can't help but be anxious about what I'll do when I get to the castle.

He hasn't heard what Cecilia would do just because she was called to the castle, either.

When my anxiety with Cecilia remained unwiped, I realized that I had arrived at Castle Clarines.