"What...? Are you seeing this with His Majesty?!? We didn't hear that..."

What will you do when you reach the castle?

When Cecilia checks with the castle soldiers, they're supposed to meet with a real king. Cecilia, who is in a panic of surprises, is desperately seeking an explanation from the soldier.

Don't ever see Cecilia so disturbed.

Seek is looking around.

Don't worry, if they compare you to the Castle of the Demon King like they did at the Aqua Rain house, it won't go out of style, so I'm stopping you from saying it beforehand.

While Cecilia was arguing with a castle soldier, I had looked into the king of the kingdom of Clarines, so I was remembering that.

King of the Kingdom of Clarines, Darts-Orta-Clarines. While the third prince, he's the one who kicked two of his brothers down and became king.

He stood on the battlefield at only fifteen years of age in a battle with the Demon King's Army, which lasted in the Kingdom of Clariness for ten years, and made a lot of gains.

Even when I was at Demon King's Castle, there were rumors that if a prince from some country did it, he'd be strong.

You almost got assassinated by two brothers who didn't think such a good idea of their brother, but on the contrary, you blamed them for not being guilty and threw them out of the kingdom of Clariness in the form of son-in-law?

By the way, you think the two brothers didn't stand on the battlefield at all and hurt the soldiers or just played with them if they weren't useful?

You're right to kick them out. Those guys.

And three years ago, you said you were bequeathed the throne by your former king and father, Dark-Marta-Clarines?

Half of it is rumoured.

The other half is what Raven told me.

It's amazing how you think you're playing king at twenty-five.

It's something I can't do.

If he wasn't a prince, he wouldn't have been Yuga, he'd have had the strength to say Darts was the guy being brave.

Well, you wouldn't have beaten me to be brave either.

In the end, I was the best. When I thought in my heart, Cecilia, who was arguing with soldiers, came back.

The expression isn't that bad, so apparently it's not a bad story.

"Have we talked?"

"Yes. Apparently, the king wants to talk to us himself."

"Do you want to hear more about what happened in the village of Dagaz?"


Then don't make a big deal of it if you don't keep your mouth shut.

You have to lay low about Guy and the fact that I fought as a demon.

You can't talk weirdly wrong.

"Then I'm worried..."

Me and Cecilia look in one direction at the same time.

There was a look of Seek looking around the castle in a restless manner.

This guy is the one you worry about the most...

"... anxious"

"Me too......"

Me and Cecilia told Seek many times not to talk about anything extra. Seek shakes his head vertically over and over again with Kokoku, communicating his willingness to affirm.

Seek was silent all the time talking, either because me and Cecilia persisted in paying attention in desperate shape.

"Look, don't ever say anything extra!

"Seek, be careful. You could strangle yourself!?"

Saying enough for two, the soldier rushes over here and shuts up.

"Excuse me. I'd like to show you around during a look... Are you sure?"

"Oh, yes...... it's okay"

"Here then..."

Walk in the castle with soldiers at the forefront. Cecilia is pretty calm about this kind of place.

I'm a little nervous.

Seek seems to be interested in castle conditioning or something, so he doesn't seem nervous.

Perhaps the easiest part is Seek.

It's up to me and Cecilia to answer the questions.

I reached in front of a large door as I relied on the soldier's guidance.

Perhaps there's something ahead between the sights.

I swallow my sauce.

I've met the Demon King several times at Demon King Castle, and I can manage courtesy or something if I use that experience.

Seek is... yeah, I'm anxious.

Doors are opened by soldiers.

Between the sight and the sight of the demon king of the castle of demons, it is not so different. A red carpet is laid on the floor and a man is visible on the throne.

Probably Darts-Orta-Clarines, the current king of the kingdom of Clarines who called us.

On the left there is a female knight who would be an escort, and on the right there is a man wearing costly clothes and glasses.

He would be a minister or someone in that capacity.

And dozens of security knights are on both sides of the room.

Soldiers urge me to move to a position a few steps away from the throne and me and Cecilia kneel down and bow their heads.

Seek didn't seem to know, but he managed to cut through the field by imitating how he could read the air.

"I'm sorry to call you out of the blue. I am Darts-Orta-Clarines, King of the Kingdom of Clarines.... That's tough. I'm sorry, can I talk to you in a normal way?"

... Are you asking us this?

I look like I'm talking to the female knight next door.

"... No, Your Majesty. Cecilia Aqualein has two first-person people, anyway. We need to show the king his majesty..."

"Don't talk hard, Sylvia."

Suddenly I grab a female knight's shoulder and attract him.

The female knight is blushing because her face is pretty close.

What do you mean, these two are made?

I see a peachy aura between these two.

The knights around them remain upright immovable, and those who look like ministers sigh lightly and groan, "Again..."

Isn't this the first time Cecilia's seen this sight either, she's piercing her faceless expression, and Seek... if she looks closely, she'll go to sleep!

"Um... what's the story?"

After watching the exchange as if to confirm the love between the two for about five minutes, the limit has finally arrived, so I will ask you about the matter.

"Hmm...? Oh, I'm sorry. I'm in the world with you two."

It's not about you, you Leah charging bastard... but I say foolishness in my heart because I'm a king.

The female knight looks soaked as if there was nothing, and is everything okay in this country......

"Let's get down to business. It was in the village of Dagaz that you came here today. As far as the report from Cecilia Aqualein is concerned, there are no deficiencies... but there are some things that really don't bother me."

Wow... I knew it.

Me and Cecilia will look lightly and send a signal to meet the back of the mouth as we meet.

"King Dirtz, what on earth did not fall to you?"

As per the meeting, first Cecilia, who has rapprochement with the King, answers the question.

"Hmm, that the Gallis Empire Brave Miller in the report is not only a sword technique, but also a medium figure. There have also been reports of possession of artificial demon weapons such as magic absorbing swords, magic reflecting throwing spears, flashing cylinders, etc.

"Yes, it's all true. … was there something strange about it?"

"I dropped that mirror in the river... which means I won't fall for it. Cecilia Aquarain, one of the brave parties that defeated how many demon kings. I don't feel compelled to have you. [M] One of those two. The Yowki thing is behind the fact that the Adventurer Rank is B in the Alliance, but the boy is unregistered in the Alliance. And..."

Look at Seek... he's still asleep!

Sure. Then you can't help being suspicious.

I look at Cecilia and she's cold sweating.

Maybe you're thinking about how we're gonna get through this.

I told you not to say anything extra, but I don't remember telling you to go to sleep.

"... Seek, get up"


I poke him with my elbow and wake up Seek.

"Do something, something"

Even an acrobatic move would trust me.

But I've seen Seek happen and King Darts has made a suggestion.

"I'd like to know what you're capable of... even working with Sylvia here?"

King Dirtz has made such a suggestion.

Sylvia and I would be the female knights next door.

... I think it would be okay if I didn't get hurt.


"... then I'll go"

Seek stared at Seek with a sharp glance that seemed unlikely to be someone who had been snuggling until earlier when Seek replied in between.

The female knight makes a slight move that I don't think she's wearing heavy armor, but Seek hasn't lost either.

Hands together for a minute or so, and the female knight turns her back a few steps away and returns to her former position.

He is stretching lightly on the spot without even pursuing Seek.

Apparently, it's over.

"Sylvia, how was his strength?"

"Yes, it was what I did inside. At that age, we're all excited about the future."

From what I've heard, it looks like Seek's strength has been recognized.

"King Dirtz, then……?"

When Cecilia questions King Dirtz on his behalf.

"Oh, let's trust you for once.... well, I was able to take the back from Raven, who originally took the bandits to Dagaz Village"

Apparently, people from the village of Daghaz were already listening.

Then they had several villagers who testified that they heard intense fighting from the woods where Teal lived.

Then you mean you didn't suspect it from the beginning...

Cecilia shook up puffy thinking desperately about excuses until just now.

"King Dirtz!

"Ha ha. Don't be so angry, Cecilia Aqualein. It's a little bit of a joke."

That's Cecilia. I'm angry with the king.

King Dirtz deceiving with such a laugh at Cecilia's wrath. I'm really getting worried about this country.

Dirts-Orta-Clarinez intel I checked, half a rumor, isn't it all rumors?

King Darts took a breath and opened his mouth, forgiving Cecilia for thinking so.

"Hmm... now let's get to the real point. This time in the village of Dagaz you have done many good deeds. [M] Retreat Miller, the brave man of the Gallis Empire, artificial demon weapons and information on what to do. It's all beneficial, like being in intelligence against the Kingdom of Clariness. So, I'm going to reward you for something, but what's good?"

Reward...... what a sweet sound.

It feels better if it's a reward.

Words change from reward to reward at will in my head, running through my head.

Rewards Rewards Rewards Rewards Rewards... yes!

"I want to go out with Cecilia"

After thinking faithfully about my desires, I came out of my mouth.

Say it. I'll regret it less than a second later.

It wouldn't be what you seek with a reward from the king!

Seek blast, Cecilia flash.

And I saw the moment when all the humans in the room, including King Darts, were consolidated.