"My lord! Your majesty said that he would reward you, but you're kidding me!


A female knight is angry and hands on a sword pattern that is strapped to her hips.

What do we do, this situation!?

It's the result of my own desire, but somebody do something about it!

I turn to the two of you next door.

Seek is still laughing, and Cecilia is holding her head, coming up with it.

... I don't have a help boat, what should I do?


Suddenly King Darts laughed out loud.

The laughter of King Darts echoing during the sight.

I'm laughing more than Seek.

"Da, what is wrong with King Dirtz?"

Someone like a minister worries and speaks up.

Until Cecilia reboots, we can only expect him to look like the most commonsense person in this.

"Don't you think it's really funny, Clyde? He looks a lot like me."

"People like King Darts are enough on their own...... Ha... don't even know my hard work"

... that minister is actually a hard worker, poor thing.

But I guess you don't hate King Dirtz because you and I are having a conversation about getting along.

I mean, if you have time to have a long conversation, I want you to do something about the female knight who's about to hang up on me.

Did my wish arrive, King Darts drew me to grab the arms of the female knight against each other.

"Sylvia, let's just calm down"

King Dirtz whispers with a sweet voice in his ear.

The figure was not the king of a single country, it only looked like a poor quality numb-numbered bastard who scolded women.

But the female knight blushes at the words of such a dart king and takes her hand away from the pattern of the sword she was grasping.

And then, like earlier, I drifted a peach aura and tripped into the world of the two of us.

I don't know...... it feels like a girl comic book if you like it.

But thanks to King Dirtz for saving me...

When I was at ease, I was accidentally slapped on the shoulder and turned to the side.

There was Cecilia wearing Mr. Sophia's tense faceless mask.

... It wasn't helping.

"... Mr. Yowki? You know what I'm trying to say."

I recall this happening in the village of Dagaz, but the level of anger is different from then.

When people ask me how much, I can't say anything like faceless Cecilia or cute.


Even me with cheats could die......

"Oh, um... Mr. Aqualein, calm down... I'm sure he didn't mean it either"

Just the savior, Mr. Clyde the minister.

He would be used to places like this if he were a common sense man and seemed to have a lot of rush and hard work thanks to King Dirtz.

Maybe you can do something about it.

I guess I was a fool to expect him to feel like such a straw.

"... I'm calm, aren't I? Mr. Clyde, don't be weird."

Cecilia said that in front of Mr. Clyde with no expression.

Minister Clyde, whose face turns blue as soon as possible.

At that moment I realized.

He said he couldn't do this anymore.

"Oh, yeah, right. That was an extra favor. Mr. Aqualein."

Minister Clyde, who could only buy time instead of forgiving Cecilia, went straight back to the fixed position of next to the throne.

... I knew I couldn't help you.

"Cecilia Aqualein, get him around there. You didn't mean it with him."

When did you leave the female knight?

King Dirtz has defended me.

Anyone can help me at this time.

Even if that's the color-boggling king.

"... ok, King Dirtz"

After a few thoughts Cecilia answers.

Sea bream even if it rots.

He's a king no matter how many women knights he flirts with in sight.

Cecilia just decided it was not a good idea to make any more noise on the spot between sights.

"... be prepared when you leave"

That's what they whisper in my ear.

... Looks like it won't help me after all.

King Dirtz laughed again when I was shaking and wondering what sermon was waiting for me when I left.

"Ha ha. I'm not tired of watching you two. … by the way, regarding the earlier reward…"

"No, that's fine. Forget it. It was the word. I've never seen you with a king before. But it's the first time I'm nervous... You say you've been told something terrible to even get rewarded..."

I feel the tingling air coming from the side and I don't feel bad if I don't take it to a different story as soon as possible.

Damn you Seek, you laughed even more when you saw me in a hurry.

This guy will be the most disrespectful.

Why did the Female Knight pay attention to me, Seek... why are you staring at King Dirtz?

The knights around me leave me alone.

Does not move while immobilized upright. It would be an action because we all know it would be troublesome if we got involved.

All of you, work, work!

"Damn, I didn't know such an interesting guy was in my country. If I'd met Yoki sooner, I might have put him in a brave party..."

"No, no, you bought me too much, King Dirtz."

Sexual Evil Wizard to the Azhu Brave. No matter how much Cecilia or Raven was there, I can't.

Even though Cecilia is the only one who can do a decent scratch, the balance I'm in makes it a pretty bad party.

Well, it's all about what if.

"Ha ha, I'm not buying anything else. 'Cause I think Yoki's going to be Adventurer Rank A soon."

How can you say that just because we talked about it?

It's nothing. Unlike Seek, I didn't put my hands together or show magic.

... I don't feel like the nasty guy liked me.

"... Captain - What's your reward?"

I would have flowed if we had talked a little more.

Seek, who was supposed to be holding his belly and laughing, looked back at the reward.

"Hmm?... right, you were talking about a reward. So first of all, it's a reward for the yoke... but I can't because I have to respect Aqua Rain's will."

I feel so guilty for King Dirtz, who's been bowing his head if I'm sorry.

It's pretty tough for King Dirtz to apologize for what he's supposed to do to me for being right... mentally. And all the more so because it's certain that if you go home, you'll be expecting something physically painful.

"Is Cecilia Aqualein anything?"

King Dirtz is completely depressed. He looks at Cecilia from me.

"No, because I have only straightened out my responsibilities as a person in the Kingdom of Clariness..."

"That's one of the brave parties. But the only thing that should have gone to the village of Dagaz was the treatment of the villagers, the crusade of the bandits. Fighting the brave men of the Gallis Empire wasn't included in the request, so don't worry about it."

"It's a former brave party, Your Majesty. And it's a coincidence that I ran into Miller, but I'm not willing to be rewarded."

"Hmm... if you don't want it, isn't it good to be forced? Nevertheless, the Brave Party of the Kingdom of Clariness is no longer a legend."

"Since we crusaded the Demon King, we each returned to our original lives..."

Cecilia told me that Yuga is doing diplomacy and crusades for Rank A demons.

You think Mikana works in the castle as a royal palace wizard and is in pretty good standing?

Raven is head of the regiment at the Knights of the Castle, and Cecilia is rolling through towns and villages everywhere to treat people as monks.

They do all live their lives apart.

... doesn't look like me though. Yuga is in love with Cecilia and Mikana is in love with Yuga.

The brave party is still alive.

In many ways though.

"... I wonder if the world is not at peace yet.... Oops, that's off the record. Does the boy have any rewards?"

Is it Seek at the end?

Please don't say anything strange... I can't talk about people though.

I put myself completely on the shelf and wait to see what Seek says.

"... I want to go home now because I'm sleepy ~"


He opens his mouth wide and stretches, rubs his eyes, and then stretches too freely.

We are all silent on Seek's word.

"Ha ha, right, sleepy? Then I have no choice. Let's talk about today."

It was King Darts who broke the silence.

Apparently, today's viewing opens with this.

Nice one, Seek.

You didn't have to give me this kind of bollocks.

Really good, exactly as planned......

"Shall we go home, Seek?... and Mr. Yowki."


"Oh, oh."

I totally forgot about the glitch I made.

And when he came out of the sight, king Dirtz said, Come again if you have time.

I honestly don't want to come because what I did is already traumatic.

On the carriage home again, Seek joked and rode on my head.

But there's no way I can afford to put a scratch on that.

You will remain silent in the carriage.

Cecilia was faceless, I was looking down and shaking too much of my fear.

Seek looked at us and said "boring."

Still, the two of us didn't talk at all, so Seek fell asleep.

With such worst air, the carriage arrives at the Aqualein family mansion.

Seek's in the guest room, napping in bed.

I'm the only one allowed into Cecilia's room.

And the one-on-one sermon began.

Oh, I'm such an idiot.