Alone in my favorite kid's room.

I think it would be a thrilling and fascinating situation for a normal average boy.

But not me now.

Sure thrilled, but not as sweet and sour as you would taste in adolescence.

The fear of what happens strikes and the heart hits.

That's how I am now.

"... Mr. Yowki, do you have anything to say?"

Cecilia looking down from the top in a royal position against me sitting on the floor.

When I entered the room, I inevitably took this form.

After sitting right there, he sees me scared and says nothing, and Cecilia gets angry at the words, and he turns his cold gaze and says it away.

"Yes, I'm sorry!

I immediately bow my head and do a beautiful earthen seat.

I don't think this will forgive you, but I'd say you'd better show your sincerity in apologizing.

With his head down, he looks up and asks for Cecilia's expression and remains faceless.

"Why are you suddenly apologizing? Are you aware that you've done something wrong?"

This reply will be answered when I am grounded. Apparently, you need to talk about the crimes I've committed.

Raise your head and state what I did during the glance.

"What I confessed during my glance..."

"You're aware, aren't you? So why do you think that's a bad thing?"

"Uh... it was insane... I guess"

"Yes. It's insane. I'm not talking about hating Mr. Yoki."

Good, they don't seem to hate me.

Though I am quite angry.

"How could it be insane at that time to tell people what to think in such a place..."

"... I guess you didn't think"

"Didn't you think it was weird in your head before I said it?

All I had in mind then was the sweet sound of reward and the desire to swirl.

I would never tell you because if I told you this, you'd have a long sermon.

"... I thought a little bit, but with"


Shit, I missed my choice of words.

Cecilia looks stunned and repeats my words.

"... Mr. Yowki. Shall we talk a little more?"

"... Yes"

All I could do was snort at Cecilia, who was getting blue on her forehead and revealing her anger.

Cecilia's sermon continued in this state for about thirty minutes. I heard knocking on the door of the room as I fought my leg paralysis and Cecilia's sermon.

"Cecilia, are you home?"

I can tell from the voice across the door that it's Mr. Celia.

When Cecilia answered yes with a chilled voice, she opened the door and Mr. Cecilia came in.

"If I came back, I'd say... what's the situation?"

"I'm preaching to Mr. Yowki."

"Oh... what happened?"

Cecilia explains the situation to Celia.

In the meantime, I was bent over wondering if the blame would come for being a parent and a child while I sat in the front seat.

"That's Yoki's fault."

When she finished explaining what had happened between the sights, Celia joined and the sermon resumed.

"Cecilia is a girl. It's not about the atmosphere or anything."

Is that what this is about?

"Um, Mother... that's not why I'm angry..."

"Just shut up, Cecilia! It's okay, Mother knows."

I don't think you understand.

I shut Cecilia up. Mr. Cecilia is sitting in the front seat with a broken knee. Gaze at me and pound my shoulder.

"Youki-kun, I am. I think the atmosphere and timing are very important."

"Ha, ha"

"Regardless of the timing, there is no atmosphere or flatulence in the place during the sight of a large number of people. There's no way Cecilia would respond well to that!

"Yes. You're right, sir."

Cecilia is totally out of mosquito nets. No to me.

I can only shake my neck vertically because I can't stand the power of Mr. Celia.

"Not at all. Then another man will take Cecilia!? Youki-kun is fine!?"

"I don't like that!

Cecilia's wedding with the other guys...... just thinking about it is going to make me cry blood.

If that happens, I might go and attack the other guy with a demonized look......

"What do you care what you're afraid of now? Like attacking a guy who went out with Cecilia."

"How do you know!?"

"Ugh... you can't lose an adult. But I think that's a good idea."

"Mother, I don't know..."

Cecilia, which has been a mess, has been an opinion.

Think about it. I agree with Cecilia.

"Oh, I wonder what's wrong. I think that's proof that they love you?"


Listen to Mr. Celia. Me and Cecilia round their eyes.

I wonder if it's a good way to love like that.

I don't know if my mental age equals no romantic experience in vain.

"I guess it was a little early for the two of us to talk about love. But you're going to need it, so you should study a little bit."

"... I don't know about such heavy love, hey?"


Cecilia is asked to give her consent and agrees.

"... Mr. Yowki is okay, right?"

"No, no, you suspect me?

I'm not interested in Yandere.

"But I was delusional when I was talking to your mother earlier..."

"No, that was earlier, so the..."

Mr. Celia is giggling when she sees us interacting like that.

What is so funny?

"Mother... what is wrong with you"

"Celia, why are you laughing...?"

"Dull... 'cause you guys were preaching earlier, and we're already making up."

"" Ah... "

I was pissed off until just now. At some point I was normally talking to Cecilia.

Cecilia doesn't seem to know why we've had a normal conversation either, and she's leaning her neck.

(They go well together, don't they? Is it possible that Yogi-kun's emptiness and Cecilia's being too serious are the factors that keep the relationship from developing? Well, I guess Youki-kun is bad this time)

Me and Cecilia, who are mundane without knowing Mr. Celia thinks that.

"Yes, yes, both of you calm down ~.... In the end, Yoki and Cecilia are good friends, so can we end this conversation?"

Is that okay with me?

I'd appreciate it, but what about Cecilia?

Looking at the look on his face, he doesn't seem very convinced.

But I can tell that the anger has subsided somewhat because he has a calmer look than earlier.

"... just this once."

"Oh, thank you. From now on, I'll try to think about time and place and do what I say and do."

Seems like Cecilia herself will only miss it this time.

If you think about it, Mr. Celia may have joined us in a conversation to make up for me and Cecilia.

I've been winking at Mr. Celia when I look at her.

I'm glad we made up. I'm sure you mean it.

When I interpret it casually, the voice that says "ah" sounds in the room.

"But I just have to ask Yoki to reflect a little on this one. Youki-kun, it's forbidden to see Cecilia for a month from today. You should learn a little bit about girls."


Hell from no other heaven.

There won't be a month, a month.

"Celia, Mr. Celia. Make it at least half a month."

"No, you can't."

"Do something there, please!

It is the second dungeon of the day.

I can do as much dirt as I want to to to meet a child I like.

If you don't do this, you won't be able to tell me what I mean.

"Um... Mother? Mr. Youki seems to be fully reflecting and doesn't have to go that far..."

"Oh, I don't know if Cecilia's gonna be able to wait a month to meet Yoki either."

"Uh... you know..."

Lovely and mozzy.

Wow, I rarely see Cecilia like this.

Watch Cecilia cancer and burn that figure in the back of her brain.

"Ugh, half a month would be fine then. Instead, the next time I see you, I want you to be firm with Cecilia."

"Firm attitude……?"

I don't know, what do you mean?

"I think Yogi-kun would know. Then it's time to open up. Sophia, are you there?"

"May I call you, ma'am?"

Mr. Celia slaps both hands with bread.

Then Mr. Sophia showed up less than ten seconds later.

I thought Mr. Sophia had skills that didn't make much difference to ninjas.

"No, it's a made-up hobby."

"Reading Mind!?"

"It was in my mouth. Ma'am, can I help you?"

"Looks like Yogi-kun's coming home now, so could you show him to the gate?"

"Yes, I did. Dear Youki, I will show you around."

Guidance is just a forced eviction, you know.

Mr. Sophia grabs and drags my root.

Is this strange to show you around?

I'm not going to say anything because I don't think it's going to change the status quo.

"I'll leave Seek-kun with you for a while."

Kidnapper Chick, the tone is fixed, but it doesn't change what you're doing.

Well, I'm good because I'm gonna help.

I can think of that while being dragged down with cheats. I think I have a liver sitting around.

"I'll see you again, Mr. Yowki"

I wave too because Cecilia has been waving.

I wish I could deal with Celia the next time I see her with the firmness she says.

With that in mind, I left the Aqualeins behind.