Under the cedary sky at dusk.

Me and Cecilia stand on a meadow that spreads everywhere.

"Will you take this...?"

I take a small box of squares out of my jacket pocket and open the lid.

There was a simple diamond ring inside.

"Mr. Yowki... is this...!?"

Cecilia has a mixed look of amazement and joy.

I speak my thoughts with a trembling voice.

"Oh, I want you to marry me"

A proposal that I couldn't put into words inside, but managed to get out of my mouth.

Cecilia comes to me with a happy look on her face.

"... that's fine"

I will never forget that word whispered in my ear.

Finally, I was able to score a goal in.

I'm going to be happy and my chest is going to rip open.

I got a good reply and realized that Cecilia's face was right in front of me at some point when it was at its peak.

"... kiss, don't you?"

Cecilia blushes and shyly turns away. For a moment I fall into the illusion that my brain has stopped functioning.

As I was solidifying, Cecilia closed her eyes and turned her face up.

I've never kissed anybody since my last life. I'm a little confused, but I'll get back on my feet soon.

Turn your arms around Cecilia's back and gently hug her, bringing her lips closer together.

I can't believe I can kiss a kid I like. It's like - I want to dream.

"... that?"

When I open my eyes, I see a ceiling I'm not used to seeing Cecilia.

My body is lying on my back and conveys the feel of a fuzzy bed, and I look around and this is another familiar sight.

Chairs on luggage that was messily placed on the desk.

In the corner of the room is Guy the Gargoyle, and Venus the Version Miro.

If you analyze the above, everything you've just experienced...

"Are you dreaming? Ooh!?"

I'm reincarnated and I feel the greatest sense of despair I've ever lived and roll over the bed.

Yes, I just got a restraining order yesterday to see Cecilia for six months.

I can't do that.

Why are you suddenly proposing when you're not even dating in the first place, you're talking too much!

"Why did you dream so happy but so unhappy in time...?"

There's no way I can conveniently dream like this all of a sudden from day one even though I haven't seen Cecilia for half a month.

I'm not calm at all. I think with my head.

And I got to one answer.


I grab and shake Guy's body, which would be the killer.

I'm not fooled to pretend I slept.

"... Mmm, what's up, kid? It's May. Quiet for a second... what's wrong!?"

"May, what is it? Here! You put Nightmare Sleep on me!?"

Guy has a bewildered look, but he'll just be in love, absolutely.

"Yeah, no, calm down! What the hell..."

"You don't have to be shirabara. You can't dream like that at a time like this! You definitely harassed me to dream like that."

"Ha!? What are you talking about? I've done nothing..."

"Damn it. You're harassing me! Make him look weird in return. Ah!

"Come on, whoa!

I changed Guy with my usual dirt magic.

I made it right this time, so if ten people see it, it's like all ten of them can say it's futile.

Then enough later. I'm calm. I listen to Guy, and for now, I'm reflecting.

"... do you have anything to say?"

"Something very sad happened yesterday. So I suspected it. For now, I'm reflecting."

"Why do you have to change my appearance when you suspect me for selfish reasons..."

Oh, man. Guy shaking his head. I don't think it was a good idea to hit Guy now that he's calmed down.

"I'm sorry.... did something to piss Cecilia off yesterday. I beg your pardon, but a little..."

Celia has pronounced me not to meet Cecilia for half a month, and I don't know what a firm attitude means.

"... I'm not interested in human sex. I can't talk to you like that."

"... for Loricon's sake"

"Hey, kid, what did you just say? You said Rorikon again."

I'm doing something close to brainwashing a girl like Teal because she's a little devilish.

Even though regular Teal is an intelligent literary girl, it is so decided because when it comes to Guy's story, the character collapses.

I think I'll get my hands on Teal someday.

"You've said it many times, kid! I didn't do it with Rorikon, because I owed that girl..."

"Uh, okay, okay. We're out of line, so let's go back."

Because I said an extra word, I'm about to go in a weird direction, so I'll fix it.

I don't know what to do now.

"... well. But like I said, you don't know anything if you ask me."

Is it useless to consult Guy in love with a guy who has always slept in ruins and village temples?

But what shall we do? Let's go get the advice of the successful here.

I went to the guild where I knew someone who was married.

"Am I right? That's when. Shut up and get kicked and hit. There's plenty of sickness, knee pillows and heaven waiting for you if you hold on."

"Clayman asked me if I was stupid."

I thought Clayman, once married and having a lovely marriage, would give me some good advice, but I forgot.

That Clayman and Mr. Sophia are not normal couples.

"Huh? I'm on a troublesome romance counselor while I'm at work... What's wrong with that?"

"It's not helpful! That's the way they love you, Clayman and Sophia!

Oh, why do I have so many freaks around me?

It's tough because there's no Cecilia, the only common sense person.

Even if I were there, I wouldn't talk to you about love.

I can't think of any romantic counseling for someone I think of.

"I don't know, what can I do for you now? You don't have to do anything. You don't have to work."

"Make sure you're self-depraved.... but I don't know what else to do..."

When you're thinking about if I'm desperate for anybody, all of a sudden they slap me in the shoulder from behind.

I thought someone and turned around and a disguised Raven stood.

"Oh, Raven. Are you off today?"

"... so I thought I'd go shopping today."

Speaking of which, you promised me before.

I can't believe you even came to the guild to keep your word to discipline.

... right!

"Hey, I need to talk to you about something, okay?"

"... Yoki took my advice. Nothing good."

Raven seems like a commonsense guy, and until a while ago, he was neglected by romance, but he might give Happiness a good opinion because he's currently one-sided.

"Then I wonder if I could change places. Even in the inn I rent."

"... ok"

That's how you convinced me. I took Raven back to the inn.