I took Raven to an accessory store I visited on my last date with Cecilia.



When I go into the store, my Raven and I get cramped in the face.

For whatever reason, the store is full of couples of both sexes.

There are no such thing as two men coming.

If you look around, you can see a couple shopping around flirting.

"... I'm already dying to go home."

"I know how you feel..."

Raven whispered in my ear in a whisper, so I give it back in a whisper as well.

Even I don't like this situation going on.

It doesn't feel half the way out of place.

But I want to buy a present and go home because I'm here.

"... I've come this far because of you and let's be patient. I've already decided what to buy, so let's decide what Raven wants to buy."

"... hmm....... ok"

"Well, let's find it."

Raven acknowledging with a response that feels like reluctance.

I just decided to go home and find the store.

Choose the product with a serious eye.

Don't be like that when a handsome guy looks at a serious choice of accessories for women.

Watching Raven with that in mind is enough.

"What kind of product are you looking for?"

A female clerk was called out for looking at the lost Raven.


"Ah... you know, customers?"


Raven, whose voice is complex, can only talk to some people he knows, such as me and Duke.

Neither Raven nor the clerk know what to do. It's getting air, so I have to get in between.

"Oh, excuse me. I'm his friend. He has a pretty inner personality......

Follow Raven's inability to talk and talk to a female clerk about what's good for her.

"Right... at least what if you can't just decide what kind of accessories you want..."

"... hair decoration"

Raven whines with as much voice as I can only hear.

I see, that's a hair decoration.

"Excuse me, do you have something good with hair decoration?"

One moment, please.

Ask the clerk to direct you to the place where the hair decorations are sold and select a couple of recommended products.


Raven pointing silently at one hair ornament.

A feather-inspired hair accessory.

Coincidence would have it, but you picked the perfect thing for Happiness. Yuga had zero sense of accessories, but Raven doesn't seem to have a problem.

I have zero taste in art? So I guess there's something Raven doesn't have any taste in either.

Raven just came back from accounting for something that had nothing to do with it.

The expression is subtly brightened.

Probably because I made a good purchase.

"... I could have bought a good gift thanks to Yogi. Thanks."

"No, no, I didn't do anything..."

It was the clerk just now who chose the recommendation and offered me a candidate, and it was Raven who chose to buy from it.

That's about what I told the clerk about Raven's words.

"... it's Youki's turn next... I'm sure you've already got a star on you"

"Oh, I'm fine"

I look for the necklace I had last time I was here.

I thought it would be in the same place, and when I looked, I found it.

Good, there was more...

"Phew...... I'm glad we didn't sell out."

I immediately grabbed it, completed my accounting, and went to Raven, who kept me waiting, and I watched the ring for some reason.

Second, I remember a dream I had this morning.

You're not even dating yet, like, a ring... you're too early!

I wonder what time the hell that sight will come.

I hope it's not that far into the future, while I approach Raven.

"... you buy rings too?"

Raven responding to my voice shook his head sideways.

"... I was just watching"

Raven answering in a whisper.

I said I was just watching, but I guess I'm interested.

I'm rooting for you, but the other guy's called Happiness...

I wish Raven could be a little more aggressive, but I don't get to see him that much.

I hope this present brings us closer to each other.

I'm not worried about anyone else, either.

Though I deserve it, I need to give you a gift in half a month to show you a solid attitude...... yuck.

"I'm done for, and should I go home now?... No, I'm hungry and we'll have lunch somewhere"

"... oh, just in time for lunch.... It's good to have a good shopping day, thanks"

"Me too... it's good to talk to Raven. Because I will definitely make up perfectly with her..."

We leave the store while each other appreciates each other.

As it were, I would go into a nearby tavern or restaurant and eat dinner and go home... but I was supposed to.

"... you're a swordsman, aren't you? I'm lying next to a monk who was with me before..."

Suddenly he calls from behind and me and Raven turn together.

There's one of those brave parties that got caught up in the uproar last time because of Yuga. Girl Wizard, Mikana stood.

... I have a feeling something is going to go wrong.