"I can't believe you two guys are in a store like this... wasn't the swordsman after you, anyway?

Mikana is sending a subtle glance at us both coming out of the accessory store.

Apparently, he's being suspected of something unexpected.

I can't refuse to remember waking up to homonymous love, though how much I've been flabbergasted by girls since my last life.

Even Raven is in love with Happiness, so you shouldn't be.

"Hey, don't make a weird mistake. We were just picking presents for each other."

"A gift... to whom?"

"Of course it's up to the child you like..."

After I say it, I notice all the time and shut my mouth but it's too late.

When I look at Mikana in front of me, she looks at us alternately with a stingy look.

"Heh, you knew you were after monks, so you didn't know swordsmen."


Why did you say that? Raven sent me a gaze to complain.

Even if they turn that gaze on me, I've already said it, and now I need to figure out how to escape Mikana's pursuit.

"When I was partying and traveling, I just trained in swords, unlike Yuga's idiots who were unconsciously making harlems by saying that I couldn't get the favor of the girl because of it. There's a swordsman who was deliberately keeping people away from themselves instead of girls......


"... or it's the same thing not to talk. Well, I laughed when we first met. It's my fault."

Micana looks sorry and distracts her gaze.

Apparently this guy has heard Raven's voice and laughed.

Seems to be a lot of reflection now though.

"Is Raven still mad at Mikana?"

Ask Mikana to whisper in her ear so she doesn't sound like her.

"I'm not mad at you. Just..."


"I thought you'd be ridiculed again, laughed at, surprised..."

"I see. Are you traumatized"


I knew Raven cared about the terrain, but you're more serious than I thought.

I want you to overcome it somehow, but now I can't afford to care about people either.

I have to fix myself first, not Raven's problem.

"... ha. Still, it's called a monk and a good swordsman, why do you hang out with ordinary people who look like you?"

"Ha!? Suddenly what?"

"Two of the four brave men who defeated the Demon King are not among the ordinary people I know. The swordsman was avoiding people as much as he could just say, and even the monks couldn't count the men who would come along on their journeys, but they were supposed to turn down the invitation with ease..."

"Eh... I'm the first to hear Cecilia was being snuggled up to me by a man"

"Yowki... is that where you go in? Or how does Yoki relate to Cecilia?"

Raven has been whispering and asking questions at the same time because he cares about me and Mikana.

Or it would be annoying to talk this long in front of an accessory store.

Most importantly, it may become noticeable and make a scene with Mikana and Raven's identity unraveled.

"... we'll talk about our relationship with Cecilia later. Let's leave this place now. If we'd just talked in front of the store any more, it'd be noticeable."

"... you sure do. I don't want to be one of Yuga and the other two."

"That's settled. Let's even go into the restaurant as we planned earlier. I'm hungry."


Well, I've decided what to do. Let's just get out of here.

"... hey, what are you talking about without a rat?"

You were unhappy that me and Raven were talking in a whisper, or there was Mikana on the top of the Buddha.

The question is what to do with this guy.

Honestly, I don't want to be with you any more.

I don't like these types of women, and I kind of feel like my mouth is slipping and I'm going to say extra things.

"Well, me and Raven are going out for lunch now, bye"


I waved flickering backwards and Raven bowed for some reason before coming next to me and starting walking.

Now I can go for lunch, and I can stay away from Mikana, and I'll figure it out.

"Ha!? Wait a minute."

But the world doesn't seem to work that well.

He starts walking toward the restaurant. He grabs our shoulders disappointingly.

"What is it?

"What is it? It's not. We're not done yet. Why are you suddenly going to a restaurant?"

"No, 'cause if we didn't meet you, we'd go to dinner and we'd talk about it originally... hey?"


I shook my head in silence when I asked Raven next door for his consent.

"Ugh, still talking..."

"Ha, you don't remember the last commotion. Are you going to bother this store again?"

I say in a sigh. The last disturbance took five hours to calm down.

In the meantime, it seemed like this accessory shop didn't go into business because people had spoiled it in front of the store.

Or the female employee was watching Yuga and the job wasn't on her hands.


"It would stand out if we had a long conversation in front of the store like this. I'm sorry for the commotion."

The conversation stops and quiets down. That's all you can tell.

But here someone's belly sounds and silence is broken. That sounds pretty loud.

"... who?"

It's not me, by the way. When I look at Raven, he's shaking his head sideways...... that means.

When I look at Mikana, my face is bright red and I'm leaning down.

You noticed the sight of me and Raven, you looked up and stared at me.

"What the fuck!? I'm just hungry. Something complaining!?"

I don't know what it is, but it's starting to look the other way.

Nothing. Neither I nor Raven said anything.

"Speaking of which, you guys are going to the restaurant. Then I'll go with Atashi. I'm hungry, and if you're in the store, you can talk.

"Hey, don't decide on your own..."

"If you decide, I'll go with you. Atashi, I know a delicious place around here."

"Hey... Ma"

"... give up, Yowki. Oh, there's no stopping Mikana."

He scratches my voice off and keeps moving forward, so when I try to stop him, Raven is pounding my shoulder and shaking my head slowly.

Whoa... not clayman, but why such a cumbersome development...

"Hey, come quick. I'll leave you!?"

He turns to us behind him and invites us with a half-gillet look.

"... you can leave me something else"

"... do I have to go out with you"

Me and Raven dropped their shoulders disappointingly and got to Mikana.