Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried eating with a friend and a girl wizard.

You're going to act almost compulsively with Mikana, on the road to the Mikana Recommended Restaurant.

I was desperate to figure out how to leave Mikana.

I don't want Mikana to talk about me or Raven's relationship.

My mouth looks kind of light, and they say heckles and stuff and I don't want to mind-break the two of us.

"... Yowki"

Raven walking next door speaks in a whisper.

Did you come up with a good operation?


"... what's the relationship between Yoki and Cecilia?"

"You hear that now!?"


I know you're curious, but I don't think that's the case right now.

Maybe Raven is surprisingly mypace.

Well, maybe I'm the only one who knows who Raven likes, and I'll explain it briefly.

"My thoughts and now my relationship as a friend."

"Was Cecilia your favorite opponent?... which means the person who pissed me off this time..."


"Are you... are you okay?"


"No... Cecilia treats everyone nicely, but if she gets angry... no, it's nothing"

You remembered something, Raven, stopping what you were about to say and descending on the side of his neck.

... Was something wrong when we were having a brave party?

I don't think Raven did it, so I guess the other two did something.

Probably, or high probability, it's Yuga.

"Raven, I've been pissed off by Cecilia so many times I've been sent a cold gaze, I'm fine"

"... is it okay if you're in love?"


It's okay... is it?

Deep down, I'm getting anxious.

I feel pretty stupid in front of Cecilia.

I'm not gonna be loved as much as I am, am I?

Shit, the more I think about it, the more negative things I think about and I get depressed.


They called me by name in my ear if I kept my anxious expression quiet.

Return to sanity from negative thoughts with that voice.

"... are you okay?... I'm sorry you didn't have to worry."

"No, I'm fine. I was just thinking."

"Well... I'm so sorry, because I said something weird"


Bitter laughter deceives me once I take my gaze off Raven.

Convince yourself that no one but Cecilia knows what Cecilia thinks of me, so I can't help thinking about it.

I'm feeling kind of dark, so let's get tense with the long time cook two switch.

"Raven, I'm all right now. Don't worry."

I say pose with normal voice instead of a whisper in my ear.

"... now I don't think it's okay in a different way"

"... what?"

I don't remember.

I'm not depressed anymore, and now the tension is up to its maximum.

I'm not supposed to be in a worried state.

"... no, it's nothing. At least if Yoki's feeling better."

"Well... then don't worry. Don't go back to what you should have been"


Raven is tilting his neck.

I wasn't originally trying to talk about my relationship with Cecilia.

Now we have more important things to talk about than that.

"... don't you see? Then let me tell you! The answer is, how do you get Mikana to pry?"

"... oh, I see"

Raven gets a loose look and holds his head down. Apparently, you realize where you are now.

"I don't mind because I already have a lot going on with Mikana, but Raven will be different. If they ask me questions and give me advice I don't even need... and even ask me about my opponent Happiness"

I could see Raven's complexion turning blue.

Raven should know more about Mikana than I do. You'll see how annoying it will be if you splurge.

"... I just need you to shut up about Yoki?"

"That's sweet. That type of person will persevere in coming once they want to know. If I keep my mouth shut, I can easily imagine a spear pointing at Raven."

"... I'm honestly not sure I'll pierce the silence if Mikana really presses me"

"That's why we need a crackdown............ yes! Huh, happy raven. Thanks to the tension, I've come up with a good plan."

I smile uncomfortably.

I still hope to turn on the cook two switch, I can feel my head. The downside is that there will be more futile tricks.

I tend to pose as cool as I think I am.

"... is that true?"

"I'll take care of it! Now let's get to work..."

I'll tell Raven what I think of the operation.

When I'm done communicating the operation, Mikana tells us it's too late to walk, so I run and catch up.

Then I walked a few minutes to the Micana Recommended store.

"Here we are, here we are. The atmosphere is stylish, the clerks are friendly and the food is excellent. Come on, let's go in."

When I go inside the store, I do have a stylish interior, as Mikana says, and the store smells appetizing.

But it's not the kind of place where two men come, it's the kind of atmosphere where two men and two women come on a date.

I don't really understand the image of eating a meal that leads me to eat.

Again, our romance...... I guess he went out of his way to direct us to a store like this to hear more about Raven in particular.

"Welcome, you're three. Please take this seat."

He leads the clerk to a place to sit, sits in a chair, and looks up to Raven.

Raven snorted when he noticed my gaze.

Mikana, I'm not gonna let you do what you think.

Me and Raven started the operation, as we met.

"Come on. Let me tell you a lot about you..."

"I'm sorry. Order, please."

"Hey, don't listen to me..."

Mikana talks to him, but ignores him, and orders about ten dishes from the menu from the store clerk who rushes in.

Raven can't talk, so I pointed my finger at the name of the dish on the menu and ordered about eight items.

"Hey!? How much are you guys going to eat!?"

"No, I'm hungry and we're boys. Hey, Raven?"


Cock-and-mouth raven. Of course I don't usually eat this much.

This is an operation.

"Phew...? Fair enough. Oh, Atashi..."

Mikana seemed unwilling to eat here and only ordered drinks.

Looks like we were going to focus on the conversation, but that's not going to happen.

A few minutes later, me and Raven were slowly chewing the food we came to and eating it well... not long enough to talk.

"... you don't want to talk to me."

Mikana looks at us and looks at us.

I'm luxurious, and Raven keeps his manners and eats. But me and Raven won't stop eating, and I'm taking the time to eat.

This is my plan. I can't talk during dinner, so be quiet. Operation.

... while I think it's a perfect operation.

I can eat this until evening without talking to Mikana and dissolve it.

"... Huh. Yes, because I was going to tell you an interesting story about monks."

My hand stopped, which I wasn't planning on stopping at the perfect time.

You're talking about Cecilia?

I don't know about Cecilia...... I want to hear it.

If I start thinking that, I won't stop anymore.

I had eaten less than twenty minutes of the ten dishes I was supposed to eat slowly.

... Operation failed.

"... Welcome"

I finished eating as many as ten dishes, so I am quite full of bellies and suffering.

Raven is staring at me like that with his face.

... I know what you're trying to say, but I think it makes me want to know about a child I like that I don't know.

... Well, it's only an excuse for a failed operation.

"Well, it looks like the swordsman is still eating, and I was wondering if you'd let me talk to him."

Mikana, you look proud of yourself, but I'll never tell you about Raven if I tell you about myself.

Raven was desperately eating the remaining four dishes while alternating between me and Mikana like that.