Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I asked him about his favorite kid's past.

"... so, have you made any progress with the monks since that disturbance? That's what I want to know first."

Mikana asks me for a little drink.

After Raven... let's talk about my misfortune and make it an air where we can't talk about love.

"Oh...... nothing's actually progressing. Your childhood friend crushed your date."

"Ha!? Aren't you an idiot that you didn't do anything? The fact that the monk even went on a date should be a little favorite to you..."

Mikana has a mixed look of surprise and shuddering, and a huge sigh of humor......

... to be honest, I came all the way to my heart, but let's keep going all at once.

"Plus you pissed Cecilia off because of what I've done stupid lately... I've been banned from seeing my mother for half a month..."

"Wow, pissing off that monk... you're amazing..."

Mikana is bluishing her face a little.

Apparently, he remembers when Cecilia got angry.

Let's hear more about it and defy the topic from romance.

And this reaction... I'm kind of curious.

"Hey... I've been pissed off by Cecilia so many times I'm not convinced of your or Raven's reaction..."

"... doesn't that mean you've never really pissed off a monk yet?"

"No, I should have been seriously angry last time. That's all I've done."

I'm pretty sure Cecilia was seriously angry.

But I did wrap up a disproportionate anger in Cecilia's image and she sent me a cold gaze... but if I recall, my face won't turn blue enough.

"... that's crazy. It must have been amazing how angry the monks were when Yuga did it."


Raven shakes his neck vertically while eating four dishes and agrees with Mikana.

I knew you did it, Yuga. I guess that's what you did to piss off Cecilia.

I can't tell you about people, but don't worry about what you did.

"Hey... what the hell did the brave man do to piss off Cecilia?"

I honestly felt like I shouldn't ask, but humans...... I'm a Demon now, but I can't beat curiosity.

Besides, I don't want to piss Cecilia off anymore, so I want to know for your information.

Raven held his head down when I asked him that question, and Mikana turned a bright red face and told me.

"Yuga's idiot... went into the monk's room in the middle of a change, or went to the hot springs and Yuga bowled with the monk in the wrong way for an open-air bath time... that just kept happening"

"Hey, where are the brave men today? Slightly half-kill...... no, I'm gonna kill you"


Raven stops eating once I try to get my seat up and holds it down.

Apparently, he had the ability to be a lucky sketch.

That's the protagonist bastard with the title Brave Man.

But not only did I see Cecilia change, but I couldn't keep my mouth shut for as long as I had a peek in the bath.

I shake off Raven's stop and stand up.

I guess my face is getting younger now.

"Hey, calm down, you! Or there's no way ordinary people like you can kill Yuga! And I'm still in the middle of a conversation, so shut up and listen."

"... Shit, I get it"

Give me a tongue and I'll take a seat.

I was a human yoke now.

It becomes a problem for a brave man who defeats the Demon King to be defeated by a general adventurer.

If I were a Demon Yogi, I'd make you such a Harlem brave bummer......

"I can see some disastrous aura from behind you... but it's not unusual now for Yuga to buy grudges from a man. It's a continuation of the conversation."

"So Cecilia's pretty, huh?"

"Yeah, but I'm usually angry."


"Well, maybe ten minutes of sermons.... because monks have a lot of patterns to preach without basically being angry"

"Speaking of which, it started with a sermon when I was... that? So you don't have to be so afraid?"

To the extent that I've ever been mad at Cecilia, there have certainly been times when I was afraid, but not until my face turns blue when I remember.

"The monk allowed Yuga just for that sermon... I can scold people for their mistakes without yelling... I regret it, but I thought they were made of humans. That's why once Yuga made a serious mess of it, it's really no more..."

"What the hell did you do to me?"

"Yuga unconsciously captivated a girl in a town she stopped by on a journey... well Atashi is one of those captivated"

"Is there a problem?"

Harlem to the brave is a normal setting in the world of previous life.

You're actually such a handsome, strong, honorable guy, aren't you?

Flags everywhere will naturally stand.

"There's a lot of it! We'll get along with the girls as we go, so three days is the limit for staying in the same village or town. If you stay any longer, the girl for Yuga will be pushing you to the inn where you're staying!

"No, no... it's all wrong with the brave guys, so you should have let the brave guys take all the blame, right?"

"Because that yuga is stupid, you guys got annoyed!

"What do you mean?"

"Unlike monks, Yuga can't turn down a girl's invitation because she's kind in vain."

"Uh... I see. I mean, if you don't get out of the village or town right now, you're gonna make a date with a lot of women, and you're gonna get in the way of your trip."

Mikana shakes her neck vertically with a dust.

I didn't know you were acting like a brave man but you were pulling your leg.

Funny how a girl who falls in love with herself is more of a travel obstacle than a demon or something. What a brave man.

"No matter how many times Atashi cautions you, when you get to a new town and you realize in less than a day, you know a lot of girls."

"... is that why?"

Did you get mad because Yuga knew a lot of girls?

Suppose Cecilia got mad at Yuga because of jealousy......

"Are you mistaken? Sure, that's why, but the monks weren't mad because they cared about Yuga."

"Ah... it is"

"If a monk cares about Yuga, they've been dating a long time."


"Damn, I'll keep talking. So the journey doesn't go as planned in the middle, and even the villages and towns I stopped by don't get enough rest. One day, when that happened because of Yuga, Yuga finally got caught by the girls and the trip was greatly delayed..."

I don't think that could have been Cecilia anymore, but Micana and Raven could have gotten angry with the threesome.

Or do that...... no Raven couldn't speak even if he wanted to be angry?

"The monks got angry because they didn't have a sloppy relationship, did they? Because Yuga says extra things many times, even though it started as usual..."

Cecilia apparently had no eyes or mouth laughing during her sermon to Yuga.

They just went on to preach against Yuga pale for about two hours.

You think Mikana and Raven couldn't move at all watching what happened then?

"So if we don't piss off the monks as much as we do... it's gonna be a big deal"


When I thought about it, I was saved that day by Mr. Celia.

If Mr. Celia hadn't come to the room, I might have had the same eyes as Yuga.

Well, even if it was, I was all bad that day, so I was taking Cecilia's anger straight from the front.

"Well, then it's time for me to listen to the swordsman..."

Here I hear someone's belly again.

I've eaten ten dishes, and Raven's eating, there's no way I'm hungry.

That means.

"... because you were bellybuzzing earlier and I'm just going to get you something to drink"

"May is so annoying. I wanted to talk to you soon, I'm complaining!?"

Mikana turns a bright red face and gives me the opposite guile.

But you bellied at a good time.

The timing is too good to make me laugh, but when Micana sprinkles me, it gets even worse in May, so I can hide my mouth and laugh with my hands.

Here came two dishes that Raven hadn't even gotten a bite of.

"... already... it's the limit"

I hear a plundering voice in my ear.

Apparently, Raven was in a food fight all by himself while me and Mikana were talking.

I never thought a perfect operation would lead to such a result...

"Raven wants you to eat those two."

"Ugh... then don't hesitate"

That's how you were hungry, Mikana flattens the dish with great speed. I guess that means I was hungry.

"... or Raven, are you okay?"

Raven holding his mouth and belly down because he eats too much.

Is there no stomach medicine in this world?

I'll go buy it as soon as it happens.

"... I'm fine. Maybe with a little rest."

"Except you're a knight and you're a snack..."

"No, I don't normally have as much as this, but I lost my appetite if I was hoping Micana could talk about Happiness..."

"You're too weak.... I don't like how much you can do."

"... if Micana sprays me, I'll likely talk to Yuga as well. Then absolutely Yuga will take some action..."

"Ah... I see. Sure, don't make it any trouble."

Brave Equal walking flagmaker.

Flags are not only romance flags, but also troublesome flags and such.

I guess you don't want to get Happiness involved.

"Besides... there are some parts that are simply embarrassing. He says he talks about a kid he likes."


Raven speaks a slightly reddened cheek with a big finger and embarrassment.

Raven...... too pure.

Somehow, my love is important too, but Raven's love is making me want to be so supportive.

"... Youki, keep your mouth shut, what's wrong?"

"No... Raven... good luck and be happy"

"... what?"

It means we're here for you.

Confused Raven. I'll finish the conversation on my own.

Well, it looks like Mikana had already finished her meal while we were talking.

They were waiting for us to finish talking.

"So... what's the swordsman's love story after all?"


"Huh!? Why not!

I don't want you to get upset because your belly is full and full.

But I'm never gonna tell you about Raven.

"I will protect Raven's pure love!

I assure you so that it sounds like Mikana alone.

It was me with the Kitchen II switch on again at some point.

"... why is Atashi acting like a villain on his own!


"No, I'm not. Even Atashi wants to be a swordsman... and"


"A, Atashi hasn't worked out about Yuga lately either and worried about what to do... I was wondering if you could talk to me..."


The lower the voice was at the end of the conversation, and the last part was barely loud enough to be heard.

Oh, come on... this is a romantic consultation.

Me and Raven couldn't keep up with the sudden developments and hardened our thoughts.