Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to get a girl wizard romance counseling.

Let's sort out the situation.

Next to me is the hardened Raven, and up ahead is Mikana, who is ashamed of herself with her own words.

... I don't know what that means.

I'm going to listen to Raven until just now - I wonder why he's in such an air when it felt so sexual.

Or isn't Micah the character I thought she was?

I didn't feel like a bitch when I met you at Demon King's Castle. It's unreasonable... but something seems to me to be surprisingly in love with Yuga all the way.

I thought this guy was from such a position as Harlem I in Yuga.

"Hey... what the hell are you worried about?"

If you're not going to talk about Raven, it's convenient for you to have Micah's romantic consultation.

"Not lately... but because of an event, Yuga stopped talking to me a lot..."

"But didn't you two have a date before?"

"Actually, Atashi forced me out on a date when there was a disturbance last time. It's a beautiful day, and you tell me you want to go shopping like you used to.

Speaking of which, you were talking about that that day.

Besides, when Yuga found Cecilia, she took Cecilia to the store just like Mikana.

I feel the response is cold even if Yuga is in love with Cecilia.

"Well...... I was thinly aware they hated me, and I know why"

"Hey, wait. If you know why, you can do something about it."

"I'm not gonna talk to you guys if I can handle this myself!

He seemed upset because he told me that he was hated by someone he liked, and he got the other way around.

"I can't handle myself... what did you do?"

"... if you're a swordsman there, don't you have an imagination?"

Mikana suddenly waves to Raven, but he can only send a positive or negative signal because he can't speak.

Raven, who remained solidified until earlier, has returned at some point, shaking his neck vertically to show his willingness to affirm.

"No, no, you don't understand. It's just me. I'm sorry, but I don't know anything about it."

"It's not like you get it. 'Cause it happened before I knew you."

"I don't remember you from the beginning."

Raven and I are friends, but Mikana and I are not friends. I think it's a relationship I know less than others.

"... Speaking of which, you did. Then we'll get to know each other now."

"Oh, I know you now."

For some reason, it highlights someone I know.

I usually feel like I should get to know Mikana, even though I'm supposed to talk to her about love and make her friends or something.

It would also be in Mikana that being friends is a bit......

Then you might think not to talk to me, but my friends don't feel bad about listening to me if I'm not able to, but if I'm one of them worried about romance, and it might even be helpful.

"Then I'll talk... but I'll ask before then. Can you swear that you will never speak out of your mouth?"

"No, that's an important story, and I won't tell anyone if I tell them not to. I better keep my word."

"Hmm, I'll check with the swordsman... but you can trust him, right?"


Raven nodded forcefully. Does Raven trust me a lot?

If so, I'm glad to hear it.

He's my first friend in the world, and I'll make sure I trust Raven.

Being so determined in my heart, I spoke of how Mikana became cold-blooded by Yuga.

"I know you don't know this because it's not officially public information... Atashi and the others, it's been wiped out over and over again at Demon King's Castle"

"Oh, yeah?"

I just know the information...... or the killer is me, so I'm not surprised, but if they don't believe me, it's bad, so I pretend to be surprised.

I don't know why we need to talk about it.

...... kind of a bad feeling.

"Besides, I'm not dealing with the demon king, I'm just one demon..."

Sadness drifted from Mikana and Raven.

I guess you remembered how many times you were hit.

I feel kind of sorry because I'm the killer.

"Oh, you were so strong.

What a clown I am to be pretending to be desperately surprised because if I don't react something will be suspicious.

I did it myself.

"He was strong. I don't know why I was in the middle of Demon King's Castle.... he was more like a demon king to us."

... it looks like I was on the Demon King back then at the Brave Party.

Well, the real Demon King can crusade in his first battle without Cecilia.

... Did Cecilia think you were like a demon king about me too?

Well, it doesn't matter now, so let's ask next time.

"Attack magic more than Atashi, healing magic more than monks, more than swordsmen.... and more battle sense than yuga...... They were overwhelmed by only one demon..."

"Oh, you're serious. Was there such a guy..."

I don't like knowing myself.

What makes you sad and have to listen to your strongest legend?

The words that are completely out of my mouth are bar-reading, but Mikana keeps talking without even stopping to care what I think.

"Besides, we were totally tasted by him. I was ready to die the first time I got hit... and I noticed that all the Atashi were dumped in a nearby village. With the wounds healed in a polite struggle with him."

"Oh, oh... that's right. Somehow, you're a very friendly enemy."

I don't know what to do, I can't have an eye for an eye conversation.

It's awkward and even makes me gaze at it from Raven.

"Hmm... that was such a humiliation from Atashi! And then I felt bad."


"Because once I fought, I was shown an overwhelming difference in power! They were wiped out without much resistance. I've never had a way of losing like that before!

Giri...... and Mikana give a toothpick.

It seems that losing to me has become a pretty regrettable memory for Mikana.

I did say "fuhahahaha. Such fragile magic, etc!" I also remember doing a couple of things that I said and easily offset Mikana's unleashed magic.

Every time I saw Cecilia, there was tension, and that's when the cook was always on.

"You were such a formidable enemy... you were able to defeat him so well"

Ask questions because I think I'm white to the habits I know but it's unnatural the other way around if I don't ask.

"... right"


Not only will it be Mikana, but it will be more depressing air to Raven.

I feel like... I've touched a story I shouldn't have touched.

"Eh, sounds like I said something bad... sorry"

Honestly, I don't see why you two would be like this here, but for now, I'll read the air and apologize to you both.

"No, you don't have to apologize. I just remembered when I defeated him... or when I left."

"Oh, really?"

Well, I didn't knock him out.

For once, Mikana and the Ravens weren't there, and Cecilia is supposed to have defeated me alone.

"Yes. That's what happened then, isn't it? Because Atashi did the worst... so I wonder if Yuga is cold with Atashi..."

Mikana looks up to the ceiling with an uncut look on her face.

What's with all the tears coming out of those eyes... this air is getting serial at some point.

For a few seconds, Mikana, soaked in sentiment, wipes her tears and looks at me seriously.

"... you might get mad when you hear what I'm about to say. Same as Yuga... if you like monks..."


"That's him. Instead of passing them through the back of the Castle of the Demon King, I've been pushing through certain conditions.... leave only the monk in his room, only Atashi, Yuga and Swordsman will pass. So Atashi convinced Yuga and the swordsman to accept the terms..."


... No way, was it because of that time that Mikana hated Yuga...?

Not directly... but it's totally my fault.

While Mikana and Raven were leaning down, I was all over my heart with one guilt.