Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I asked about the girl wizard's troubles.

I don't know what to do, I'm in great trouble.

I didn't know I had a crack in Yuga's relationship with Mikana at that time because I left Cecilia alone to set up a confession place.

Besides, how can I react even if they shake that story......

If you saw it from Mikana or Raven, you'd think I was an outsider who knew nothing about that time.

That's what made me talk about what it felt like to abandon Cecilia alone.

I'm in love with Cecilia, as Mikana said, and it would be normal for me to go mad.

But that demon clan is me... so I can't be angry.

They're waiting for my reaction.

"... was there a reason? If Cecilia acted thinking about whether she could die or not, I won't forgive you. But..."

When I give Raven a glimpse, he shakes his neck sideways and denies it.

Looks like Mikana wanted to say she didn't have that idea.

"Reason...... right. Atashi... recommended riding his suggestion in Yuga's honor."

"Honor of the brave?"

I was surprised because all of a sudden Yuga's name came up.

At the same time, questions arise.

What does it mean?

"The Atassis had a good plan before they first entered Demon King's Castle... and thought they could win. But when I challenge him, he's wiped out, healed, dumped in the village, and I challenge him again... repeat it."

"... it's a plan."

"It's enemy information. You could have won after calculating the strength of the Demons and Demon Kings of the executives you gained in the battle before..."


Come to think of it, even the executives and demon kings who were at Demon King Castle went outside once and went out to fight.

... with the exception of me, who was drawn to it.

"That's what the people of the Kingdom of Clarines thought that victory was already here in front of us... so are we. He's the one who appeared in it. It has such bullshit strength that I don't know why it hasn't come out of the battle before... I can't believe the Demon King hid those trumpets."

It's not a trump card, I'd say it's just a pull.

Although, of course, there's no way I can say it.

Come to think of it, when you came to rematch, Yuga didn't know my name, did she?

There's no way I have any information about a guy who's never been outside.

"... so how does that story relate to Cecilia's story?"

"As I said earlier, not only the Atasis but the people didn't suspect victory.... and instead of reaching the Demon King, he was halfway through the castle, wiped out by an unknown Demon clan... I couldn't report that."

"... I see"

What's possible is around the demoralization of the soldiers to national chaos?

And then...

"Losing the credibility of a brave party..."

Mikana looks away from me at first sight.

Even if it doesn't hit me, it's not far away.

"... Yowki"

When I was thinking about why, suddenly Raven, who had never been good, called out.


"... Micah wants Cecilia not to discredit us...?"


Hmm. I guess that's reasonable to interpret...

Somehow it would be different considering Mikana's earlier words and personality.

"Maybe Mikana tried to protect Yuga, not a brave party?"

"... what do you mean?"

"The brave party, which carried expectations from the people, is wiped out... If the public finds out about such news, it will be Yuga, the brave one, who is most reprehensible."

That's all brave titles are heavy.

It's like you're carrying the hopes of the country.

Besides, types like Yuga are often unconsciously making enemies, and disappointment can be huge because they believed even fanatical fans.

"You weighed Yuga and Cecilia, didn't you?"

"... yes"

Mikana turns her gaze back on us, who was looking away from us at first sight.

"A month when I realized the total annihilation went on... it was the limit. To deceive the report."


"I told you earlier. He said it would be a big deal if he found out they were wiped out. That's why I was manipulating the information so it wouldn't leak. But after a month, there were limits to information manipulation. And yet there was no sign that I could beat him...... so!

"... so you advised me to get on with the Devil's proposal"

"Yes! Atashi tried to throw a party and leave one of the monks with whom he had a hard time... where he could possibly be killed!


Micah started crying out of pity for herself on the way she was talking, or because she was sorry for Cecilia.

Raven is staring straight at Mikana like that and listening.

I had no idea what I said to create a place for confession would lead to such a tragedy...

Seriously, what are we gonna do?

"... Youki, don't just blame Mikana. I didn't have any opinions then either. Even for me... there is no need..."

Raven will persuade me to shelter Mikana.

... in my ear, of course.

Blame me and nothing. It's perfectly my fault that this happened, so originally I don't have the right to blame anyone...

But because it would also be unnatural not to be angry even though you are in love with Cecilia.

I just have to use a different option than not getting angry.

"... but now that you talk to me like this, you mean you felt guilty, right?"

Different choice...... that's what Micana did after abandoning Cecilia.

In some cases, that gives you the option of forgiving.

"... it's not natural! After defeating the Demon King, Atashi ran out to the room where he left the monks at first sight. Until then, your strength and magic will be empty!

I guess I whipped and ran to my tired body to find out how cheap Cecilia was fast.

So Cecilia's safe?

"You're safe. When the monk saw Atashi's face, he said," Good day, Mr. Mikana. "Atashi behaved like a monk... abandoning his people..."

Me and Raven just shut up and listen to Mikana.

Looks like Raven thinks we shouldn't pinch our mouths here, too.

"Monks do. As soon as I saw Atashi, he rushed over and did some healing magic. So when I tried to thank you, I lost my mind there..."

The healing magic will heal the injuries and all, but it won't heal your health.

I've been tired of fighting the executives and demon kings since the room I was in.

So I guess I lost my mind and lost my mind the moment I found out how cheap Cecilia was.

"... so you didn't say anything to Cecilia"

"Yeah, and then I'm awkward and I haven't been able to thank you or apologize without going to see you... I couldn't even say anything during the last commotion..."

"Will you continue to be hated by Yuga without saying anything to Cecilia?"

"I don't know... I don't know what to do"

As a result of wanting to protect my childhood friend and favorite Yuga and recommending that she get on with my suggestion... you mean Yuga hates me and Cecilia feels a burden?

It's the quickest way to thank Cecilia... but as far as Mikana's concerned, you can't.

Maybe you should talk to Cecilia first.

Though I have to have another six months to do so.

It's irresponsible, but is there anything I can do today?

"Why don't you just think about it for a second? Are you sure it's okay as it is now?"

"... ok. I'll think about it and come to a conclusion.... Then please excuse me around here. I'm sorry I couldn't hear about the swordsman's love affair... thanks for listening."

Then... Mikana left the store.

It was me and Raven left at the table, but I decided to break up at the store today because this was the air and I didn't even feel like having a romance talk.

That doesn't matter that I spent a little more because of a wasted food fight.