"Hooff...... finally half a month goes by tomorrow!

I woke up in the morning and the tension was Max.

I'd be so tense right now if someone was nearby that they thought I was happy.

It won't be long after I've heard Mikana talk and had a food fight with Raven before I realize that tomorrow, half a month after Mr. Celia decides.

"How much I've waited for this day..."

This time I found out how different it is not to see you.

I honestly don't want to think like this anymore.

But that's the end of the day too.

"Cook...... I'll be a god tomorrow!!

Me too tense to say a kitchen two dialogue while I'm dressing in front of the mirror.

I know I have to weigh myself... this is a private place in the inn I rent.

It's not a public place, so it's fine.

I can relieve the tension that has risen sufficiently.

I finish dressing, and I start to do things that are incomprehensible to the usual people who decide on my groovy dialogue floating around in their brains and pose and say it off.

"I deny that you exist!

"Decay with my magic!

"Let me save the world!

"Too bad... you can't beat me"

Instead of dissipating, I get more and more tense and more teething.

Shit, you can't stop.

"This is going to be the worst day for you..."

"... what are you talking about earlier, kid?"


If you try to tell me that it's because you've met the presence of me, I can suddenly speak up.

There was a guy looking at me with his eyes like he looked at something pathetic when he turned around.

... Yes. I completely forgot about this sleepy stone statue because of the tension.


Embarrassing, super embarrassing.

Tensions plummet back into reality, and I get the urge to beat myself up until just now.

What am I really talking about?

I don't know how much I'll see Cecilia tomorrow, but I'll be in too much shape.

My fault turned the room into weird air.

If you stay in the room like this, you could die of stuffing.

Hurry up and get out of the room with the frightened Guy.

"... ugh!?"

But when I open the door, the girl stood, so I pull myself off surprise.

"Hello, long time no see"

The girl standing was Teal.

All of a sudden he greets me out of the room without moving at all.

I'm wearing regular clothes, not made-up clothes, so I guess I'm off work today.

"Oh, it's been a long time. I was just on my way out... what can I do for you?"

"A message from your wife told you to come to the Mansion tomorrow afternoon..."

She told me half a month later, but after just half a month, I didn't know if I could see her, so I was a little worried.

Now you can go see Cecilia in grandeur tomorrow.

"Thanks for taking the time to tell me even though I'm off...... by the way, what's the luggage on my back?"

Luggage wrapped in something like a large bathroom that I've been wondering about for a while now.

How can you carry something so big with your sick Teal's body?

Or what do you need now, this?

It's a book.



"All that luggage?"




I don't know, I think Teal's eyes are suing me to guess.

She probably originally planned to come to the inn with Celia's message.

To meet that lollicon gargoyle who just slept.

"Uh, I'm going out now... come in?"

"Yes, thank you!!

Is Teal Sophia planting it? Express gratitude with a beautiful bow that would be

Haven't you changed your character just now!? I just want to get away from Guy.

Teal walked into the room to replace him, and I jumped outside without guessing.

"Ha... I can't go home to the inn for a while... no, I don't want to go home"

That's embarrassing, super embarrassing.

Yeah, if there's a hole, I want in.

When I woke up in the morning, I was a tension max, and now I am at the bottom.

Mostly the momentum popped up, but I haven't made any promises to anyone today.

I've left my guild card in my room, so I can't take the request.

That's why I can't even go home and get it.

I have a hand in wasting it with Clayman... but I don't like it as an excuse to skip him.

"I have no choice. Fortunately, I brought the money, and I think I'll bluff properly."

I'm busy on my own.

Sometimes a holiday like this would happen.

Until this time I thought so.

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

If I walked, my shoulder would hit me, and my opponent was such a strong beast man.

I felt so scared when I got stunned.

A couple who are so flirtatious that if they put it in the store properly, they finger me single and laugh at me couscous.

I like it and I'm not single.

I was frustrated, so I tried to eat sweet food and calm down, and when I went to the cake shop where I was going, the clerk was just a muscular mucky nice guy......

The pretentious white apron was extremely destructive.

The clerk girl who is always there collapsed with a cold, and he was her brother and had a store number instead or something......

Please, I hope you didn't decide to pose with the bag you put in the cake.

The contents were a little messed up.

I wanted to go complain, but it was a hassle to be able to show off that muscle again, so I ate patiently.

My clothes get dirty when I hit a kid who was eating skewers while walking......

Plus the kid who hit me and dropped the skewer cried at me, so now I'm shopping in an outdoor store to make amends.

"Why am I not here today..."

"Yes, brother, two skewers"

"Oh, thank you.... Here."

I give two skewers at the service to a child who is still crying.

"Ugh, hiku...... thanks brother"

"From now on, walk properly forward and with care. If you can't, don't eat while walking. Eat when you get home."

"Ugh, yeah."


As it was, the child ran away without eating the skewers and putting them in the bag.

I guess I decided to eat it at home, but now I'm worried that I'll throw it off the skewers.

Even if you drop it, you won't be bothered that far.

"But you're not on today. Why not... stay!

I've been thinking about it like that and I've been alarmed. I bump into people again.

The guy who bumped into me left me with the damn thing without saying anything.

"Oh, my God. I can't believe he didn't say anything... dubious"

I have a bad feeling and I explore my pockets.

Then my wallet is missing.

It wasn't until I paid for the skewer.

That means......

"That bastard!

This time it's a pickpocket.

You really don't have it today.

You haven't gotten far yet.

I run out in the direction he left and look around... then he was there.

You didn't think you'd notice so soon, you noticed me coming after you and ran away.

Suri enters a dim back road.

You must have run off to such a mess to get away from me, but that's sweet.

"Instant Thunder."

I use leg-enhanced magic to make him jump and kick more than pack at once.


A sleigh that blows up with a dumb voice.

But for some reason, people would fly in and fall into the air with the sleigh I kicked in.

"What? I can't believe people fly in all of a sudden... okay? It's a purse more than that. Purse..."

I collect the purse stolen from Suri's pocket and make sure the contents are in place, so it's okay, so I put it in my pocket.

When I get my wallet back, I don't need to stay here for long, so I turn my back to get back to the surface.

Then suddenly I felt like killing myself, so I flew away.

When you enter the battle system and turn around, there's...

"Hey, you there. Return the wallet you just stole from him."

No way. The brave Yuga had his sword pointed at me.

With a strange girl beside him.

I've met the guy I least want to see.

Besides, I have a weird misconception...

"This is my purse..."

"Yes... you're willing not to give it back.... then I'll do my best!

"No, listen to people..."

I go straight into battle with Yuga.

I can't let them do it in silence, so it became more and more flashy while I was resisting.

As a result, the townsfolk called the Knights and Yuga and I were close enough to take care of the Knights.

... I didn't do anything wrong.

In the morning, the dialogue I said halfway through my head.

'This is going to be the worst day for you...'

That dialogue, which he said to himself in the mirror, became a brilliant reality.

Seriously, for a while, Kitchen II was the one who firmly decided to weigh herself.