"... sounds like you had a scattered eye"

"... really. But I'm glad Raven's here."

I'm in Raven's office at Knights headquarters.

"... you really did something Yuga was sorry about. Sorry."

"No, no, he said I didn't have to apologize. It's like Raven cleared up my suspicions."

I was cursing myself that it really wasn't on today when the Knights took me.

I've heard all the testimonies of Yuga, the brave one anyway, and gave up wondering if I was going to be all bad... but God didn't abandon me.

Raven, who happens to be working at the Knights headquarters, listened and came.

And since a fair investigation was conducted and my acquittal was confirmed, and there was a brawl in the King's Capital, we talked in the form of strict caution.

I didn't wake you up... but I don't care about the details.

Because if it weren't for Raven, it would certainly have been a lot more trouble.

"Thank you so much...... I was at work and you came all the way out here"

"... I saw Yoki and Yuga being taken to the regiment through the window. I thought something was up..."

Raven's work desk is loaded with a lot of paperwork.

Looks like you've been here since you interrupted your work.

I really can't thank you enough.

"... so. What happens to the brave?"

"The same rigorous caution as Yoki... takes the form of..."

"Who cares?"

"... my men told me I should be the leader of the regiment..."

He's a brave man, even if he's rotten.

Nobody wants to do this because they're afraid of the harsh attention they give to the brave men they treat as heroes...... I guess.

"You've been pushed hard."

"... ha"

Raven takes a deep sigh.

Are you okay, you're tired... No, you're not.

"... can you talk to a brave man in Raven"

"... I can't. I didn't make a fool of myself... they told me I didn't need to worry about that... that's clear."

"Uh, I see."

You can't treat what you care about in person like that.

I'm worried because I care.

I guess no offense to Yuga...... I guess he's an idiot.

"So what are we going to do? … to let go of nothing like this?"

"... do something with a brush talk"

"Dude... can you handle that?"

"... even when I was traveling at a brave party, I was communicating in a brush talk, so I'm fine"

"I hope so..."

"Raven! I heard the captain got caught by the Knights, where are they?"

Suddenly Duke came in with his voice absurd when he thought the door had opened.

Apparently, like Raven, he flew in when he heard about the information I was taken.

"Whoa, easy, Duke... call me Captain, not Raven. He's my boss..."

"I can't believe I'm taking you to the Knights... do something about it. No way, Mr. Cecilia waved me too much to finally break the law..."

"I'm not running! Just listen to me."

"Is it true...? And because my boss is only the captain. Well, in public, you said Captain Raven. … so why are you being taken?"

"First of all, I'm not bad."

"Yes, yes... you got it"

Take the time to explain to Duke that you don't seem to trust him.

In the meantime Raven walked out of the room saying he was going to talk to Yuga.

I could see the look on your face when you left... but it wasn't very good.

All I could tell you to do was work hard. You had yourself.

"I see... that's not a bad captain. They're coming at us without even listening to the captain."

"Right. I'm not bad, am I?"

"It's lamentable that the captain made a mistake of stealing his wallet from just a human being."


Looks like Duke figured out my innocence as a result of the explanation... but it's kind of lame.

Duke's right. He stole my wallet. I feel sorry for myself.

"No, I'm joking, joking.... Why do you look so sad?"

"Hey... I've got all these really miserable eyes today, so come on..."

I can't even sigh considering what's happened since this morning.

He said he could meet with Cecilia tomorrow...

What the hell? Today.

Is it a test to see Cecilia...... no, you don't.

"Captain, I'm sorry."

I get sad and depressed by my lack of follow.

Raven came home saying Duke was comforting me like that.

It's only been a few minutes.

"That was fast."

"He looked like he was reflecting deeply... and preaching to Yuga for a long time is a bit..."

Still can't Yuga even in Raven?

Well, the brush talk has its limits.

Though I have no choice, I'm a little uncomfortable with that.

"Whatever. I'm coming. I don't know if you're brave, but it doesn't matter."

"... Duke, even though it's evil noticeable in the Knights, so no more..."

"Wait a minute, I just heard something you shouldn't listen to. Evil stands out. I'm not listening."

You can talk about Yuga later, so you have to listen carefully.

If your ex-boyfriend is in any coarse shape, you should be careful as captain.

"No, I don't see how evil stands out... you didn't"

I'm obviously turning my face against it.

Obviously suspicious.

I heard knocking on the door as I crammed in to hear more about it.

Raven rings the bell on his desk.

Then the door opened and a girl in armor came in.

... Bell is replacing your reply.

Excuse me, Captain.

Is it Raven's men?

When I enter the office, I look around. He looked at me and narrowed his eyes for a moment, but he immediately turned away and looked at Duke for a moment, which gave him a soothing look, but he quickly replaced it with a soothing look.

And then he grabs Duke's arm and pulls it all the way out of the room.

... That's kind of subtly cute.

"Excuse me, Captain -"

Keep your head down and exit the office.

Duke left without saying anything.

... Has it gotten lollicon to Duke?

"Raven, who's the girl now?"

Duke is my man, though.

The mistakes my men made are the captain's, if I'm right.

"Girl?... Oh you mean Irene. Duke usually acts best with Irene, so he probably told me to come look for Duke, who's been out of training.... and she's an elf. I can't tell you how old I really am just because I look young... because it's personal information... but at least I'm not the same age that Yoki thinks I am."


When it comes to races from different worlds, it's even said to be elves!?

... I'm the only one who's saying it.

Thought it wasn't on today, but I can't believe I saw the elves... I hope Raven helped me... Any luck?

"But isn't elf magic and bows dominant?"

"... because there are circumstances there too..."

I can't tell you.

Well, you can't be a man to ask about a woman you just met and haven't even spoken to yet.

Then I'd like to hear if Duke is decent in the Knights... I can see the paperwork loaded on my desk.

If you think about it, Raven's interrupting his work, for me or Yuga.

My strict attention is shapely over, and you don't have a reason to be here anymore.

"I don't know who I am from her. Besides, I can't tell you what happened to a woman just out of curiosity, and Cecilia will preach to me again.... Raven, it's time for me to leave. It really helped me today."

"... because the bad news is Yuga. Until I did what I deserved... see you, Yoki."

"Hey, say hello to Duke."

So say goodbye to Raven. I'm out of Knights headquarters......

"Ah... finally, you!

For some reason, Yuga, the brave man who was ambushing me, caught me.

I don't need any more rubbing today.