As soon as I left the Knights, Yuga caught me, and I was supposed to go to dinner with him at Yuga's request to apologize.

If you feel like apologizing, I want you to let me go.

That would be my biggest apology.

Well, Raven distracted me, and I seem to have given Yuga the disguised goods I loaned Raven, and it was saved that I was walking through town and not making a scene.

When I had a double date, I was disguised, but I don't understand why I was out with vegetables today.

I think it's something that didn't make a scene before you used to brawl with me.

We were silent with each other all the time as we walked towards the store with the guidance of Yuga.

For more than a dozen minutes I finally got to the store where I wanted after such a shitty air...... but that was just the store Mikana showed me the other day.

"We're here. This place has a stylish atmosphere and the clerk is very friendly...... er...... and the food is amazing too!

I've kind of been introducing stores like I heard recently... or almost Mikana references Pak!

Apparently Yuga has also been here with Mikana.

I guess I remembered Mikana's words then.

"Heh, really? Looking forward to it."

I think you've been here once, but I think it's white. But I also somehow hate to say that I've been here once, so let's shut up.

What's so fun about the two bastards coming to such a stylish store? I honestly think this guy... he's here, so I can't help but go into the store.

"Welcome, you're two. Please take your seats."

The clerk who was there when I came with Mikana and Raven guided me to my seat.

Yuga seems to be worried about what to order by looking at the menu, but I don't eat because I'm not willing to talk long.

Order only drinks appropriately before the clerk leaves.

"I'll take this manager's recommended drink."

"… Are you sure you want to place an order?"

"No, I need you to wait a little longer because the others are still choosing..."

Yuga looks at the menu and still chooses.

Make up your mind.

"No… a customer"

"Me? No, fine."


The clerk looks strange and tilts his neck.

Then Yuga ended up asking for the same thing as me, and the clerk left.

I heard it later, but apparently the other day, me and Raven's food fight was way out of place at this store, which made me pretty impressed.

As a result, they thought I was a diner and only asked for a drink, so they seemed suspicious.

... It doesn't really matter.

"Um... I'm really sorry about earlier. Because of me..."

"No, I'm fine because I don't care at all"

I thought the awkward air would flow until the beverage was brought in, but for some reason I would return it with a bar reading to an apology from just Yuga.

"I can't believe I'm about to hurt an innocent ordinary person... I'm so sorry"

You think it's really bad. I'm going to bow my head and apologize.

Raven told me, but a man told me to help a woman who was forced into the back road to bowl with me, and he thought I was one of the guys.

So they attacked me... but Yuga said it was totally personal.

Is this the difference between me and a handsome brave man who's sorry to have a cheat... I don't know. If you're strong, I'm on top of you, and you can't hurt yourself.

"No, because I'm not hurt, and I'm really okay"

"Oh well, I'm relieved.... By the way, have you met me somewhere?"

Apparently Yuga doesn't remember me.

I was in a light disguise during a date riot with Cecilia... but Mikana noticed right away the other day.

Put on the costume glasses I carry all the time.

"Ah, you were definitely with Cecilia..."

"... do you remember"

I take off my glasses and turn them into pockets.

I don't need to disguise myself right now.

I just called to make sure Yuga knew.

"Hey, what's your relationship with Cecilia!?"

He rides himself out of the table and hits me with questions.

You want to be the one who just apologized?

"A normal friend, though."

"Oh no, Cecilia has a boyfriend..."

"Thank you for waiting. This will be the store manager's recommended drink. Take your time -"

The clerk brings drinks to block Yuga's story.

Clerk, nice timing.

I drink the drinks I've been carried.

It's a refreshing drink with a kind of citrus flavour.

Yuga sends a suspicious glance at me like that.

"... what the hell"

"Are you sure Cecilia and I are just friends?"

"Ask Raven if you suspect so much. Because we're friends."

"Raven and I are friends too!?... Speaking of which, when Raven scolded me earlier, the name Yoki came up a few times... your name?"


"Well, I'll ask Raven next time."

"Do that, you'll be more trusted with that."

As a result, it took the form of a round throw at Raven.

... Don't really let Raven lose his mind.

I have to thank you next time.

"Yeah... I will"

"Then you won't be needing me anymore. Now I'm..."

Want a drink, take a seat, and try to pay to leave the store.

"Ma, wait!

But for some reason, Yuga stops me.

I have a bad feeling about it, but let's hear it for once.

"Still got something?"

"Ji, actually, I want you to talk to me..."

If it comes from Yuga, it could be almost my first encounter and I'm in love. You said you were talking to me...?

No, no, that's crazy.

"... why me?"

"Ugh... J, actually..."


"... I don't have any friends I can talk to."


It's me who knows the sad circumstances of a handsome brave man and almost cries a little.

"For once, what kind of consultation is that?"

"How can I get along with Cecilia..."

I feel sorry for you because I don't have any friends, if only to ask. I was the fool who asked the question with that in mind.

What is this guy talking about?

I don't know how blunt... I'm an idiot.

You don't usually consult a man who might be in love with you in love.

I'd be surprised if you seriously believed and listened to what I said about Cecilia and just friends. I don't remember you telling me you didn't like me just because I meant friends now.

That's about it.

Or is it strange in itself that you want me to tell you how to get along with Cecilia?

You've known each other longer than I've been with you.

"Uh... you were having a party. I'm sorry, but I got to know Cecilia recently. You've known brave men longer than me, don't you?"

"No, because you kind of seemed to get along better with Cecilia than I did the other day..."

That's why don't you talk to me.

Honestly, I don't want to be consulted on a love affair... shouldn't I throw this round Raven too?

Getting to grips for a few seconds.

The result is... Raven, I'm sorry.

"Well, why don't we talk to the rest of the brave party?"

"... because you just annoyed Raven.... I've never been scolded by Raven with such a long sentence. It's usually about ten characters."

He said he'd be pissed off by the long sentences...... I feel like putting it on a bad force... but I guess I scolded him pretty bad for Raven.

Are you giving written instructions to the Knights' men?

Let's hear it next time.

But when Raven is useless... Mikana?

... because it turns out there's a crack between these two the other day because of me. Maybe you'll tell Mikana you won't talk to her.

"Micana... I don't think so. Micah won't like Cecilia."

... What did he just say?

I hate Micana about Cecilia...... I didn't hear that from Micana.

"Hey, was that what he said?"

"... are you friends with Mikana too?"

"No, I know him"

"Oh well. Mikana is my childhood friend. You've always stood by me with me for a long time. But... I can't forgive Mikana. Because Mikana tried to... abandon Cecilia. That's why Micana hates Cecilia..."

"Shut up for a second..."

As soon as I heard the dialogue, my relationship reached its climax.

Totally called Miller and good Yuga...... how can the one with the title Brave make me so angry?

Ignorance is a good word for sin.

Maybe it's a favor, but Yuga needs to know.

If you don't, Micana, suffering from guilt, will not be rewarded as a result of her actions thinking of Yuga.

Speaking of former seeds, I sowed them.

You should put a bullet on it to celebrate a happy tomorrow.