"Huh!?... hey, calm down. Did I say something that bothered you...?"

He seems to be sensing that my atmosphere has changed, and Yuga is trying to calm me down in advance.

They don't know how my vibe suddenly changed.

"... don't you see?"

"Uh... are you still mad at me for suddenly attacking you?"

I sigh loudly, and I scratch my head.

Apparently quite an idiot.

I didn't know you didn't know which word or deed you used to piss people off...... that's not good quality.

You don't think what you just said is a bad thing...... no, you don't.

This guy thinks Mikana is bad.

So I guess you're assuming that's not a bad thing.

You're foolish to go through an abalone.

"That's not true!... I'm angry because you said something too selfish!

"What... what do you mean I'm selfish?"

Yuga asks me with a kewton of eyes.

"... you look around for a bit. Try your best. You'll see what you just said to me in light of the recent changes around you."

"Even if they say it's a change around... I don't know. Even after the journey, I'm busy. Every day hasn't changed..."

Yuga speaks puzzlingly. Apparently you have to tell him or you'll find out.

I'm not a kid, and I want you to guess a little... that's how you grew up being spoiled. This guy.

I'll just have to explain.

"... I came here with Raven and Mikana the other day"

"Oh, really? But I've never been here before..."

"I heard about what happened at Demon King Castle. You left Cecilia at the behest of the Devil's clan, which had no information at all."

Yuga's expression is distorted.

I guess my memory of getting hit by me came back to life.

Micah and Raven both seem to have humiliating memories.

... I'm really sorry about that area.

"Why did you two talk about it... when Mikana told me to keep it a secret for just the four of us..."

Mikana... probably because she couldn't stand it anymore.

I can't even apologize to Cecilia for distancing myself from my favorite opponent... only more guilt would have been saved as a result.

I met with us the other day and I was supposed to get Raven's romantic counseling at first... but my obstruction shifted me to the other side of getting a romantic counseling and we were supposed to talk about it.

"... I don't know, but Mikana was crying about it."


I didn't want to say it in Mikana's honor, but you should tell Yuga.

This guy needs to know his sins.

I'm the one who created the cause of sin.

"He's full of guilt for Cecilia... he wants to go apologize, but he can't go without being awkward"

"It's a lie! Because Mikana took Cecilia..."

"Abandoned...? That may be true... Was that only Micah's fault?"

There's got to be some reason to doubt our childhood friends we've been together for years so far.

I know some assumptions are intense...... I guess that's not all.

"Because... Mikana has recommended that we be the first to ride the Devil's proposal... so... Mikana is bad!

"You're kidding me! Raven said so. I didn't stop it. I said I had something to do with it... so I was sheltering Mikana from blaming Mikana alone!

Raven hadn't sheltered Mikana just because he felt sorry for her. I have a responsibility myself...... that's how I said it.

"Why... 'Cause it's Mikana I've been recommending. How could Raven..."

"What about you? Don't you shelter your childhood friends? Is it only his fault? Then I don't think he sucks. If I was bad, I might have killed Cecilia."

"I... take Mikana..."

Can I provoke...?

I really think I know.

He said he had a problem with it. Looks like it's about to come out of your mouth, but don't you have words?

"It's a simple story. You're bad, too. I finally accepted it. But I don't want to admit it, so I'm deciding that Mikana is all bad. That's why you don't shelter Mikana, right?"

"That's not true! That's why I do it..."

Yuga held her head and began to disturb her.

What are you talking about?

"Look at reality and face yourself. If you can't do that... you look pretty bad."

You know, pushing one of your childhood friends to not admit his or her inability to protect a child he or she likes... it wouldn't be what the brave do.

You've got my word, stop messing around and lean down.

I'm shaking my shoulders too... could I be crying?

Making brave men cry is just... Shit, a lot of shit.

I dare to get myself out of here.

Tears are pouring out of my eyes when I look at Yuga's face... I cried...

"I'm... a shitty person. Blame it all on Mikana... run away from responsibility..."

It doesn't seem sneaky to chase and shoot a crying person... but I dare say it.

It would be better for this guy if I told him.

"You mean your first setback... wasn't it a defeat? So here's the thing... that's it. You didn't know how to take responsibility, and you wanted to make it easier, so you pushed Mikana."

Yuga keeps hearing my words and weeping.

... I suck when I see it from the side.

Like a general adventurer who cries brave...... I feel more than half of the people of the Kingdom of Clariness are acts of turning to enemies.

I was just watching Yuga with a complicated look as she pressed her voice to death for a few minutes.

"... hey, you... will you listen to me for a second?"

I stopped crying. Yuga asked in a small voice.

I don't like it... I won't say anything. This is the time to do it.

If this guy regrets it at all and is reflecting... maybe it's a story worth listening to.

"... nothing good."

"Thanks. Well, I'll talk to you..."

What Yuga did was talk about Mikana, a childhood friend.

We've been together ever since we were young, what games we played and where we went... memorabilia with no other love.

"Mikana does. As soon as I was chosen to be a brave man, I told him I would arrive... and he studied great magic and made an effort to be chosen as a party member."

You realize you're in love with yourself at that point. I want to say this dull bastard and hit you. Keep listening by holding down your trembling right hand with your left hand.

You think if you did something stupid, you could have been scolded or even scolded if you liked or disliked it?

Looks like they keep scolding me from a very young age as far as I can tell......

No longer, it just sounds like a tough sister to take care of her brother.

Even when I'm listening to the episode, I can only hear you making Mikana struggle earlier...

"... hey, what are you trying to say after all?"

I've heard enough memorabilia for you to say a few words.

I'd like you to get down to business.

"... I wonder what I should do. I've been causing a lot of trouble since I was a little girl... doing the worst... thinking about what I should do to Micah."

You were soaking up memories and remembering a little bit about Mikana's plight?

... I don't know why you made me ask... but the point is you don't know what to do.

"Look, he scolds me because he thinks of someone who scolds me."


"So why don't you go apologize... and scold me as usual? If they don't scold me... I'll just have to think of another way..."

"Okay. I apologize to Mikana... and she'll scold me."

What's this guy talking about when he hears you don't know anything? It may be perceived as

But I think this is the best way to reconnect Yuga to Mikana... I can't say for sure.

"Oops, hard work..."

"But I'm anxious by myself... sorry, hang out"


Yuga acted fast from there.

I grabbed my right arm and ran out of the store when I put a drink for two at the table.

I ran through town at a speed that I also use reinforced magic on my legs, and when I realized it, I was reaching the whole house.

It's not a noble mansion, it's a two-story house that's not a worn out house on the back street.

"Ha, ha... don't grab my arm and run all of a sudden"

"No, but I didn't have the courage to do it alone. Just wait for me outside."

I want to tell you what I am to you.

... Don't ask me because I don't like it when you say something about a friend.

Well, I'm the one who created the incentive to crack the relationship between the two of us... that's about it.

"I get it. Except I'm just here. I'm not going in there, I'm going home when you get in."

"That's enough, thank you.... Oh, yeah. Let's introduce ourselves one last time. I'm Yuga. Say hello."

I turn around and say it just before I enter the house.

I don't really want to say hello... but if you're brave with this, I'll answer you.

"... it's a yogi. Say hello."

"Oh well. Bye, Youki-kun, thanks. Thanks to you, I was aware of my mistakes. Thank you next time."

That's the kind of dialogue the corrected enemy character says with a handsome smile...... dude.

Yuga stands in front of the turning door again when she finishes thanking me.

But at this time I forgot.

That Yuga is a brave man, a protagonist... and has the ability to be a lucky sketch.

What jumped into Yuga's eyes when she opened it without even knocking and walked into the house slightly, it was... Micana dressing up.

... he did it. Instantly understand the situation and I'll hide and ask Mikana what's going on inside before she finds out.

"Shah... Yuga!? Suddenly without you knocking..."

"Mikana, I'm sorry!

Yuga grabs Micana's shoulders and looks straight in the face and apologizes... Micana, she's half naked...

"No, so..."

"Don't say anything... I want you to listen to me!

Let him speak there.

... Yuga is Abo after all.

Are you gonna make it up to him?

"I was noticed. He said I did the worst to Mikana."

No, you still do the worst you can.

Hold on to your half-naked childhood friend... every time Mikana tries to say something, it's blocking her... what are you really doing?

"Mikana has always supported me... I'm so sorry. Apologize. It's not like it's easy to forgive, is it? But if you'll forgive me..."

I feel Mikana blushing a little on Yuga's apology.

That's... that's a nice vibe, isn't it?

If you keep going......

"I want you to scold me!

Ah... Mikana's complexion is back... isn't it without a platform!

Now I regret it from the bottom of my heart.... I didn't need your advice.

"Heh, heh... you want to be scolded? During dressing, suddenly I came into the house and pressed my shoulders against each other. I thought I'd lined up words of apology… what, did you even wake up to Mazo?"

"Hey Mikana!? No, I apologize to Mikana..."

Mikana holds a cane with a creepy laugh.

"You don't have to tell me, I'll scold you, you pervert Yuga!

An explosion sounds from the house, and I escape.

... It's not my fault, is it?

Well, if Micah's anger subsides, she'll be able to settle it safely.

Even Mikana is my favorite person, and I wouldn't be so mad if they saw me half naked, and yeah, I'm fine. I ran out ignoring Yuga screaming and calling for help I could hear from behind.

Then try to escape and return to the inn.

I can hear voices from inside when I try to enter the room... so I open the door a little and take a peek.

"Goddess of Guardianship... you look very Rin"

"Hey daughter, you're stuck with me too much. And don't rub your cheeks."

Teal was screwing Guy.

Speaking of which, you were coming to the house, and I totally forgot because of my repeated bad luck and yuga.

It's funny, so let's see how it goes.

"Ahhh! Excuse me, Patronus. I'm sorry for your disrespect. Please wait while I wipe the area I touched immediately."

"No, you don't have to go that far.... Don't move your body too much. Still haven't completely healed my injuries when I took refuge?"


"Daughter... you are weak too, so stay with me."

"... Yes"

Teal reads out the book he brought down with Shun.

Guy says something about how you can't wait to see Teal with a very sad face.

"... if you don't feel too sticky, you can come near me."

When he hears Guy's words, Teal smiles all over his face and moves every bath bed the book is wrapped in.

And thank you for sitting down a little next to Guy, saying Patron God and resuming reading.

What a lovely vibe... I would definitely get in the way if I were you.

I was hanging out in town until Teal got home when I got into the mysterious situation of being in my rented room.