Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to make my way to my favorite kid's house.


I jumped out of bed with an odd voice.

Looking around, the view of the street is always extended. It's definitely the inn I'm renting.

It's just... there's only one thing that's not always the same.

"Hey Guy... What are you gonna do with your hands on me"

Usually Guy, who should be sleeping in the corner of the room, is next to the bed I'm sleeping in.

... and you seemed to be doing magic to me because you feel magic in Guy's hand.

"Mm... are you awake already, kid? Have a good dream..."

"You can show me! I knew you were the killer! What a dream, this Lolicon Stone Statue"

I stuck with Guy to figure out why I did this. He said he did it with care yesterday because this guy was flirting with Teal properly in his room.

"No... because the kid takes care of a lot of things. Just wanted to say thank you..."

"Huh!? That's what you do, character...?"

There shouldn't be. That's right, that's crazy.

Guy doesn't normally do this, and he doesn't say it.

I just think something happened.

What the hell...

"It's a beautiful appearance."

I remember what Teal said yesterday.

Sure... Teal praised Guy for his reputation, even though I shaped him appropriately. So I was asked to rub my cheeks or something...

"Hey, are you...?"

"My daughter also received a positive opinion about my new appearance... well, thank you"

Apparently, he put Nightmare Sleep on me for being Guy.

You didn't do anything when Mr. Sophia or Raven praised you... you think it's from Teal that we'll talk about it separately?

... I knew this guy was a lollicon, for sure.

Well, it doesn't matter what this guy is lollicon or what Teal loves.

People... but I'm not going to tell you anyway because even demons have their own hobbies...

"What a thank you. Magic people on their own, you lousy dreams!

"... um, I don't know what kind of dream the kid had, but at least it shouldn't be a nightmare. My life works on the kid's deep psychology and desires so he can experience in his dreams what he wants to do most anyway..."

"You're kidding me! It's not a magic trick to focus on the deep psychology and desires of a man who's flirting with the opposite sex. Thanks to you, I had a radical dream!

Yes, the dreams I've had are a lot of shitty dreams.

I actually have a lot of stuff in my mind with a guy who's all flirting with me...... if they add up to desire with it already......

I can't say what...... let's just say I woke up before I did anything.

"Hmm... my daughter was able to use her powers well, but the kid couldn't seem to do it. Because of that, my magic worked too hard to make me dream a little more radical."

"What are you calmly analyzing? Besides, I know you said there was something wrong with your eyes in the first place. Besides, why is Teal doing well and failing me? At least I'm thankful, so make it a success!

I feel like I'm turning to scratch because I haven't had a common sense man, Cecilia, lately.

... you have more reason to want to see Cecilia.

I'm on my own... it's the limit.

"... you've apparently done something extra to thank me"

"That's too much! You think you're absolutely crazy in your dreams and you don't know how many times you've slapped yourself in the head."

"I see. Did you wake up from your dreams of your own free will?... Apparently my magic is still there."

Guy who doesn't seem convinced by his magic seems to be waving his neck sideways and reflecting.

You can't do magic to reflect.

"You don't know that! Totally... I'm gonna go back to sleep. No more Nightmare Sleeps."

I am tired of yesterday's repeated bad luck and Yuga consultations.

Still sleepy.

"Oh, okay...... hmm? No, wait, kid. Today for sure..."

I hear Guy, but I ignore him. Ignore him.

Mostly yesterday's fatigue involved a little bit of Guy who was flirting with Teal.

How many times did I go back to the Inn to peek into my room and walk around the King's Capital?

Ultimately, you two are snuggling up and sleeping together... what a rear story.

Just wake Guy up so he doesn't wake Teal up and let Guy wake Teal up and I'll wait outside and wait for Teal to return... I wondered why you had to be so concerned about going home to the inn you owe me.

"Hey kid, get up. If you stay asleep..."

Looks like Guy's saying something, but I can't hear him.

Because I'm already one step ahead of bed.

But I have some important business to attend to today... so let's just go to sleep and get up as soon as possible. In my fading consciousness I was so determined that I fell asleep.

... Well, I can easily imagine my promise if I did this.

But I'm not the hero.

He's not handsome, he's not brave. He's just a reincarnator. There's no way he's going to sleep.

"... If it's a regular love comedy, why didn't you wake me up!...... I guess it's a scene where you get mad at Guy"

I have a plan to go out and say one thing about bumps.

Although I slept twice, I woke up at the usual time.

"Why is Guy asleep that should wake me up?"

I look at Guy in the corner of the room.

I haven't made it slight at all, even though I hate it.

Looks like she's completely asleep.

"When did you wake up?"

I laugh bitterly remembering the words Guy said just before I fell asleep.

I don't know if I was tired yesterday, but it's an important day.

I wouldn't do anything stupid to oversleep.

Put a necklace in your pocket that is a gift for Cecilia.

I can't believe I went to see him and forgot to give it to him.

I'll show you my sincerity.

Come on... I thought the mirror came into view. Were you sure you said something stupid to yourself in the mirror yesterday?

Look at Chirali and Guy and make sure they are completely asleep and have no sign of waking up.

... give it a little tension.

I switch on the kitchen two and decide to pose.

"This I declare... it's gonna be the best day for you!

Point your finger at yourself in the mirror.

I said it would suck yesterday and it sucked, so I tried to say the opposite today. This should turn out good today......

I've already done what I do, and I'm ready, so Guy asleep stayed put and left the room and headed to the Aquarain family.

I have a little time until noon so I'll buy and eat instead of breakfast and take it easy to walk to the mansion.

Then there were all sorts of things on the road.

First I passed near the cake shop where I was going and the clerk girl called me off and gave me some cake.

I thought it was sudden, so I asked him for more information, and he was watching his brother's customer service yesterday.

She was asleep with a cold, but her brother went to see how she was worried.

So, he's handing out an apology cake, although he knows the contents aren't messed up because of his brother's useless pose.

I was honestly happy, but I could see there was a brother in question in the store.

You noticed me, shining my white teeth and getting my thumbs up all the time.

... maybe I didn't like it.

I didn't want to think that was possible, so I took the cake and immediately left the store.

When I left the store, this time the guy from the flirting couple who was making fun of me called me out.

You apparently broke up with her after that fight.

You're single with each other, and they said hello.

I'm not like and single and I didn't have to say goodbye...... I shook my hand and broke up.

He was a good man inside so he would make another new girlfriend soon anyway.

Yeah, I don't feel like we can be friends with that type of guy.

The next person I see is Mr. Strong Beast.

He's a werewolf beast with sharp eyes and dog teeth on his nails. He seems to be very strong... he's just an old friend of Clayman's.

You thought you were staring at me when you bumped into me, and you were observing me because you felt a nasty sign.

I was whimpered that he was a demon, but it simply meant strength.

The next time you asked me to come with you to ask for the guild, I said thank you unexpectedly... but the smiling face scared me the most.

... I can't do this without Clayman following me when I go.

Now I'm surrounded by people who came in butler clothes.

... Now what?

"Boy caused a lot of trouble the other day. I'm a deacon, and I came to apologize on behalf of my husband."

"Is that an apology... of what? Who are you talking about?"

I asked the butlers to explain the situation, and now I'm talking about a skewered kid.

Apparently, he was a pretty good little guy.

"In the gap where we took our eyes off a little... Fong has acted alone. I'm sorry about that. This is an apology."

"Ah...... thank you"

"Now let us excuse ourselves"

So he handed me a little bigger bag and the army of deacons left.

I can't believe it's a rich man's apology... and I open up a little hoping to see it.

There were about twenty skewers inside.

... No, I'm glad, but I can't eat this alone.

"More like this if you were rich...... something would have happened. Why are you returning the skewer ten times?... hey, it's time for noon no more. Let's go."

I decided to head over to the Aqua Rain family with a necklace, cake and skewer, which is a gift.