Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've been seeing my favorite kid for a long time.

Skewered, cake in one hand. I got to the Aqua Rain mansion.

The gatekeeper seemed to talk to me, and when I mentioned my name, he put me through so much.

... Speaking of which, you had a gatekeeper who paid me in advance before.

Looks like a different person is running the gatekeeper right now, but what happened to those two?

As far as listening to Sophia and Celia's conversation back then...... yeah, I figured we'd stop prying extra.

Sometimes it's happier not to know.

... I wonder what would happen if I did something wrong in this mansion.

Will Mr. Sophia do something to you...?

Let's not, it's just horrible to think about.

Why doesn't he look like a servant?

I'm kind of anxious to be walking alone in such a big mansion.

"... Captain"

When I think about that, I suddenly hear from behind and turn around.

"Hmm...? Oh Happiness. Good... because no one has a servant. I got a little nervous."

"... why?"

Happiness bumps into doubt with the same faceless expression.

This is the only big mansion, and I was wondering if there would be a pick-up if anyone would come. I thought I'd see you on the front porch soon, like Mr. Sophia.

"No matter what they say, something like this... you think there's a welcome or something, normal"

"... what?"

"No, what... Happiness didn't come to show me around?"

"... Correct"


It's very hard to react to faceless bokeh or something.

If that's what you're going to do, I want you to change your face.

... The Raven guy would definitely have a hard time.

Happiness is going to thank you with no expression even if he gives you a present.

You won't be able to read emotions from Happiness's expression... and you're going to be depressed on your own.

"… guide"

"Oh, please.... well, I can go to Cecilia's room alone."

"... work"

"Oh, don't take it, okay? I know. I'm just saying."

"... I don't know"

After such an exchange, I decided that Happiness would show me around.

By the way, I can read some emotion even if Happiness is faceless.

We've known each other a long time.

... Well, there's something about basic happiness that I don't know what I'm thinking, so I don't know everything either.

I don't know more what Seek is thinking though.

With that in mind, I walk about behind Happiness.

There was no conversation, and for some reason my hand sweated as I was going through the mansion.

I'll see Cecilia soon, just thinking that makes me nervous.

Shit, I can't believe I'm so nervous about not seeing you for just half a month...

"... heck"

Happiness, who was walking in front of him in silence, looked at this one for just a little while and squealed in a squeaky, audible voice.

"Hey, wait here. Who's the heck?"

Grab Happiness's shoulder and turn around.

Suddenly they say hectic and I can't keep quiet.

"... about what?"

Happiness unnaturally diverts attention from me.

Are you going to cut this guy white?

"You just said you were a jerk about me!? My ears are better. I just heard you."

People are sensitive to their own bad language. I'm a demon.

"... over-conscious"

"No, no, you're not over-conscious. He absolutely said it!

Absolutely, I don't know what it means to deny it so far.

The same goes for what I was suddenly told was hectic.

Seeing as how I'm peeling, Happiness is a little

As relieved, phew...... exhaled.

"... solved?"

"What is it? Don't go out of the way..."

"... nervous"

That's what they say. I notice.

Apparently Happiness has been deliberately provoking me to relieve my tension.

You know, distracting your ex-boyfriend... you disqualify the captain.

"Sorry, Happiness. Thanks to you, we're going to be doing just fine."

"... I don't know"

Happiness said that to the stick when she conveyed her thanks and walked forward again. I look at Happiness's back and think he can rely on all of my former men.

Thanks to such happiness I was able to reach Cecilia's room in a very relaxed state.

Konkon and Happiness knock on the door.

"... lady, the captain is here"

I heard a reply from across the door saying "go ahead" when Happiness said so.

For the first time in half a month, I hear Cecilia's voice and when tension is rising and I'm taking a deep breath, I flank my elbow iron from Happiness.


Sudden pain makes a strange voice.

When I saw Happiness, I could see he was telling me to hold my eyes tight.

... It's an abusive procedure but let's thank you.

Happiness opens the door and goes in, so do I.

"Long time no see, Mr. Yowki... That's not so much because it's half a month"

When I walked into the room, there was Cecilia sitting in a chair and turning this way and smiling.

Have you been reading before?

There are several books piling up near Cecilia.

"No, I feel like I haven't seen you in six months..."

"It's a proper half moon. Mr. Yowki says funny things, as always. Please sit down."

"Oh...... thanks"

Cecilia closes the book she would have read before and bookshelves it.

... I don't think I'm in the way of reading. I'm a cautious person.

But given such a negative thing, I override the negative thought with the joy of seeing Cecilia because when I put it on my face, I get another elbow iron from Happiness.

... All right, I'm fine.

"... excuse me"

Happiness, however, greeted Cecilia and left the room, leaving her alone with Cecilia. I wish there was something that could be a source of conversation, but I can't think of it.

... In the meantime, let's give you a souvenir.

"Oh, thanks for this... it wasn't, a souvenir"

I give Cecilia a bag with a box of cakes and twenty skewers.

"Uh... is it a souvenir, thank you, Mr. Yowki?... cake and... twenty skewers?

Cecilia thanked me for checking the contents and putting a fit in her head.

I'm a weird combination, too, and I think the number of skewers is weird.

"Uh... the two of us can't eat up so much skewer, can we? You mean the servants' share?"

She thinks she bought it for the servant because she had twenty skewers.

"Ha ha... I just got skewers and cakes."

"... can you explain it in detail?"

Cecilia asked me to explain, so I told her about what happened yesterday and today.

Well, I'm not talking about Yuga, which is likely to be a hassle.

"... did that happen? But it turned out good. You've expanded your friendship."

"Ugh... well, yeah"

Does this mean they thought I didn't have many friends?

Then I'm quite shocked.

I can't believe I don't have any friends... they don't like me.

Cecilia seems to have guessed that I've started to bully her when she's feeling so despicable, I'll explain.

"Don't get me wrong, Mr. Yowki. I said it in the sense that Mr. Youki was blending into Minerva."

"... eh?"

"Not just me and Mr. Duke, but the people of Minerva are getting along... we're getting used to this world, aren't we?"

Hear and think Cecilia's words.

Has it been about three months since you escaped from your pulling life at Demon King's Castle?

In the beginning, I thought it was the best in the other world, but there was also anxiety.

But there was a lot going on about dating Cecilia, riding Raven's love counseling, and boggling the Empire's brave men.

Maybe that experience just made me grow a little bit.

"You said you wanted to die, Mr. Yowki, when you were at Demon King's Castle. … how about now?"

"Well... I want to live. It's a lot of fun right now... most importantly, I have a goal."

It is a one-sided achievement for Cecilia.

From that day on, Cecilia became my living reward.

... I'm fine, I shouldn't be a stalker.

Because I have permission from my parents, Celia... well, I don't even feel like I'm more than friends yet.

"Goal...... good. If you have a goal, it can be a vitality to live. I'm also going to apprentice Mr. Yowki to create some kind of goal."

"No, you don't have to apprentice me..."

"You don't have to be so modest, do you?"

Cecilia comes at me with a smile that is not a nickel and a lie or a lie.

That smile totally knocked me out and made me unable to look straight at Cecilia's face.

"Uh, the... thank you"

Let me just say thank you.

... I don't want to look shy or pathetic and let's switch.

"No... I didn't say anything to thank you.... because of this, would you like some cake? I'll make you some tea."

"Oh, let's eat... can you make Cecilia tea? That's the job of a servant, then...?"

"Mr. Sophia taught me. I thought it wouldn't hurt a woman to remember something like this."

Seeing Cecilia make tea backwards with a smile on her face, further questions arose that Cecilia would be happy if she became her daughter-in-law.

"Cecilia can cook or something..."

"I can... That said, it's about the general level. And when I was traveling, I used to make them when I was in Nojuku."

Seriously, my desire to daughter-in-law Cecilia has grown stronger.

The way this story goes, I almost feel like I can do some chores or something.

... on the contrary, is there anything Cecilia can't do?

Let me ask you something.

"Hey, Cecilia can't... is there something wrong with you?"

"What can't you do? Well... you're not very good at swordsmanship or anything."

"............ it is. Well, Cecilia's a monk. Don't you care about that?"

I didn't ask you any questions on the battle side...... I got a little silent on unexpected answers.

Anyway, I figured it would be good to know that Cecilia has high female power.

"... but even though we defeated the Demon King, there are still many vicious demons. Mr. Youki, can you tell me next time as long as you have time?"

"What, do you mean, do physical surgery?"


"I don't mind anything... more so"

Futokaya's macho clerk came to my mind.

He's got his thumb up all the time, like he wants me to.

... Never, it can't be.

I don't want Cecilia to be a mukimuki, so let's teach her with enhanced magic mains.

I swear to God, it was me.