Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to give a gift to a kid I liked.

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say I'm having a very happy time right now.

Tea time alone with my favorite child...... a winner indeed.

... Well, let's not think about it any more because when you're in that condition, you get stuck at your feet.

"Cecilia's tea is delicious."

I don't usually drink tea. Even I can tell.

The tea Cecilia makes is delicious.

It goes well with the cake, and it calms my heart when I'm drinking it.

"I'm still no match for the tea Mr. Sophia can put in... I'm glad you said that"

Cecilia turns to me for cake. I guess I suck at a lot of things that make me think that the kind is so cute.

"Phew...... I feel like it's been a long time since I've spent a holiday with someone so relaxed"

"Ha ha... because I've been a bummer lately too. Wow, that'll heal you."

Tee time while having a slow conversation with Cecilia is going to relieve me of the tiredness and stress I've built up over the past six months.

... By the way, what am I doing here today?

Take a sip of tea and think. Tee time is good, but I don't feel like I'm forgetting what's important.

Cakes and skewers on the table.

Not only this, but like I had something to give Cecilia...?

Stick your hand in your pocket. Explore the trash.

Ah... I remember.

I came here today to present Cecilia with a necklace to show her what Cecilia has to say about sincerity.

Dangerous. Dangerous. I almost went home enjoying my tea time.

If I were to spend lunch with someone lately, I would have been in trouble.

I haven't had a pleasant day in a long time and almost forgot my purpose.

You shouldn't have a problem giving it to me in an atmospheric way now.

Let's give him the necklace here and put on the fall of what he did last time.

With what Celia called a firm attitude.

But I feel uncomfortable.

Regardless, it's odd that Cecilia hasn't met with a non-Happiness servant.

... you won't be peeking again or being eavesdropped on, will you?

It's a very important event for me to give a gift to a woman for the first time.

If you can, I want to give it to you alone and without anyone seeing you.

Then we must first find out if the conversation in this room has been eavesdropped.

I know where people are...... what a convenient magic.

I can't even master anything to explore the signs. What you do is... magically enhance your five senses.

Enhance your sense of smell, hearing to find out if there are any people nearby. It smells good in a woman's room, strengthening her sense of smell. Explore things like that while thinking about perverts...... apparently no one is nearby.

But like I can hear voices I've heard from the outside...?

"Mr. Yowki, what's wrong?"

"No... I was wondering if it would be a little windy"

Get up from the chair and open the window in the room.

I also enhanced my vision and when I looked at the gate, there was Yuga and Mikana.

... Why are those guys coming to the mansion?

I can hear the conversation because it's enhancing my hearing.

What are you talking about?

"Mikana, we're at the mansion. Let's go see Cecilia soon."

"Hey Yuga! You must know exactly what you're here for!?"

"Isn't that obvious! I... we have abandoned our companion, Cecilia. Cecilia lived for me, but that's the same thing. That's why you came to Cecilia... to scold me!!

"No, you idiot!

Mikana snaps Yuga's head at him, stretching his chest and forcefully theorizing.

disrespect to the brave...... or I guess those two don't have it.

Still... what is Yuga's guy saying?

"That hurts, Mikana... but you're scolding me for that, aren't you? Thank you. That's Mikana."

I wonder how brave he is to thank his fellow who slapped him in the head with a handsome smile.

"Ah, who is it now, what blew weird things into Yuga!? If I find it, I won't just do it!

Mikana holds her head against Yuga, who mocks her beaten head.

... No, it's my fault.

Yuga has a lot of conjecture... I didn't expect to take that part alone. Then it's not weird to look like a mazo.

"Come on, let's go, Mikana. To Cecilia......"

"To apologize. I don't care if you scold me or not. Perhaps I will forgive you..."

Brain-weather yuga and mysterious expression Mikana went into the mansion.

You mean come to this room... don't be a hassle, be sure.

I want to be alone with Cecilia for a little while. And I want to give you the necklace.

Those two will be in this room any minute, so my wish won't come true.

Then it's a simple story.

"Cecilia, I need a favor."

I close the window and turn towards Cecilia.

"What is it? Would you like to replace the tea?"

Sure, I'd like to ask for that, too.

I drank it all because it was too delicious.

But now's not the time if you're enjoying tea time swallowing.

"No, it's not. I'm sorry...... hang out with me for a second!

I held Cecilia's hand and let her stand out of the chair and jumped out of the room.

You don't have to see Cecilia confused.

I know it's a somewhat forceful act, but I'll explain it later.

This is the only big mansion, so there will be about a place where we can be alone.

Running down the long corridor and away from Cecilia's room, he also hears voices he has heard and stops.

"Ha-ha-ha... Mr. Yowki, where are you going to run out all of a sudden...? Plus running around the mansion will piss Sophia off."

"I'm sorry about everything, Cecilia. But I need you to wait here for a little while."

Wait a minute, Mr. Yowki.

Without hearing Cecilia's stillness, I run to where I heard my voice.

He hid himself in the corner of the hallway and sneaked a peek and there was Raven and Duke.

Apparently I'm not sure if I should go inside the room... but that room was definitely a maid's lounge.

"How long have you been standing here? Come on, I'll give it to you."

Duke is urging Raven with frustration.

... Oh, you came to give Happiness the gift you bought.

Duke sounds like that escort.

"... no, but will it be okay? I don't know if it's weird to give you presents suddenly."

"That's all you've been saying!? You're too nagging at a man's ass."

"... but what am I supposed to do if you don't like me? No, I'm dying to go home."

Looks like he's worried about staring at the hair decorations in the gift. I want you to succeed as far as I'm concerned because you went shopping with me.

I would never allow you to go home without giving it to me.

"Ha!? I can't forgive you for coming home to me when I give it to you. You worked hard with each other until yesterday to get the day off together. Are you willing to let that struggle go?!?"

Was the paperwork I was saving at Raven's desk yesterday something I was working hard to take the day off?

... Don't feel so sorry for making me do more extra work.

"... you sure do.... All right, let's go."

You're ready, Raven, to put your hand on the door of the room... but stop there.

Looks like my hands are shaking when I look closely.

"Ah, already! The Happiness lunch break is over.

"... sorry"

Duke is shaking and moaning Raven's body.

I want to see what happens, but I have to do something.

I'm going back to Cecilia so the two of you won't notice.

"Ah, Mr. Yowki. I can't believe you're waiting for me all of a sudden... where are you going this time?!?"

"Sorry, it wasn't this way"

Hold hands with or without Cecilia and run for a place where we can be alone.

When I thought of the courtyard, there was a visitor there as well.

"Seek, listen to me. I went to protect God yesterday. Then you were, the goddess of guardianship was looking very riddled. No, of course the previous appearance was also Rin!? But the Patron God yesterday is more than that... Seek, are you listening?!?"

"... guuuuuuuu"

Are you tired of hearing about Teal, who is hot valve about Guy, making his nose and sleeping Seek.... You haven't seen a guy making a nose in a long time.

"Seek, please wake up"

Looks like you're back to your usual intelligent teal, rocking Seek and forcing him to return from the world of sleep.

"Ugh, Teal, I'm sleepy now..."

"What are you talking about? It's only noon, isn't it? It's an early time to sleep....... so let's talk more about the god of protection!

Looks like I switched it on again.

Apparently, Teal has a worse switch than my Chef II switch.

"I'm done too ~. Teal, it's time to get back to work. ~"

"It's okay, because I'm still on lunch break.... Then we'll talk. Yesterday's patron saint..."

At the beginning of the story, Seek is already trying to sleep by moving his head around.

Not here either.

Instead of being alone with you, if you leave now, me and Cecilia will be listening to Guy.

"Mr. Yowki, Seek and Teal..."

"Not here. Next! Next!

"What...? Where are you going to at least say hello?"

Damn it, where can I go... there might be no people in the guest room or something. No, he'll never be there.

Head to the Guest Room at will in the brain.

We're in the guest room, but it looks like we have another client.

I can hear you talking from inside the room.

Sounds like the voices of Mr. Celia and Mr. Sophia.

What are you talking about?

Open the door a little and peek.

"Mr. Yowki, you can't do that. Why don't you eavesdrop... is that your mother and Mr. Sophia?"

"Shh. What kind of conversation are those two having? Just a little bit."

I'm in a hurry, but I can't help worrying.

Cecilia seems concerned, too, but she doesn't eavesdrop.

That's Cecilia, you're not like me.

Now, what are you talking about?

"Sophia, speaking of which, how is your daughter? I haven't seen your face in a while, so I got worried."

All of a sudden I knew a new fact that stunned me.

I can't believe Clayman and Mr. Sophia had kids......

"Yes, it's okay because I'm educating you not to be like my husband by mistake"

"Oh, really? Sophia's husband is funny. I wonder if I could look like your husband?"

"I'd be in trouble if I looked like my husband to an extra place."

Don't spit poison on your own husband with no expression, Mr. Sophia said.

Well, I do know you don't want me to have a lazy personality like Clayman.

"... By the way, what are you doing earlier, Master Youki?"

I have eyes on Mr. Sophia from the gap in the door.

Shit, it was broken.

You forgot you're a former A-rank adventurer.

"Let's get out of here, Mr. Sophia."

"So, no peeking... I feel like it's useless to run away... so you run again"

Where the hell can we be alone?

Running around the mansion with that in mind.

Every time I was about to encounter someone, I repeatedly searched for a place, and when I realized it, I sat down with Cecilia in a studio-like room.

"Ha-ha-ha... damn, I can't find it"

"Phew... what are you looking for running around the mansion, Mr. Yowki?"


I'm in a room where I can be alone with Cecilia... are you alone now?

I'm tired of running around a lot already, and I let Cecilia hang out with me and do bad things.

It's a dusty study, but I guess this is it.

"Cecilia, this..."

I take the box with the necklace out of my pocket and give it to Cecilia.

"This... can I open it?"


When I reply, Cecilia takes the necklace out of the box.

"This is certainly from the accessory store I stopped by when I met with the brave men and Mikana..."

"I remembered. I said I would buy it then, but because of the bravery, I couldn't buy it because of the commotion. So give it to Cecilia. This is my attitude towards what I did last time... not a firm attitude..."

"... Phew"

I can't put together what I want to say well and it gets mundane.

Cecilia laughed small when she saw me like that.

"Thank you, Mr. Yowki. I'll take care of the necklace."

Cecilia is apparently delighted.

I pose as a little gut.

... I guess the protagonist will even go to confession.

The moment such an idea passes my head, the door to the study can be opened.

There were all the members there, like Yuga, Mikana and Duke, for some reason.

... I knew this would happen.

I was stuffy when I was discovered in the study, but generally calmed down.

Now the mysterious sight of eating the skewer I brought in the courtyard is spreading.

"Cecilia, I noticed. to your sins. That's why you wanted to see me."

I was about to tell you, Yuga gets hit in the head by Mikana. Doesn't he understand anything?

"Phew...... because I'm a total idiot!... well."

Shut Yuga up. Mikana faces Cecilia.

Sounds like you're gonna settle for it.

"I'll be frank....... sorry"

Mikana bows her head to Cecilia.

Seems Cecilia didn't know how she was apologized for at first, but she seems to have guessed something and speaks to Mikana.

"Mr. Mikana, if you mean that time, you'll be fine. Because I'm alive."

"But Atashi's got you..."

"There was no other way than to oh then... and most importantly, because I am alive. You don't have to carry any more sins."

"Oh, thanks...... uh, Cecilia"

I thought you called me a monk about Cecilia, the Micah guy.

Well, Cecilia doesn't seem to care, and this solves Micana's case, good.

Horrible pulls me around the hem of my clothes.

Turning to think of someone, there was a Happiness mixed with a somewhat bewildered look that wasn't the usual faceless expression with hair decorations in his hand.

Apparently Raven was able to give you his present safely...... what's up.

"... this"

"It's a hair accessory. What's wrong with this?"

Pretend you don't know.

It's a bad thing, but I want to know how Happiness will answer.

"... Got it"

"From whom?"


Happiness leaning down and blushing. I'm not going to ask you such a difficult question.

"Well, if you can't answer that, fine. You put it on because you got it, right?"

"... well, yeah"

Not sure what to do?

No, is it just embarrassing?

But if I don't, I feel sorry for Raven, but I can't force him to.

What to do.

"Wow - Sister Happiness, I have hair decorations."

Two skewers in a cheeky mood.

"I think that would suit you. Try it on ~"

That's wasting my time. I can't get my hands on this Seek anymore.

Happiness felt that too, once she looked around to see what it was before putting on her hair decorations.

... Probably make sure Raven isn't around.

"... how about that?"

"It suits you ~. Don't think I should wear it all the time ~"

"Because, Happiness. I think I'd look good in that, too. You got a good one. Good for you."

I know nothing. Get on with Seek, praise.

Well, I'm not lying because it actually suits you.

"... thanks, I still have to...!

Happiness apparently thanks you for something.

Good for you, Raven.

Earlier, I saw you depressed and comforted by Duke for some reason... well, let's keep this to yourself because you won't have any more fun.

"Mr. Yowki."

"That, Cecilia. Have we talked yet?"

"Mr. Yowki, right? I said something to Mikana and the brave man."

Apparently, you're screwed.

Well, it's okay because I wasn't hiding it.

"... because my relationship seemed to have gotten so messed up. Get consulted, preach, say what you don't want."

"Was it? The thing about Mikana helped. The brave man is going a little crazy... but Mikana was moaning..."

I have a bad feeling about Yuga.

Mostly I was just preaching normally then, and I didn't think that would happen.

There's no special harm, and there's no problem.

"That's good."

"It's not good... not with the brave"

"I'll take care of it if you want. I'll think of a good idea."

"I don't mind that...... it's busy nonetheless"

Cecilia looks around and squeals.

Can you say it's busy, what's the situation?

I'm just having a skewer and chatting.

"It's all been fun and interesting since I met Mr. Yowki. Keep it up, Mr. Yowki."

"Uh... oh, yeah. Greetings."

It sounded like a dialogue between the couple that Cecilia's words have taken for years now.

"Nah.... I really wish I could."

Think of something stupid and squeal alone.

We were supposed to be here at noon. It's already evening because of a lot of running around.

I miss you when I think it's time to go home, but if I think I'll see you again, I'll be fine.

After being lightly punished by Sophia for eavesdropping, Celia passed... for once.

It's okay because it still passes. Also, come visit this mansion to see Cecilia.

With that in mind, I ate the last bite of skewer.