More than a dozen days have passed since I went to see Cecilia.

Since then, I have been banned from seeing Cecilia, so I have met her several times. I'm here today to do my job at the guild without seeing him and report back to Clayman.

"Hey, how long till I get to A-rank?"

"Oh, what's all of a sudden?"

Clayman listens back as he handles my job with a troublesome looking face.

"No, because. From the F-rank to the B-rank, it went well... did I do a lot of B-rank work?"

"Don't say luxury. You don't really see it coming to B-rank after six months."

"I'd like to move up to A-rank as soon as possible."

"I can't do what I can't do. Think about it more or less. A Rank adds a lot of troublesome work. More hassle processing for that matter. As a result, I get more work done and I get in trouble. Understand?"

"In the meantime, it turns out Clayman is still lazy about his job."

This guy... don't raise my rank for your own convenience or something like that to your deputy guild master.

Later, I stuck around for a little while and negotiated with Clayman, but he was reluctantly distorted from the conversation, and ended up unable to talk about A-rank promotion.

"Damn...... I want an A-rank job ASAP"

On the way home from the Alliance to the Inn, I whine alone.

Clayman said there would be more hassle processing, but that wouldn't be the only reason.

Clayman said he doesn't see much going up to B-rank in six months. Then it would go up to the A-rank less often. You're definitely going to stand out.

Maybe Clayman doesn't approve of an A-rank promotion because he thinks of me.

... maybe I just won't because there's really more trouble.

"Well, what are we going to do today?"

Enter the inn and walk towards your room, thinking about your plans for today.

I refuse my job at the guild... I won't come back to the inn if I'm willing to work. That's why I haven't even promised to meet someone today.

I can't decide what to do, I go into the room stuffy.

"I'm home - no one... no, there he is"

Now there are stone statues that are highly regarded by all visitors.

I put on Nightmare Sleep the other day and had a shitty dream. It was an admirable storm if I did it properly in retaliation.

This is not payback.

I wonder what the problem is, but I didn't come up with a good idea, so you went to bed crying.

"Gee, are you awake? Wake up."

I wake up Guy to kill my spare time because I don't know how to spend my day.

A low voice echoes into the room when the stone body is gently tapped.

"Mm... what a boy, you're home a lot early today"

"Hmm... well, I went out but I don't have anything to do anymore..."

I negotiated with Clayman to increase my guild rank and came back without fail and work...... I can't say.

"I didn't know you were going out even though you didn't need me.... That means I'll be free now, there's something I need to talk to you about

"Nothing good... is something wrong?"

"Hmmm... would it be quicker for you to have a look at it before you explain it... Mmm!

As soon as Guy made a powerful voice, the soil that was covering Guy's surface exploded and soot smoke danced through the room.

"Whoa, no!? What are you doing all of a sudden!

I defend my face with my arms from the earthquake that strikes me with a blast, whilst complaining about the guy who caused this councillor.

The dirt and dust that you can stand in is no longer clear inside, so open the window and ventilate.

I turn around to see dirt and dust coming out the window and ask Guy why he did this all of a sudden.


There was what Guy was like for the first time in a long time.

It is a demonic statue that has lost both wings and one arm by Miller, the valiant Gallis Empire.

But the demon statue in my eyes now has cracks spreading from the lost wings and parts of one arm.

"... apparently the damage was more than expected then. My body is falling apart."

"Why didn't you tell me sooner? You noticed!?"

"Phew... what happens if I tell you? It only takes longer to grieve. If that's the case, it's just until you decide you should tell me."

Guy isn't afraid of his own death. He talks about his face as usual, in tone, as if it were some other HR.

"There may be some way to fix your body. Even Teal is desperately looking for a way to fix it while working at Cecilia's mansion!

"Phew... unfortunately, I don't have much time left in my life anymore. Within five days, the cracks will spread and my body will be shattered. So, kid. I want to ask you about Teal..."

I can't believe I'm worried about Teal in a situation where I'm going to die in about five days...

"Guy, you..."

"Don't get me wrong, Rorikon and I didn't cause it."

"No, I know."

Guy stares at me.

... I would normally have told you, but this is the situation now, so I just don't mess with that.

"Fine then. Then let me just get right to it.... Teal is in no strange condition whenever he falls. So I need your help."

Guy, whose death is just around the corner, looked at me with a serious look, and he kept his head down.

"Are you serious Teal...?"

"I've seen Teal since I was a kid. My seniors know that. When I was here recently, it was obvious something was wrong."

"Ever since I was a kid... I've known about you, Teal, since I was a kid"

"Because Teal's grandmother believed me to be the patron saint of that village... Took a young teal and often came to my seniors and left the food as an offering, and lay her hands on her and prayed. My whole life is just a demon living in that village..."

Guy's face, who talks about the past as he misses it, kind of looks very lonely.

Guy's just a habitat to me.

But it's hard for Guy to be gone.

"... I'll take care of Teal. I'll ask Cecilia and Seek what's going on."

"Right... sorry. Now what I will remember from my life..."

"But I'll try to help you, too, absolutely!

I smiled so well that I could turn from the seriousness of the atmosphere and pose as usual.

Look at me with Kitchen Two switched on. Guy is solidifying.

Speaking of which, did Guy start looking at me with the Kitchen II switch on?

Then just fine, if you complain, I'll push you off.

"Kid, what's going on? Did you hit him in the head? No... you want to help me more than that? My body will only last about five days. Impossible..."

"You're gonna have to try and see if you can't do it!? Don't make me say something like that, Guy?"

For Christ's sake, I shake my head to the side.

"Mm... I've had trouble talking to the kid all at once.... You might be right. But can you find a way to fix my body in the next five days?"

They told me it was a hassle to tease, but my mentality with Kitchen Two switched on is not concomitant.

"Oh, I'll take care of it.... Honestly, when I'm gone until you, I'm just gonna miss this room even more. Besides, I still need you to hang out with me as my work of art. I'll definitely find a way to fix it."

"Well, let's do what we wait for without expecting. I'm going to bed now. If you don't move, you can prevent your body from collapsing at all. Kid, don't be sorry if you can't find a way to fix my body.... I asked for Teal

Guy fell asleep after saying so.

Don't worry, it's not my fault if I die, but Teal's body will be healed or something like that.

"Well, I don't know what to do... I guess it's best to ask Duke about the demon. I thought you said we were gonna do a town lookout for the Knights today."

I saw him a while back. He'll be with the Elf Knight or Raven, I guess.

"First, we have to find out where you are.... Well, if we'd stayed together. You could just pull Duke for a good reason and talk. … well, before that"

I change myself in dirt magic so Guy can see me when I fall asleep.

This time it wasn't appropriate, I imagined and built a samurai that I thought was Rin and cool.

"Look forward to the next time you wake up."

I know I'm not getting a response, but that's what I told Guy and I left the room.

Turn around the moment you close the door. What I saw from the gap was Guy who turned into a samurai figure.



It was a room filled with sand and dust and devastated.... Let's clean it when we get home.